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Name Konoha
Kanji 木の葉
Race Soul
Birthday May 11th
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Weight 171 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Central 46
Occupation Justice of Central 46
Previous Occupation Unknown
Base of Operations Central 46 Compound
Personal Status
Marital Status Unknown
Education Shinō Academy?
Status Alive

Konoha (木の葉, foliage; tree's of leaves) is a Judge on the board of Central 46. He is one of the youngest and most ambitious members of Central 46.


Wearing quite a vivid outfit, Konoha wears a loose white shirt opened to his lower stomach. He wears a thick red cloth belt that connects to his black pants. He has shown to wear a pair of black sandals as well. Over his outfit, he has shown to wear the standard black cloak that many Judges have shown to wear. On his side, he has also shown to carry his Zanpakuto. Over his left eye, he has three noticeable scars that gave him the moniker Konoha no San (木の葉 三, Foliage of Three).


Ambitious and good willed, Konoha is a good hearted man with an open view on life. He has dreams to change Soul Society in all its ways, finding a way to allow Humanity to converge with the Soul Society. He has shown to do only the best for the people and is usually the voice of lenience in the group. He is also the one to speak up first, offering to give chances to those who are deemed fit.


  • Kidō Practioner- Skilled in the art of Kidō, Konoha has mastered the basics and gone on to create his own Kidō. His most signature ability is to channel Kidō, in both Hadō and Bakudō forms to form around his blade. On shown form is the molding of Byakurai around his sword, creating what he called a Lightning Blade.
    • Kyutai no Hizumi (球体歪み, Orb of Distortion)- A unique Bakudō created by Konoha which involves the manipulation of Kidō around the user to deflect incoming attacks. He has shown to keep the orb up by channeling the reiatsu through his hand.
    • Dobashi (土橋, an earthen bridge)- Gathering reiatsu at the ground the user will channel this unique Hadō through the ground sending forth a horizontal pillar forward at the target. At the users will, the pillar will turn to mud and trap over the target. With another command, the mud pillar will re-solidify.
  • Hakuda Practioner - Skilled in the art of Hand-to-Hand combat, Konoha has shown to proficiently take on enemies with his fists. He has shown to manipulate reiatsu into his fists to increase his destructive potential. He has mastered Hakuda to its greatest lengths.


  • "Im all for giving him a chance, he has the heart of a strong warrior" -- Konoha's lenience at work.