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"I said that I was done fighting. I said the realms could burn around me. I said that I didn't care what happened. And for a while I didn't care and I didn't act. I left my children to fend for themselves when they needed me more than ever. But I see now that all I was doing was lying to myself. I've lost enough to realize I don't want to lose any more. I've still got family and friends to protect, and I'll raze Heaven and Hell to see them safe. So allow me to send both your master and your true body a message. I may not always be there but I'll always be watching, Averian. Harm anyone I love and I'll track down your true body and finish what Kusaka started!"
—Kenji to Averian's primary Battle Doll post-Collapse, prior to beheading said Battle Doll.[src]
Archon of Storms
Kenji new profile
Name Rōnin Shiba
Kanji 浪人芝
Romanji Shiba Rōnin
Race Tsuji (Kodairei)[1]
Birthday 22nd February<
Age 1600+ approx.[2]
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 98kg
Eyes Dependent:
  • Aqua green (Natural)
  • Violet (Shikai influenced)
  • Crimson (Influenced by Kyoaku)
Hair Dependent:
  • Black (Youth)
  • Black with silvery highlights (Older)
Professional Status
Affiliation Numerous:
Previous Affiliation Numerous:
Occupation Numerous:
  • Professional Poker Player
  • Mechanic at Kori Autos
  • Blacksmith
Previous Occupation Numerous:
Team Numerous:
Previous Team Numerous:
Partner Numerous:
Previous Partner Numerous:
Base of Operations Numerous:
Personal Status
Marital Status Widower
Education Numerous people and institutes:


  • Rouge Shinigami


Family Parents:

Immediate family:



Adoptive family:

Through marriage:

Clan(s) Numerous:
Status Semi-active
Shikai Dependent:
Bankai Numerous:
Resurrección Numerous:
  • Shōkyaku: Aoi Inazuma (Former)
  • Shōkyaku: Sanmiittai (Former)
  • None (Current)

Rōnin Shiba (浪人芝, Masterless Shiba), better known by his adopted name of Kenji Hiroshi (健児博, Hiroshi Kenji) and alternatively as Kenji Shiba (柴建次, Shiba Kenji), is a legendary Tsuji feared throughout the realms as the Archon of Storms (嵐のアルコン, Arashi no Arukon), the Sword Saint (剣聖, Sword Saint) and the Morning Prince (朝王子, Asaōji). Sometime following The Collapse Kenji adopted a new moniker: Takemikazuchi, which he said was taken from a God of thunder and swords. Kenji was the youngest son of Dastan and Aiko Shiba and the godson and apprentice of Anika Shihōin. Meian, Rosuto and Kireina where his siblings. He eventually formed a family of his own. He fathered children with Eri Kurosaki, Lisa Yadōmaru and Ino Choyo, and married Ino. His children, in order, include Shinrei Hiroshi, Lisa Hiroshi, Kentaro Hiroshi, Kitsui Sanretsu, Hotaru Hiroshi, Akira Hiroshi and Kay Hiroshi.

As a younger man Kenji revived the Yuengiri philosophy, fought on the side of Anika Shihōin and the Gotei 13 during the Winter War, and fought as an ally to Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Shinji Hirako during the Quincy Blood War. He eventually formed and led the Ryū Order and was a major contributing figure in the war against Averian, whom he often met face-to-face on the battlefield alongside Van Satonaka and Kei Yume, who where his trusted allies, fierce rivals, and close friends. His dedication to freedom as an ideal, his formidable prowess as a warrior, and his unique talent to make seemingly impossible and insurmountable tasks possible has forged him into a legendary figure throughout the realms, with even the Godly Tenjin openly regarding him as a threat. In addition he was openly regarded as a dangerous and unpredictable individual by three generations of the Central 46, who labelled him a criminal.

