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Kosatsu Tenjoukai (lit. Ancient Temple, Celestial World) is the 3rd Seat of the 10th Division of the Gotei 13, under Sandayū Akino


Full Name Kousatsu Tenjoukai
Age 1500-1600
Blood type O positive
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Partner Sandayu Akino
Affilitations: Gotei 13
Family Younger Sister (Unknown)
Zanpakuto Ningyo


Kosatsu is a tall young man with messy blue hair and sea blue eyes. He has a pretty simple outfit, consisting of a one piece outfit of a checker pattern. The lower part is white on the right side and black on the left while the top is the opposite. Under this he wears a black shirt with long black dress pants.


Kosatsu is a calm and serene man with no interest in small fights. He strives to battle the best opponent and will only serve as a Shingami under his Captains Sandayu. He feels that they are the perfect beings, having a strong personality with a serene personality. He states that his perfect opponent must be of the same quality.


Kido Master- Skilled with Kido, Kosatsu has shown to use up to Level 60 Kido. He has often conjoined Kido, making them stronger. He regards Kido as one of the strongest of Shinigami's skills. His favorite and most used Kido has shown to be Byakurai.

Shunpo User- Not as adept with it as he wants to be, Kosatsu is somewhat skilled with Flash Step. He uses it to move around, but tires out quickly.

Natural Water Affinity- His natural affinity has shown to be water. He has a special ability to control water to a certain degree with the aid of precise chakra control. It seems to stem from his Zanpakuto's Water/Kido nature.


Kosatsu's Zanpakuto is called Ningyo (lit. Mermaid). It is sealed as a nodachi with a blue handle and square guard. The edges of the guard each have an indentation, giving it and arch like shape. The release phrase is Lure.

Shikai- In Shikai, Ningyo becomes a long khakkhara that is entierly gold. At the top end of the staff, there is two hanging gold rings. At the butt of the khakkhara is a thin blue ceramic ball with a thin strip going through the middle. The only ability shown is to be water control.

Bankai- Not yet achieved/Not yet revealed