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Appearance/ info[]

leatitea is a beautifull young woman around the age of 20. She has long crimson red hair and purple eyes. Leatitea wears a long white kimonoand a white ninja legging. Her sword is worn at her waist in a scabbard. The blade itself is a fencing rapier withe red rose shaped guard. The hilt is colored crimson.

Leatitea is the older sister of Ariël Le Blanc ans is 1 of the fraccion of Drea De Win.


leatitea le blanc


sword fighting : She uses a fencing type style. Her technique involves deception and confusion. She lets the opponent come to her and let them walk int a trap.

sonido : Leatitea is good at this seeing she was trined by Drea;

bala and cero : Her cero and bala is colored light red/light purple. They have great strenght but they are fairly slow.

pescuisa : at normal lvl.

hierro : At high level thanks to her protective personality.


name : Flor De Espina Veneroso (poisonous flower thorn)

release command : gekiyaku (drug)

power : Flor De Espina Veneroso can emit spores which may effect the enemy in different ways. It can be a deadly poison, a paralysing powder or a sleeping drug

attacks :

  • repugnante toxicos: leatitea emmits a dedly poison from her boddy. When inhaled it will eat away the lungs.
  • dormir toxicos: Leatitea emmits spores from her body which induces fatigue to the enemy to make him drowsy and lows his/her reactions.
  • estrangulamiente vides: vines shoot out from under the lower body of leatitea and strangle/pierce the opponent.
  • capullo: The lower body flower envelopes the upper part of the body and becomes protective cocoon.

    leatitea in ressurection