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Kuroi Hisakata
Age Late-teen appearance
Birthdate August 7th
Height 6ft
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 2nd Division
Occupation 20th Seat
Previous Occupation(s) Unseated Officer


He has short black hair and black eyes. He tends to wear a straw hat in every occasion that allows it. His zanpakuto is usually located on his left side, other times on his right side. He is not much noticable and one usually has to look twice at him to really see him. This is something he sometimes uses to his advantage.


Kuroi is a little shy towards strangers and prefers not to talk to them. He calls himself "invisible", possibly because of his zanpakuto's ability. But also because he looks so normal, that it's almost hard to him to catch someone's attention, not that he wants it anyway. He likes to keep things quiet. He almost rejects to fight without his brothers, who means the world to him.


Powers & Abilities[]

Weak Telepathy: Kuroi has a weak telepathy, which he shares with his brothers. They are able to talk telepathickly with eachother within 200 yards.

Stealth: Kuroi is a master in sneaking and stealth assassinate his target. He is able to move without making a sound to use the elements around him to disguise him. With his zanpakuto, he often has fun with his target by being a voice with a visible body.

Tactical: Kuroi is a tactical person, but his plans fails just as much as they suceeds. His plans of attack are always made so that they will fit perfectly for his brothers to fill.

Hand to Hand Combat: He is rather weaker at bare-hand fighting, but is flexible enough to avoid most of his opponents hits. But he is not invincible and does recieve at least one hit during a longer fight.


Nusutto (泥棒, lit. Thief) is Kuroi's zanpakuto and takes the form of a regulare katana, with a red stripe that goes straight down the middle of the blade. While unreleased, Nusutto has the ability to make Kuroi's body harder to see that usual. With this, Kuroi can blend in with most crowds without gaining too much unwanted attention.

Kuroi with Nusutto in Shikai Shikai: Nusutto's release command is Vanish. The whole sword shortens, the handle and the tsuba turns red, a pice of cloth hangs from the handle and some of the blade itself turns red.

Shikai Special Ability

Nusutto has the ability to turn it's owner (Kuroi) invisible. It's actually more of a camouflage, but it makes him almost impossible to see. But if one focus only on one spot, he/she will he able to see a little blur in that exact place, which then is Kuroi passing by. He has not achieved absolute invisibillity, but is trainig for it.


  • His favourite color is white
  • He is the most modest person you can find
  • He is extremely forgiving