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Age 189
Height 5'7
Weight Variable
Gender Female
Species Arrancar
Partners Kai
Affiliation None
Team None
Occupation None
Previous Occupation(s) None




Kia is a dark-skinned, youthful Arrancar with a slightly pale complexion and yellow eyes with slits. Her hair of a dark violet color, spiky in shape with a noticible lighter fringe in the middle. Her hair is at least knee-length and tied into a neat braid. Her Hollow mask remnants come in the form of a pair of fang-like bones seemingly protruding from the back of her head and curves slightly forward. Her Hollow hole is located on her stomach. Unlike most Arrancar, Kia does not wear the usual white and black uniform, but rather, a dark-colored jacket with multiple coattails and a blue-ish purple border which opens up right beneath her breasts. At times, her tongue becomes visible, which appears to be long and prehensile, similar to a snake


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Powers and abilities[]

  • Hand-to-hand Combatant: Kia displays incredible fighting prowess unarmed. She mostly attacks with kicks
  • Swordsmanship Specalist: Just as competent as she is unarmed, Kia's skills with a sword are not to be underestimated. She fights with the unusual style of fighting with her sword facing backwards instead of forward.
  • Sonido Master: Kia is a competent Sonido master, able to keep up with faster opponents.
  • Limopiel: Spanish for slime skin. Kia's special ability. Unlike most Arrancars' sturdy Hierro, Kia's entire body is compromised of a gel-like substance that allows her to cushion and nullify physical attacks and energy attacks to an extent. It also makes her unnaturally flexible, giving her the ability to contort her body parts.
  • Cero: Kia fires dark violet Ceros
    • Gel Cero: By separating parts of her body, she condenses them into a ball-like form which then follow her around with each piece being able to fire a Cero.


  • Liquido Serpiente: Spanish for liquid snake. The zanpaktou takes on the form of a single-edged katana with a thistle-colored diamond shaped crossguard. The zanpaktou is strapped to the back of her jacket.
  • Resurreccion: The release command is Eat. She raises her sword and thrusts it forward, releasing an intense burst of energy. She then takes on the form of a large violet-colored snake-like creature entirely composed of gel-like substance. Her entire body becomes adorned with a multitude of large eyes. Her Hollow remnants extend to form a skull over the head resembling a snake's.
    • Resurreccion Special Ability: In this form, Kia demonstrates the ability to regenerate her body endlessly from physical attacks. and shapeshift her body into a number of forms suited for a number of situations.
      • Ojo de la Serpiente: Spanish for Eye of the Snake. Each of the eyes on her body can separate from the main mass and take on a body of their own. Taking on the form of lesser versions of Kia's released form, they actively hunt out their targets, lunging at them with extreme prejudice. If two or more manages to catch the opponent, they merge together to form a paralyzing gel bubble to incapacitate the target.