After the war with Averian, Kenji turned his attention towards Oda Kōhai and Heisekai, whilst training his children to eventually take up his mantle. Alongside his childhood friend and rival, Kusaka Kori, the duo destroyed Oda's primary Battle Doll and left his plans in tatters, though this had the unforeseen side-effect of driving Oda's supposed sister, Shiawase Kōhai, to action. Following the Collapse Kenji seemingly took up the life of an average Human in the World of the Living, becoming a professional poker player and part-time mechanic, and rarely intervened in matters dealing with the spiritual world at large; this stemmed from the combined deaths of his wife, Ino, his twin sons, and brother, Meian, and sister, Kireina. Whilst he declared that he would watch the realms burn, seemingly having lost his drive, time eventually eroded this notion and when Kei Yume required assistance it was the rock that broke the camel's back: Kenji took up his Zanpakutō once more and subsequently went to war with Averian and his Espada, the resurgent Imawashī, the secretive Kikkashō, as well as anyone else who threatened what he held dear. He beat The Outsider and Averian to the Serenity Jewel, which Kei had been sealed inside, and kept it safe from them whilst working to free his friend from within. To aid in his task he enlisted the aid of Lisa Yadōmaru, Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura.

Throughout Parts I, II and III of the series Kenji served as the authors primary protagonist, but has since fallen into the role of an advisor and supporting character per the beginning of Part IV; his son took his place as primary protagonist, and his daughter replaced him as the main source of information for their allies. He does, however, return to his original role on a number of occasions, and thus could be considered the secondary protagonist of the series going forward.


Kenji is a man with a youthful appearance despite his advancing age. He has only recently started to go grey, despite being at least sixteen centuries old, and hasn't a wrinkle at all. His physical appearance is similar to Kaien Shiba, though as relatives this is understandable, though the likeness is uncanny enough for people who don't know of Kenji's connection to the Shiba clan to compare the two. Sōritsu Kuchiki initially suspected Kenji of being a member of the Shiba clan based solely on his and Kaien's likeness, though he also noted them to hold similar views.

Kenji is muscular, tends to wear the standard Shinigami attire with varying colour schemes, wears his black hair spiked and in an unruly fashion and almost always dons a haori which once belonged to Van.[3] He has also, on very rare occasions, tied his hair up in a ponytail.[4] Of his appearance perhaps Kenji's strangest trait is his shifting eye tone. Under normal circumstances his eyes are a shade of aqua green, but under the influence of his Shikai, Kyoaku or his Hollow powers his eyes turn violet, red and yellow respectively.

Kenji has worn a multitude of outfits throughout his long life, some of which have become his staple colours. His first, donned after leaving the Soul Society, was dark blue with the Yin and Yang emblazoned on the back.[5] The second, which he took to wearing after the formation of the Ryū Order, was regulation black accompanied with a red haori he often discarded prior to battle.[6] His third, which was what many called his "war attire" was sleeveless and backless to accommodate the use of Shunkō, which he accompanied with a white haori similar to those of the Gotei 13 Captains as well as a black gauntlet upon his left arm.[1] His current is a mixture of the first and third, sleeveless, with a long-sleeved white haori that once belonged to Van, which Kenji would later emblazon with the Yin and Yang symbol on the back as before.[3]

Following the Collapse, which saw Kenji relinquish his role as a Shinigami and take up civilian life in Grat, he has changed drastically. He has allowed his hair to grow out long (though much of this growth occurred prior to the Collapse) and he no longer wears his old colours at all, the only exception being the fact he retains Van's old haori. Kenji now wears civilian clothing, usually in the form of denim jeans and leather jackets, though when he works the forge he tends to-do-so shirtless. On the rare occasion he does appear as a Shinigami once more he typically dons a sleeveless black kosode and a long padded black scarf, accompanied by tight-fitting black jeans and a pair of tight-fitting black sandals. The only constant carried over from his older uniforms is the white haori he dons; it is the same haori he took as a reminder of his vow to defeat his impostor for the injuries he inflicted upon Van. A newer additive was the necklace he appeared to wear. Kenji donned a green jewel commonly worn around the neck, shaped in the form of a diamond with extended points, which bore an exact likeness to the Serenity Jewel of the Yume Clan. He claims this jewel serves as homage to his lifelong friend and ally Kei Yume, though this was merely a diversion; this was, in fact, the actual Serenity Jewel. Following the Collapse Kei was sealed within the gem, which became a target of The Outsider. Kenji seized it first to protect his old friend.


