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Cloudhoof Kirin
"Diplomats of the Torrential Lands"
Name Ki-Rin
Home Dimension Yuánrǎng
Average Height Varies
Skin Color Blue, Red or Green
Hair Color Gold or Red
Distinctions Varies
Average Lifespan Immortal
Eyes Varies
Additional Information
Primary Power Telepathy, Elemental Manipulation, Natural Kidō, Illusions
Notable Members Nimhe

Ki-Rin, or as they're more often known in the human world Qilin, are divine creatures that rank second only to the dragons themselves, patient and wise, they serve as mediators between mortals, spirits and dragons alike. In the lands of Yuánrǎng there is a constant need for diplomats and courtiers, conflicts must be resolved in order to keep the peace. Although powerful creatures in their own rights, a Ki-Rin is a creature of good, and most of the travelers that come through their lands are given a place to stay by these gentle beings.



Powers & Abilities[]