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"You are puppets of a tradition pretending to be important. The coming of a golden age has no place for you. Your Soul Society is an empty, self-indulgent diversion...signifying nothing. The lost glory of the Arrancar Five will turn all of your supposed accomplishments to dust!"
— Sora addressing the Central 46

The Los Cinco Arrancar (其の破面五(そのアランカルご), sono arankaru go; Spanish for "The Five Arrancar", Japanese for "The Arrancar Five") is a sect of Arrancar, similar to the Espada, who have seized control of Hueco Mundo in hopes of crushing thier enemy, the Order of the Seijin and finally, Soul Society. They are led by an evil Shinigami, called Takashi Sora.


Under Akujin[]

Los Cinco Arrancar, also simply known as the Arrancar Five, first appeared when Akujin, a rouge First Division captain, founded their order in Hueco Mundo in the shadow of his master, Aizen's, Espada. They lived a very short lifespan, as the Shinigami soon caught wind of their operations. The Tenth and Eleventh Divisions both led a massive invasion of Hueco Mundo and managed to defeat Lucia Botta, it's Cinco member.

To retaliate, Akujin launched an invasion of the Seireitei, which led to the stronghold's destruction but also to the death of Akujin and his remaining Arrancar.


Leadership Officials[]

Name Position Zanpakutō Status
Takashi Sora Leader of the Arrancar Five Yūkai Currently in Las Noches
Akujin Arrancar Five Director Konassaiki Currently in Las Noches
Tsunade Yukijirushi Advisor to Sora None Currently in Las Noches
Hēiàn Yǐnrú Cero Espada Unknown Currently in Hueco Mundo

List of Los Cinco Arrancar[]

Name Arrancar Rank Aspect of Death Status
Almayo Vinas Primero (1) Loneliness Currently in Hueco Mundo
Zacarias Donato Segunda (2) Rejection Fighting Seireitou Kawahiru and Koga Tensei
Isabella Peleira Tres (3) Sacrifice Currently in Hueco Mundo
Cuatro (4)
Xerxes Averian Quinto (5) Despair Currently in the World of the Living

Criada Espada[]

Criada Espada (サーバントの剣 (ブレードにサービスを提供), kuriada esupāda; Spanish for "Servant Swords", Japanese for "Serving Ten Blades") are five Arrancar that serve Akujin, but were not part of the original Arrancar Five. They serve under the direct order of the Top Five, and Akujin himself.

Criada Rank Name Aspect of Death Status
Sexta (6)
Séptima (7)
Octova (8)
Novena (9)
Décima (10)