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Kujō Shiramori's Inner World
Name Kujō Shiramori's Inner World
Kanji 白森九条の内面世界
Romanji Shiramori Kujō no Naimen Sekai
Owner Kujō Shiramori
Resident(s) Morashiri Kōju

This article, Kujō Shiramori's Inner World, was added by Davidchola2 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Kujō Shiramori, after unleashing his dormant Shinigami powers inherited from his deceased father, unlocked a part of his mind, his true soul, which is his inner world (白森九条の内面世界 Shiramori Kujō no Naimen Sekai).



Kujō Shiramori's Inner World's former appearance

Before Kujō Shiramori's mental crisis (due to his excessive use of the Shinigami Badge to split his body from his Shinigami soul, his soul entered in a self-destruction mode, with fragmented parts), his inner world was composed of trees, grass and stone buildings.

Throughout the use of his Shinigami soul, his soul started fragmenting, destroying the inner world's landscape. It turned into a dead landscape, with several rocks and grey skies. It also had broken stone building, similar to Stonehenge.


Inside Kujō's inner world, there is his Hollow self, Morashiri Kōju, whose name is actually an anagram for Kujō's name. He is a completely different being from Kujō. he has a different personality, appearance and, unlike most inner Hollows, he does not have the same appearance, but with reverse colors. He is trapped inside and tried, several times, to disguise himself like someone different and manipulate Kujō to be subdued by his powers.