"Averian... You did a very stupid thing. I was content to sit and let everything go after The Collapse. But then I returned to save my son, and I learned something. You and The Outsider empowered Kurokawa and he killed my wife and sons. You then set your sights on Kei. So congratulations! You've awoken the Archon. And nothing -- not you and not the Tenjin -- will stop me. If I need to burn the realms to ash to see you dead I'll do it gladly."
—Kenji to Averian.

Kenji is kind, helpful and generally an all around nice guy;[7] at least until you piss him off, at which point you'll be lucky to escape with your life.[8] Kei Yume went as far as to say that excessive violence wasn't Kenji's way and that the violence propagated by his doppelganger just wasn't in-line with Kenji's character,[9] though the validity of this statement was later called into account when Kenji revealed this doppelganger was in fact his manifested Hollow powers; which had once supplemented Kenji's rage centers enough that he ripped a man's head off after crushing his windpipe.[4] As such by no means is Kenji the gentle lamb some paint him as; he'd as quickly kill some people without a shred of remorse, and has often done so even when the option of mercy could have been entertained. Following Kenjiro's brutal attack on Van Satonaka, for example, Kenji vowed to see his attacker dead, and even took one of Van's haori with him just as a reminder of that vow.[3] He has worn it even after exacting his vengeance. He was also easily angered and prone to fits of rage, especially in his youth, which tended to get him into trouble; especially with Anika Shihōin, though even as an adult he can still sufficiently lose the head and go on a rampage.[10][11] He also became less perceptive as a result,[8] though this did lesson in later years; for he always fought against Averian whilst enraged and suppressed his Inner Hollow with much the same emotion ruling his thoughts.[12]

In his youth Kenji was a carefree flirt and a womaniser who once complained when Shinji caught him, as it wasn't a gorgeous woman.[13] He ran from one relationship into another, which included Eri Kurosaki, Lisa Yadōmaru, and Ino Choyo. His relationship with these woman led to the birth of six children; one to Eri, one to Lisa, and four to Ino. He would eventually marry Ino though the Collapse resulted in her death. Sometime after this Kenji and Lisa, based on a mixture of loneliness and adrenaline, rekindled their old relationship and became lovers once more.

Outside the stresses of battle and leadership, Kenji has repeatedly demonstrated his good nature and jolly attitude, particularly when with those he considers his close friends.[14] When he first discovered he fathered a child with Eri she neglected to tell him about, Kenji met the news with joy, even though the circumstances where dire; he then offered to look after the child, who he then named: this child was Shinrei Hiroshi.[15] When he's with his friends he maintains an almost childish attitude that frequently annoys his student Akiye, who often reprimands both him and Kusaka for their antics.[16] Once he and Kusaka start bickering it isn't an odd thing to have all other matters put on hold, an example being when they planned to reveal Oda Kōhai's plans, only to have the explanation derailed by their childish tendencies. However, despite this attitude, when push comes to shove Kenji can be the epitome of calm and seriousness and by no means is he naive. When he finally confronted Oda alongside Kusaka he did so without any of his apparent childishness.[17] This good natured spirit also extended to matters of trust. Even as a young man he wasn't one to be suspicious when meeting new people; some would even say he was too quick to trust as he was nothing but courteous to Van and his friends and even put his own life on the line to help Van in his struggle against his Inner Hollow.[5] He did this in spite of the fact he had just met Van and company that exact same day; perhaps because he felt a kinship with the young man for Kusaka hinted much later that he had gone through something very similar when Kenji's own Inner Hollow had threatened to gain dominance.[18] Though it could be argued he was merely following the examples of Kei and Shinji, who had helped him in much the same way as he helped Van.

