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La Nove
La Nove
The Nine
Species Dimago
Affiliation Dimago
Team Dimago


The group La Nove (lit.The Nine) is a group formed to serve the Dark lord, in exchange for letting the Dimago inhabit the Underworld. They are made up of nine corrupted Dimago which goals are to serve the dark lord to the death and to avenge their fellow Dimago by crushing the Kingdom of Soberano. In order to gain much power, they exchanged their souls for more power, which the Dark Lord gave them.


The members of this group had been past leaders of their kingdom, they voluntarily exchanged their souls to get power from the Dark Lord.

Position Name
La Primo
La Secondo
La Terzo
La Quarto
La Quinto
La Sesto
La Settimo
La Ottavo
La Nono