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Kuro's first appearance the Black Assassin[]

"There the last one taken care of" Bluebell said relieved. "Huh I wanted some more fight honestly this sucks" Zakuro said with disdain. Suddenly a huge amount of reiatsu appeared and Daisy was trapped in kido. "What the, who are you"

Kikyo stood there shocked "Kuro Neko what are you doing here."

"Hmph, smart as usual master Kikyo now witness my power." Instantly Daisy and Torikabuto fell to the ground " Well, well, well is this all that you six got are you people really death flowers"

"Excuse me could you not underestimate us and that was a pathetic attack" Torikabuto blatantly said. Appearing out of nowhere wiith Daisy.

" What how did you" he looked at the corpses and they turned to water. "How is this possible"

"illusions people illusions nah jokes you are so dumb"

Mizu Kagami[]

"That was the Kido I used and i made it up"

"Oh so you people aren't that bad" Kuro replied arrogantly.

Kuroi Sekai[]

Torikabuto chanted. "Suddenly Kuro couldn't see, hear,smell or sense anything."

"My next spell, so you like?"

"Grrr" Kuro growled

"my my don't we have a feisty cat over here." "By the way Kikyo, Bluebell and Zakuro I think it best you leave you three will get in our way"

"What was that idiot!" Zakuro angrily shouted

"Come on Zakuro, Bluebell we should go now we haven't seen their true power yet" Kikyo stated and they all left using sonido.

The Kido Battle Begins Daisy and Torikabuto vs Kuro[]

Hado no:58 Tenran. Kuro chanted and a huge tornado appeared targeting Daisy.

"Is that it well then Danku" A shield came in front of Daisy completely blocking the attack

"Hey ignorant person don't forget me Hado no: 66 Souren Sokatsui. Two huge beams of fire aimed at Kuro moved

Kuro was barely able to evade using Flash steps"Woah you two are very strong I wont stand a chance against you if i dont use"

"Just then a Kido Net appeared around him"

"Fushibi" Daisy chanted now "raikouhou" Then a huge explosion occured with Kuro Neko in the middle.

"Huff huff" phew that was dangerous.

"What is that?" Torikabuto remarked.

"Well well you use dark power" she said as she saw the shield made out of shadows around him.

Dark vs Light and Illusions the True Battle[]

"Lets go coffin trapper" suddenly two coffins appeared around Daisy and Torikabuto

"Damn i couldn't" Suddenly both coffins vanished.

"Hmph that was easier than expected' Kuro arrogantly said feeling victorius

"what the" Both flowers appeared again out of nowhere

"well well the same spell again I presume"

"Nope this time im controlling your perception" suddenly everything around him turned black

"Kuroi Yume"[]

"Oh this wont work" Suddenly he broke out of the illusion

"What the" Torikabuto was shocked

"Light spear"[]