As time progressed Kenji has mellowed tremendously, to the point he told Averian that his head could not be bought with cheap taunts.[19] He rarely engages in battles at all anymore and when he does he takes his time, almost as if he where out on a leisurely stroll. He only loses his temper rarely and likes toying with his opposition; the latest victim of this was Oda.[20] He acts even worse when alongside Kusaka, in part to their childish tendencies and general rivalry. The two easily dominated Oda during the initial stages of their conflict, and even when Oda seemingly took the upper-hand against them by temporarily sealing their Shinigami power, the two where merely playing at a charade to demoralize the man. They even came to a shared agreement that they'd let Oda return to his old legendary strength just so they could test the depths of their own powers against him, safe in the belief that if they failed to finish him, their fused state, Jiyū, could do so easily.[20] However, when outmatched, Kenji knows his limits and when to ask for help. When faced with a revived Averian he immediately put a plan into motion that would hopefully result in him and Kusaka gaining the necessary power to topple their adversary.[21]

Kenji has often loudly protested the believe that he is protective as he often cites Kusaka as the guardian of the group instead, even when he raids enemy strongholds to rescue his dearest friends.[8] One of the reasons he engaged Averian in combat at all was because the first time he did so he was alongside Van and didn't want to see one of his best friends hurt fighting a foe neither could've hoped to defeat one-on-one at the time.[12] When he found out that his children had been attacked by Kenjiro Hiroshi, who was actually his manifested Hollow powers, Kenji, in his quite fury upon finding the him, immediately released his Bankai and fought just like he used to with his Hollow mask donned; angry, ruthless and wholly uncaring of the destruction his wayward powers could cause.[10] As long as he slaughtered Kenjiro the ends justified the means.[22] Perhaps due to this it is no surprise he is feared by those in positions of power. By the classification of the Central 46 Kenji is considered a dangerous future element.[9] This boils down mainly to the way his ideals are viewed by the governing body of Soul Society; for they view Kenji as a good yet chaotic individual who needs constant monitoring.[23] He happily goes out of his own way to help others and save innocents, even should he have to put his own life on the line to do so; often complaining about people calling him "protective" afterwards. The fact he's bound by no rules or authority but those he sets himself is also a contributing factor. As head of the Ryū Order with what is essentially an army of fanatical followers at his beck and call, the Central 46 are perfectly justified in being wary of the man; though Kenji himself delights in this. He believes that peace can only reign when a deterrent is in place and views himself as one such deterrent.

Kenji has saved the day or resolved a conflict so many times now that he takes most things in his stride, without surprise or overreaction. During the Tower of Night Incident, in which Averian managed to tear the veil between alternate worlds, Kenji moved between the worlds fixing the tears until he at last met an alternate version of himself.[24] Aside from thinking that the odds of such an occurrence where so low that it was almost impossible he still reacted without much outward show of surprise. Afterwards he demonstrated another trait; he held this alternate version of himself to the same high standards he holds himself to, and expressed an interest to train and prepare this younger version to eventually combat that worlds Averian.[25] One can infer from this that Kenji sees it as a form of fate for he and Averian to clash, especially considering he has gone to such lengths to combat him.

Kenji has a scant list of likes and a much larger one for dislikes, his wives cooking being amongst the top, though he misses it now that he can't have it following Ino's death. He is partial to a drink and prefers cider and spirits, and is also a known smoker of cigars.[16] He supports Tottenham Hotspur F.C., as does his son Kentaro, and one of his preferred settings is watching the match with a drink to-hand.[26]

