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Amaya Tatsunaki is a Shinigami who has been assigned to the Shinigami Reserves. She is the Fifth Seat under Kane Tsunao.

Kinu Mitasuki
Kinu Mitasuki
Age 30-40
Height 5'5"
Weight 100 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Gotei 13
Previous Affiliation Shinigami Academy
Team Shinigami Reserves
Occupation Fifth Seat
Previous Occupation(s) Student



Amaya is an average girl with long brown hair and jade green eyes, covered by large glasses. She wears a standard Shinigami uniform, consisting of a black hakama and hyori. She, like Amaya, tends to wear her hair down. In addition to this, she and the rest of her squad have begun making modifications to their ancient uniforms both for practical reasons, and as a form of passive resistance to the manipulations of Central-46.


Kinu is bright, happy, and generally easy to live with. She likes to ask questions, and often finds it somewhat difficult to figure out exactly what's going on; despite this, she is one of the more intellegent students of her graduating class. She has been described as a "A great ball of fire," as a joke, by Ronin.

Upon being assigned to the Reserves, she immediately attempted to befriend the other members, including Kane Tsunao, Nashiyo Yamagishi, and Amaya Tatsunaki


Flash Step Practicioner- Kinu was incapable of flash steps when first assigned to the squad, but has since managed to use it after studying it extensively in the reserve library. Her skills have not yet been tested against a shinigami outside of the Reserves

Kido User- Kinu is able to cast very basic kido spells, but this is curtailed by her primary weakness; her almost complete lack of reiatsu.

Swordsmanship- Kinu's zanpakuto's permanatly released shape prevents her from using much of her swordmanship ability. Nonetheless, she is capable of dueling with Nashiyo on equal ground.

Miniscule Spiritual Power- Kinu's spiritual power is easily the weakest in the 13 court guard squads; she is incapable of casting any kido over level 32, and even those only with a great deal of focus.


Amaya's Zanpakuto is called Eien no Sanraizu (lit. Eternal Sunrise). For unknown reasons, she is incapable of sealing it from her shikai state, despite her miniscule reiatsu.

Shikai- In Shikai, resembles a tuning fork, with a normal handle, no guard, and two round tongs extending some 3 feet from the handle. If struck, it makes a deep, resonant vibration.

Shikai Special Ability: Rather than any blatant combat abilities, Eien instead magnifies her kido skills. Unbeknownst to Kinu at this time is that, while her constant supply of kido is tiny, it is also infinite at that point. this means that theoretically, she can fire an infinite number of any spell below level 33, and she will feel no difference in strength before or after. In addition to this, should she find herself capable of seperating higher level spells into smaller segments, she would likely be capable of casting any kido in existance without any difficulty whatsoever. This ability is initially triggered by using kido while her zanpakuto is reverbrating from being struck.

Bankai- Not yet discovered.