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The Kidō Corps (鬼道衆, Kidōshū) is a separate branch of Soul Society's military that excels in the art of Kidō. It takes students from the Shinigami Academy that excel in Kidō and trains them to further their abilities in said area. Its operations are executed in absolute secrecy, little else is known. During an incident over one hundred years ago Jūshirō Ukitake noted how rare it was to see anyone from the Kidō Corps, especially the captain. When Ryan became captain of the Kido Corps, he made Vizard legal members of the corps, and then merged the corps with the former Kinenbuke.


Captain Former Captain/s
Ryan Getsueikirite Michio
Lieutenant Former Lieutenant/s
Jessica Getsueikirite Kurai Yousei

Seated Officer[]

Seated Officers in the Kido Corps work much differently than in the Gotei 13. Unlike in the Gotei 13, officers are picked by the Kido Corps Captain. As officers, they are weaker than the both the Lieutenant and the Captain. Most seated officers have shikai and a small number of them have bankai, all are skilled in Kido more so than a Gotei Captain. The officers are usually the ones to assist in opening the Senkaimon, because the Kido Captain and Vice-Captain prefer to be elusive for some unknown reason. Once Ryan became Kido Captain, he decided that Vizard would be accepted into the organization.

Seat Seat Holder
3rd Seat Kakashi Hikaru
4th Seat Akira Takimoto
5th Seat Summer Midori
6th Seat Sanji Toshiro
7th Seat Chiyo Daichi
8th Seat Atsuko Madarame
9th Seat Maikeru hitsugaya
10th Seat Vacant
11th Seat Vacant
12th Seat Vacant
13th Seat Vacant
14th Seat Vacant
15th Seat Michie Ingeitum
16th Seat Vacant
17th Seat Vacant
18th Seat Vacant
19th Seat Vacant
20th Seat Vacant


The Kidō Corps is responsible for opening the Senkaimon between the human world and Soul Society.