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The Legacy of Two Lineages Saga (系統の生得権系列, Nikeitō no Seitokuken Keiretsu) is the collection of events that initiate two years after the end of the Jinki Fragments arc. The story opens with Minato Kuramoto, the story's protagonist, as his training under the Order of the Seijin draws to a close. He is brought to the Seireitei and promoted as the first Spirit Detective in over three hundred years. As the new Spirit Detective of Soul Society, Minato, along with a team of trusted compatriots, aims to boldly enter into the world of the spiritual. But as he soon learns, the world of the spirits is a far cry different than the human world he had once come from.

Dramatis Personæ


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Seireitou's Entourage

Raian & the MisQ

Soul Society Military Forces


Main Antagonists by Arc


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Sünde Recke

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Tenka Clan

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New Spirit Detective arc

  1. Jinki Fragments Chapter, Restart!
  2. Quickening of a New Power! Put to the Test!
  3. Darkness Approaches
  4. Report to the Seireitei! Special Promotion!
  5. First Case, the Spirit Detective Trio Departs!
  6. Incoming Storms
  7. Battle atop the Lookout! Raian Getsueikirite vs Genryūsai Yamamoto!
  8. Farewell Flames...
  9. Descent of the Dragon! Minato vs. Hakkōda, Conclusion!
  10. Second Case
  11. Invitation! Gathering of the Strongest!
  12. Nurturing the Black Blade

SnS Tournament arc

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Dukhvoin Soyuz arc

  1. Thrust Back Onto Flames!
  2. Quincy Soldiers March
  3. Fly to Flames
  4. Counterattack Countdown

The Darkness arc

Side Stories

Königliegen Mini-Series

Behind the Scenes

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