Shinkiroo Kuzureretsuki & Kawarutaiyoo this page is not complete(im lazy so it might take a week or two.)


It's duel bladed Zanpakutoand it amiplifis the users kido ablities.


Bunretsu lit. trans. Split

Splits Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo in two zanpakuto

Awaseru lit. trans. join, put together

joins Kuzureretsuki & Kawarutaiyoo back into one zanpakuto



Releasing phase: Tatakikowasu(Shatter)

Can shatter an opponent's zanpakuto by the user's infuses his own reiatsu into thier zanpakuto and disurpting the opponets reiatsu and end commmmonication with there zanpakuto. Tatakikowasu is a kido based attack and the zanpakuto can reform if the opponent can reastabish connection with their zanpakuto. this move can also back fire as well(if the user willed it.)


Releasing phase: Soozoo Shi(Creatation)

what ever the user wills is created apond release.


Shinkiroo Kuzureretsuki Mirage of Crumbing Moon

the blade shatters into shattering shards and reform into an giant orb (that always on the my leftside) that glows red with a 100' radius and a wing on the outside(leftside).

Shinkiroo Kawarutaiyoo Mirage of Changing Sun

Shinkiroo Kawarutaiyoo's bankai has no real form it usally takes its brother's form but with its own tastes(the blade shatters into shattering shards an reform into an giant orb (that always on the my rightside) that glows blue with a 100' radius and a wing on the outside(rightside)).

Shinkiroo Kawarutaiyoo changes form at will.*

Shinkiroo Kawarutaiyoo can change into any zanpakuto it has ever had contact with.*

  • the differance of changing a form at will and changing by contact of a zanpakuto is the differance of power. If it form change at conntact it gain the powers of that zanpakuto not just the looks...which makes Shinkiroo a good bluff weapon if your lazy...

Shinkiroo Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo

Shinkiroo Kuzureretsuki Kawarutaiyoo WTH!