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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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SM Kinu
Rōmaji Kinu
Title Noble (former)
Physical Description
Race Human
Birthday Sebtember 4th
Age Early 30's (assumed)
Gender Female
Height 151 cm
Weight 47 kg
Professional Status
Former Affiliation Daimyo
Former Occupation Seamstress
Personal Status
Relatives Daimyo (father, deceased)

Unnamed noblewoman (mother, deceased)

Honō (mate)

Saki Yonaka (daughter)

Education Unknown
Status Deceased
Primary Skill

Kinu (絹, Kinu, litt. Silk) was the daughter of a local daimyo lord around the Kansei Era of Japan as well as the mother of Saki Yonaka. She lived briefly with her mate, Hono, and their daughter within the Demon Realm until she met her demise under a mercenary-raid funded, and supported, by the Yonaka Clan some odd five years later.


From what little information is known about Kinu appearance it has been stated several times that she was a beautiful, young woman. Her body was both short and had a very frail in build with bony limbs and an almost unusually thin body. Her hair was a dark, glossy black, having a slight blueish tint in the correct lighting, and was rarely pulled up in elaborate or detailed hair-do's while her eyes were a very pale gray hazel, a trait passed down through her mother's family for several generations. She always wore light makeup such as pale eyeshadow or a pale red lipstick. Kinu dressed in fine kimonos, often with many layers while she still lived in her father's mansion, and continued dressing elegantly even after being shunned despite she and her daughter's much poorer living conditions.


From what Honō has recalled to his daughter, Kinu was described as a kind and somber woman with a figurative heart of gold. Despite her frail body strength and often failing health, Kinu was a woman who enjoyed nature and generally being outside, more often than not ignoring the words of the healers and priests who were hired to look after her, and she instead used to spend hours upon hours outside with her daughter, no matter the season. 

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