Following the Collapse it can be argued that Kenji lost a great deal of his drive as he now spends his days tinkering on old cars and his nights visiting strip-joints, and the time in-between drinking far too much. Kusaka, who runs the garage alongside Kenji, states he is a completely changed man. He explains that Kenji always had his friends by his side and that the Collapse had taken so many of them at once that the fight was, quite literally, kicked out of him and then some; even Kusaka cannot coax him into even a friendly fight. He doesn't appear to care about defending the Spirit Cycle as he did in the past, or even whether or not Averian is stopped from destroying everything in front of him, feeling it is the duty of others to rise and challenge him. Kenji believes that he has sacrificed enough for the world and those in it and would quite happily watch it burn. If push came to shove he may even aid in its burning. Instead of fighting the grand wars of his past he has finally lot go and allowed the next generation, headed by his son, to take over for him. He does however at times revert to his old self, particularly if someone threatens what little family he has left, at which point his anger is without limit and his vengeance without mercy. His father, Dastan, learned to his regret that Kenji still watches over Kentaro and that he would fight with everything he had to protect him, a lesson he then taught the entirety of the resurgent Imawashī by proceeding to unleash his Bankai upon them. He also isn't above helping out now-and-then as he still has a knack for finding things out, but instead of jumping on this information himself, he is seemingly content to offer his son and daughter vague clues and, at times, a push in the right direction. If direct intervention is required Kenji rarely does anything but what is required to see the task accomplished; nothing more, noting less. Kusaka theorizes that there are only two people alive today who could possibly urge Kenji to lift his sword and fight for a cause again, and they are Van Satonaka and Kei Yume.

Kusaka's words, as usual, proved to be prophetic. Following the Collapse Kei was sealed inside the Serenity Jewel; an heirloom of the Yume Clan and one source of power for The One, similar to the Well of Awakenings. The Outsider coveted this jewel but Kenji picked up his sword and seized the gem first in order to protect Kei, and was subsequently placed firmly at the top of The Outsider's hit-list. However, this did far more for Kenji than saving a friend, or returning the favour; it served to light a fire under his ass, providing Kenji with a goal that renewed his drive and fighting spirit. The fact he soon discovered that Kurokawa was aided in unleashing The Collapse by Averian and The Outsider only served to intensify the flame; to the point that Kenji declared that he would happily burn the realms himself so long as he could kill Averian. He reorganised what remained of his old friends and promptly went to war once more, and he's more determined than ever to make this his last.


During the various specials and omake segments in which he appears, Kenji's fondness for drink and competition is highlighted more than his other characteristics; he and Van often begin the segment sober, but almost always finish drunk, arguing or fighting.[27] The duo also have a penchant for childish behaviour that irks their friends and children. When teaching a class at the Yuengiri Academy Kenji notably illustrated it with childish and chibi versions of himself beating Van in a battle, all whilst drunk, which eventually resulted in Maki Zhijun shutting down the class and Kenji and Van fleeing from him.[28] He later used the same tactic when attempting to explain the multiverse, but ended up offending his two counterparts as well as Van's counterpart, which resulted in a fist-fight in the bar.[29]

When Ino and Anna hid Kenji and Van's easter eggs, for example, Kenji and Van set up an intricate plot that forced Kentaro and Haruki to gather the scattered eggs on their behalf lest they lose their gaming consoles; a feat that required arguably more effort than actually looking for the eggs would have, which was again foiled by their wives.[30] One Halloween he and Van teamed up against Kei and Shiju to see who could gather the most sweets for their various children, with Kei and Shiju emerging victorious. True to form Kenji and Van ended up coming to blows before proceeding to drag Kei and Shiju to the pub with them.[31] At Christmas Kenji and Van are known to produce the strongest eggnog around, with Shiju remarking that the pure alcohol content could "run a lawnmower for a week".[32] Kenji has even broken the fourth wall after noticing that the background changed from black to white.[33]


