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Kuroma Seven
Kanji クロマセブン
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Headquarters The Bounts Cave near Karakura Town
Affiliation None
Purpose To get revenge on the Soul Society and to replace the government

Under Construction

Kuroma Seven is a group created by Kuroma to get revenge on the Soul Society for their roles in the killing of his younger brother. Each member also has there own reason in joining the group.


Name Position Race Zanpaktou/Doll
Kuroma Leader Shinigami Burakkurōzu
Adelhard Kaiser Member Bount
Misaki Shirabuki Member Shinigami {with Demon Attributes}
Vacant Member
Yachiru Kusajishi Member Shinigami
Tsuneo (Mysterious Man) Member Unknown
Vacant Member

Behind the Scenes[]

Kuroma Seven is loosely based of Yu Yu Hakusho's Sensui Seven.