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300px-Hibari Kyoya

Hibari's first appearance

Kumo Hibari is currently one of the Jigoku shison independent members, under direct command of Kage Flame.


He takes the appearance of a teen with black hair and grey eyes his hair is seperated into 3 parts with the middle in a fringe and he wears his school uniform jacket over his white undershirt with black pants.


He is very calm, but hates to be ordered around, he also gets extremely irritated when someone saves his life.


The creation of Jigoku no shison

Powers and Abilities[]

Tonfa Expert:[]

He is extremely proficient in the use of tonfa, he was able to keep on par with an opponent like Tenryu with apparent ease, he was also able to easily block Tenryu's Takiritsu no Muchi.

High Spiritual Pressure[]

He has a high amount of spiritual pressure, it is stated by Kage that his spiritual pressure is angry, it's colour is purple.

Flash steps[]

In his fight against Tenryu he was able to proficiently use flash steps to dodge his attacks.

Kumo no harinezumi (lit: cloud's hedgehog) This is one of Hibari's techniques that allow him to summon many hedgehogs that can defend him, it is presumed that they can attack as well.



He wields a pair of tonfas that he can channel his spiritual energy into to make his attacks stronger.


His appearance, personality and abilities are based off the character Kyoya Hibari from Hitman reborn.