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  • Sasaeru: Kenji apparently discovered the location of Sasaeru during a mission to protect the Kyūtai from the Illusive Man, though he ended up losing Fushichō to Shinzō, only for Kentaro to later reclaim it. Whilst he initially hid and subsequently sealed them away to prevent misuse of their powers, the return of Averian forced Kenji's hand and he once again reclaimed the fabled orbs to help Kusaka and himself counter Averian's vastly increased strength.[21] It was Sasaeru, the fabled black Kyūtai and strongest of them all, that Kenji took for himself; mostly because it refused to work alongside anyone else, proving the orb was sentient. He had it on his person during the Tower of Night Incident and used it's power to travel at will between the various worlds the Tower of Night appeared in.[24] It was later revealed that Sasaeru was, in fact, a creation of the Lesser Tenjin The Balancer, known later as the Soul King. The fact he possesses it is also unknown to all save Kusaka, Van and Kei. Possession of it granted Kenji a number of effects:
  • Immortality: Sasaeru grants Kenji immortality; nothing short of a beheading will kill him, though Kenji himself claims even this isn't enough. When he took possession of the fabled orb Kenji was a man in his prime. As such he will remain as such as long as he possesses it.
  • Dimensional Control: Kenji claims Sasaeru can control the dimension as it sees fit; as its wielder Kenji is afforded the same power. This enabled him to travel at will between alternate worlds in order to counter the Tower of Night.
  • Instantaneous Travel: Kenji can forge a pathway with which he traverses the realms instantly, without passing through the Dangai. This enabled him to quickly come to his son's aid when he and the Six Directions came under attack from the entire resurgent Imawashī despite being in the World of the Living at the time.
  • Kamishini (神殺, God-Killing): As far as Kenji is concerned this is the most noteworthy ability imparted through his ownership of Sasaeru. Normally a Tenjin is immortal; even if struck down in battle they will revive in Amenokai, and they have a massive tolerance for shrugging off pain and ignoring even the most extensive of injuries inflicted upon them; this is the reason neither Kenji, Kusaka, nor Van could kill Averian. This trait is rendered powerless before another celestial being, or celestial artefact; Sasaeru is the latter. Merely being its host enables Kenji to land a killing blow on deities.
  • Serenity Jewel: In the aftermath of the Collapse Kei Yume was sealed inside the Yume Clan's heirloom; a large green-coloured diamond-shaped gem with a hollowed centre, typically worn around the neck by the strongest of the Clan. The Outsider, coveting the gem due to its status as a source for The One's power, sought it for himself; whether he knows Kei inhabits it or not is unknown. Kenji, knowing Kei to have been sealed within and not wishing to find out what would happen to Kei should The Outsider claim it, seized it first and subsequently placed himself at the top of The Outsider's hit-list. Kenji later acknowledged this to be the reason he dropped off the grid following the Collapse. He wears it around his neck and has made it his goal not only to evade The Outsider but to return the favour and rescue Kei from its depths.
  • Lesser Kyūtai (former): Kenji has possessed all of the Kyūtai sans Musabori and Fushichō at some point or another, with Sasaeru being the most recent. During the Quincy Blood War he held both Asataiyō and Semaiumi and used their powers in combination to reverse the effects of The Zombie, which had been used on Kensei and Rose. This is notable considering that, at the time, the two Visored where actually dead and under the control of Mayuri.


  • Renkei: It is unknown exactly when Kenji created these paired bracelets but he was seen to have used them prior to the official creation of the Ryū Order as he and Kusaka wore a matching set when they fought against Kaimen Kazuki.[34] The bracelets allow their respective wearers to share spiritual power and communicate across vast distances,[35] even across separate realms.[36] Kenji's own bracelet is shared with Kusaka even to this day. It was this device that enabled Kusaka, despite losing his powers in the battle with Averian's premier Battle Doll, to combat Hollow during the sixteen years prior to the return of his spiritual powers.
  • Reijutsu: Throughout his adventures in the World of the Living Kenji created an assortment of weaponry based jointly on the Zanpakutō template and the lesser utilized Bakkōtō template, adding his own personal twist whilst merging the two styles of forgery. The entire Ryū Order and Dragonforce are outfitted with weaponry created by Kenji.
  • Zanpakutō: It has yet to be revealed how Kenji forged his Zanpakutō but the fact the new recruits of the Ryū Order who came through the Yuengiri Academy where all outfitted with the Asauchi forged by Kenji's own hand proves his methods where very effective. Kentaro and Hawke both wield Zanpakutō forged by Kenji and both have achieved their respective Bankai release, showing the effectiveness of his skills at the forge.
  • Bakkōtō: Kenji studied Bakkōtō over two-centuries and came to greatly understand how they operate, eventually reverse-engineering the technology whilst applying his own twists. The Bakkōtō forged by Kenji suffer from few of the original design flaws, specifically the one which endangers the wielder. Whilst his Bakkōtō still possess organic components they do not overcome their wielder, having safeguards built in. Kenji admits this does restrict their power somewhat but it definitely ensures the safety of the wielder.

