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Koori Furosuto
Furosuto Koori
Age 122
Birthdate February 10th
Height 6ft 1in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 12th Division
Occupation Captain of the 12th Division, President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute
Previous Occupation(s) 3rd Seated Officer of the 6th Division


Koori wears the regulare Shinigami uniform and the Captain's Cloak. He has white, short hair and black eyes. He is rarely seen smiling and his Zanpakuto is carried on his back.


Koori prefers to be refered to as "captain Furosuto" and gets angry if spoken to by his first name. He has a great respect for rules, he hates those who breaks the rules. As a newly promoted captain, he does not really know his Division so well, nor it's members. He is bossy and sometimes tends to drink to solve his problems. When he gets drunk, he walks around in the Seireitei and looks stupid as he sings or tries to dance. It usually ends up with some of his division members draging him back.


Powers and Abilities[]

Vast Spiritual Power: Just like all captains he has a vast ammount of spiritual power. When he releases large ammounts of it people in the immediate area feel as if the life is being sucked right out of them.

Kido Master: He has a large knowledge of Kido. He can not defeat the Kido Captain with Kido, but he can possibly defeat one of the other Captains.

Flash Step Master: Due to him beng a Captain, it can be assumed that he is a master in the use of Flash Steps.

Physical Strenght: He is incredibly strong and has shown it when he encountered a Hollow and defeated without the use of Kido or his Zanpakuto, when he was a 3rd Seated Officer.


Koori's Zanpakutō is named Sunotouketsu (Frozen Snow). The sealed state is that of a long katana with a red handle and a blue line along the blade.


Sunotouketsu in Shikai

Shikai: The release command is "Freeze". The katana turns shorter and becomes of Ice.

Shikia Special Ability:
'Touketsu Soukon'(Frozen Scars): When Sunotouketsu has touched the opponents skin, the skin freezes to ice and breakes off. When Sunotouketsu touches the opponents Zanpakuto, the sword also freezes and falls off, cracking when it hits the ground.
'Aisuketa'(Ice Beam): Sunotouketsu sends a beam of water, which freezes the moment it touches something. When something is hit by the beam, Koori will go to them and smash the ice, killing them. It has the most effect if it is some distance between Koori and his opponent.

Bankai: He Bankai is not yet revealed.


  • "I am the Ice Man"
  • "Freeze bastard!"
  • "Let's put it on ice*
  • "Why do you have to be so cold?"


  • He often refers to ice when speaking
  • He is alittle like Toshiro Hitsugaya, which didn't notice before almost finishing him


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