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The Kuchiki (朽木) Family is one of the Four Noble Families inside of the Soul Society. The Kuchiki Family has great influence in Soul Society. It is also common for a Kuchiki to hold the spot as Captain of the 6th Division. The Family was founded thousands of years ago by the father of Hakumei Kuchiki. Over the years, it has expanded and the title of Family Head was passed to Byakuya Kuchiki.

Notable Members[]

  • Ginrei Kuchiki- Nephew to Hakumei as well as Grandfather to Byakuya. Ginrei was a former 6th Division Captain, as well one of the strongest Family Heads. He is known as Ginrei no Howaito (lit. Ginrei of the White).
  • Byakuya Kuchiki- One of the Strongest Kuchiki in History, Byakuya matched Hakumei in its entirety. He was a 6th Division Captain and Family Head.
  • Hakumei Kuchiki- Son of the founder, Hakumei is one of the strongest Kuchiki. He gave up his humanoid form after draining the Spirits of Shinigami and Humans throughout the world.
  • Gengetsu Kuchiki- A Kuchiki of the Highest Calibut, he is the youngest child of Hakumei. He can control the minds of others as well as being skilled in the art of Medicine.
  • Mangetsu Kuchiki- The oldest son Hakumei, as well as the only one to like Humans. His skills are in water and swordsman ship.
  • Hangetsu Kuchiki- The only daughter of Hakumei as well as the only known full blood Female Kuchiki. Her skills are in that of fire and the art of swordsman ship.
  • Rukia Kuchiki- A non-kuchiki member of the Family who is the adopted sister of Byakuya. She is a former seated officer of the 13th Division as well as one of the Shinigami who took down Aizen.


The Kuchiki Famiy all have black hair, save Mangetsu and Hangetsu who have brown and white. They seems to have an affinity for flowers as Byakuya's Zanpakuto controls Sakura petals and Hangetsu can as well. There has been multiple forms of incest but marriage outside the family is looked down upon, although practiced often. Some cases include Byakuya's marriage to Hisana and Hakumei's marriage to his unknown wife. They all seem to be quite powerful as well, this is seen in all members.


Kuchiki Family Crest