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The Lanza (槍; Ransa) are Arrancar who have been fused with a strong soul that has survived the torments of Hell. Through an unknown procedure done in the towers of Torre Hueca, under the supervision of Lord Shousan and his few trusted lab assistants, the captured essence is forced to merge with an Arrancar host. Only the strongest survive the procedure of having two souls in one body, creating a constant inner turmoil the Arrancar must learn to control and master. The captured soul itself seems to have some correlation to a deadly sin and grants the Arrancar host its innate soul abilities for as long as the host body lives or til the soul is extracted through a very painful and deadly process. The power levels of the chosen Lanza are normally equal or surpassing that of an Espada, so when the soul is merged with the Arrancar, he/she becomes stronger in comparison, but not necessary higher in rank. The tattoo given to an Lanza is similar to that given to an Espada except it is a roman numeral. The number assigned to a Lanza is merely a number, no Lanza out rank another, whether they are I or VII. -Shousan, Lord of Hueco Mundo United

Current Lanza[]

Rank Lanza Fracción Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Remains of Hollow Mask Sin Status
1st: No Current None None None None Wrath Position Vacant
2nd: No Current None None None None Greed Position Vacant
3rd: Miyako Sora None Muerte Dulce Upper back, between shoulder blades Crown-like above her left brow, framing her bro top and corner of her eye Extravagance Unknown
4th: Nialas Anaithnid None Negación de Vida Left Shoulder See Description Page Envy


5th: Telia Mirali None La Garra Violentos Unknown Unknown Gluttony Unknown
6th: No Current None None None None Lust Position Vacant
7th: Specter Zenaku None Sombra Del Luna Left side, back of neck Skull-shaped Zanpaktou Pride Unknown

Former Lanza[]

These are former Lanza that either lost their rank, or changed rank.

Rank Lanza Fracción Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Remains of Hollow Mask Sin Status
1st: Tsunan Ichihara None Sirena Unknown Lower jaws reaching as far as and covering her breasts Wrath Deceased; Sin removed
2nd: Azuki Tenkai None Destrucción Unknown Two white horns protrude out his skull and skin Greed Deceased; Sin removed
3rd: Nanoko Maeda None Azul Asesinato Left side of her belly Three fragments on the upper left side of her face Sloth Current Commander and Leader of Lanza; still possesses Sin
6th: Cira Marribel None Mariposa Right hip Glasses with a purple butterfly design Lust Deceased; Sin removed