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Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo

My zanpakuto

It's duel bladed and has strong kido that actives on the users will

It looks like a normal Zanpakuto with a two blades insteed of one

Shikai Abilities



splits Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo in two


Releasing phase: Tatakikowasu(Shatter)

Shatters an opponents zanpakuto by the user's infuses his own reiatsu into thier zanpakuto and disurpting there reiatsu and end commmmonication with there zanpakuto. Tatakikowasu is a kido based attack and the zanpakuto can reform if the opponent can reastabish connection with their zanpakuto. this move can also back fire as well(if the user willed it.)


Releasing phase: Soozoo Shi(Creatation)

what ever the user wills is creataed apound release.



Crumbing Moon

the blade shatters in to shattering shards... simular to captain of squad 6(more details will be added later)

Bankai Abilities

Kuzureretsuki will protect me with indestructible bladed sheild even if I don't know of the attack and can retaliate with out my command by launching a blade or thousands of nearly invisible shards that can completely destroy weaker beings.

Kuzureretsuki can also block any energy, wind, water, fire or gas based attack and deflect it back while adding its own power.

Kuzureretsuki can create any type of weapon I wish.


Changing Sun

Kawarutaiyoo can change into any zanpakuto it has ever touched.*

Kawarutaiyoo's bankai has no real form.

Kawarutaiyoo changes form at will.*

  • the differance of changing a form at will and changing by contact of a zanpakuto is the differance of power. If it form change at conntack it gain the powers of that zanpakuto not just the looks...which makes Kawarutaiyoo a good bluff weapon.

Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo

Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo has not yet been revaled.