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Kidō Corps
Kanji 鬼道衆
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Headquarters Soul Society, Seireitei
Affiliation Soul Society
Purpose Maintaining the Senkaimon, Barriers & Seals

The Kidō Corps (鬼道衆, Kidōshū) is a separate branch of Soul Society's military that excels in the art of Kidō. They, like the 14th Division, are not counted amongst the primary divisions of the Gotei 13.

Following the Collapse the organization itself was crippled; their Commander-in-Chief, Yamada Suigetsu, was killed in an ill-fated attempt to stop the formation of the Reikai and the survivors were subsequently amalgamated into the Gotei Remnant. However, the surviving Vice Kido Chief, Myōga Hisamaru would later take leadership of the remaining survivors.



Notable Members

Commander & Grand Kidō Chief

Vice Kidō Chief


Alternate world

Main article -- Nanashi's World.

In the world where Kentaro Shiba and Kaien Shiba hailed from, Shuji Kato served as Vice Kidō Chief of the Kidō Corps. It was widely believed that, should Shuji have wished, he could have easily usurped the position of Grand Kidō Chief.


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