"I love the Hollows. No matter how many times to cut one down, more will show up to replace them. It's a never ending war. It is pure ecstasy!"

"The great war hawk."

Template:KenpachiRyota Kenpachi Ryota (亮太剣八, Ryota Kenpachi) was the captain of the 11th Division, having succeeding Kenpachi Zaraki after the man supposedly passed away.


Ryota was a blonde man with blue eyes. He wored a stubbly-beard. He wore the typical Shinigami attire and a captain's haori.


Ryota was noted to be very egotistical, and often challenged those who he deemed worthy. This led to his downfall in his attempt to kill Kamui Yamakawa.


Ryota's history is mostly unknown. He is know to have gone to the Shin'ō Academy for some time, and would barely pass to become a shinigami. His desire would be to become the new Kenpachi, and would become the new Kenpachi after Zaraki passed away from complications of his many battles.

Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsman: As a former captain of the 11th division, which specializes in swordsmanship, Ryota had highly capable skill in this art. His skill with a sword was noted to be similar to Zaraki's, but without the pure instinct.


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