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Name Kugi
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Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society, Gotei 13
Occupation Not stated
Team 10th Division
Partner None
Shikai Not yet Revealed
Bankai Not achieved

Kugi (釘, Nails), known by the epithet of Old School Instructor (旧波教官, Kyūha Kyōkan), is a Zanjutsu and Hohō instructor at the Shin'ō Academy as well as a seated officer of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13. He and Kenji Hiroshi see one another as adversaries.





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Part I[]

Part II[]

Powers and Abilities[]

High Spiritual Power: As a seated officer in the Gotei 13 Kugi boasts high spiritual power and possesses masterful control over its ebb-and-flow, to the point he can use it for unique applications. When exerted strongly enough the surroundings become slick with moisture. His spiritual power is light blue.

  • Illusions: Kugi can direct his spiritual energy into others in such a unique manner that he can show them illusions, often in the form of detailed optical images. This ability throws off a persons senses, allowing for Kugi to show them what he wants them to see. However, while powerful, one with enough skill and control over their own powers can limit the effects of the illusions demonstrated. Kugi has also been known to utilize this as a means of training his students, using the illusionary properties to showcase the abilities while he comments on the styles performed.

Zanjutsu Expertise: As an instructor at the academy it can be safely assumed that Kugi is a formidable Zanjutsu practitioner; he has trained countless students in the field and is known particularly for the simplicity of his movements but also his bewildering speed and instantaneous reflexes.

Shunpo Expertise: Kugi is proficient enough in Shunpo that his movements are noted to be bewildering in their speed, whilst his reflexes are noted to be instantaneous in their execution. His expertise is advanced enough that he offers his knowledge as an instructor at the academy.


Umihebi (海蛇, Sea Serpent). Kugi's Zanpakutō takes the form of a traditional daishō combination; one katana and one wakizashi. The hilts are aquatic blue with circular guards.

Behind the Scenes[]