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Alternate world counterpart

Rōnin Shiba

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Kenji possessed a counterpart in Nanashi's World who eventually became the Lieutenant of the 13th Division in the Gotei 13. This version of Kenji was born into the Shiba clan and bore the name Rōnin, and had a brotherly relationship with Kaien Shiba; he even made the latter the godfather of his only son. Rōnin lost his life during the Collapse and imparted his last words to Kaien, asking him to look after Kentaro. Kenji met this particular version of himself when he joined with that world's Kaien to seal off the Tower of Night. It was Kenji's use of Sasaeru to travel between the world boundary which gave Kaien the idea to do the same when his world was overrun by Averian and his Arrancar army following The Collapse.

Kenji Hiroshi (FC)

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Kenji possessed another counterpart who existed in a world very different to his own. This version of Kenji bore the same name, had no affiliation with the Shiba clan, and was a loyal Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Kenji was specifically attached to the 9th Division, which oversaw the Seireitei Communication, and he was known to be a popular writer with weekly columns in the Seireitei News Magazine. His most well-known work is an on-going fictional tale referred to as The Cataclysm. Like his main counterpart this Kenji eventually developed into something of a divisive figure.

Other appearances


Kenji's character is the co-host of an omake segment alongside Van Satonaka, where the two discuss a number of details regarding Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi). Kentaro Hiroshi and Haruki Satonaka -- sons of Kenji and Van respectively -- eventually appeared as frequent guests. The omake, dubbed Drinking Time With Kenji & Van, is intended solely for humour, but has been used as reference material as well. Although delivered with a comic tone in mind the information is canon to the story.

Kenji is also slated to appear in a similar omake segment alongside Shiju Shūdō.


Kenji has appeared in a number of holiday specials written by Kenji-Taichō. These have included Halloween, Christmas and Easter specials, which are done entirely for humours sake and are considered as loose canon. Kenji has likewise appeared in various one-shots, which again where written for humours sake, with one example being the one-shot giving a shout-out to the merging of the two Bleach fanon wiki.

Atuhor's notes

Behind the Scenes

  • Even in light of the retcon undertaken in 2015, Kenji's character has undergone the least amount of changes compared to everything else, with his personality being largely the same since the author first role-played with him alongside Razo.
  • Kenji has born many titles throughout his many appearances:
  • Kenji's most well-known title is "The Archon of Storms", which was originally given to him after the death of Averian. The Archon in Kenji's title can be taken to mean several things. In this case however the word refers to the Greek meaning; specifically Ruler. Thus when Tadashi remarked that Kenji was like an "Archon of Storms" during the events depicted in Kickoff of the First Spiritual War, he essentially meant that Kenji was the "Ruler of Storms".
  • Kenji's title as a "Sword Saint" was originally bestowed upon him by Averian as a form of mockery alongside Kusaka Kori's title of "Sword Demon", which Kenji and Kusaka would subsequently adopt as a badge of pride after Averian's defeat in the First Spiritual War. Following the 2015 retcon however it is currently unknown just when Kenji first started using the title.
  • Kenji's title of "Morning Prince" originated when he was forced to experience a catastrophic future which showed Averian winning the First Spiritual War. Before returning to his own timeline Kenji successfully defeated this future incarnation of Averian, where he was dubbed the "Morning Prince" by the survivors, which he would continue to use. Following the 2015 retcon however it is currently unknown when Kenji first started using the title, though he was referred to as such before The Collapse. His son, Akira Hiroshi, would eventually adopt the title as well, and infer that it was granted to Kenji during the course of his many battles with Averian.


  • During the events depicted in Desperate Stand: Averian Appears!, Kenji states to Van that he must start pushing for his Bankai if he is to continue keeping up with Van. His usage of the release in the Blood War Inquel IV, which occurred first chronologically, shows that he already possessed it. It was implied he lied in order to keep his Bankai hidden for use as a trump card in a latter engagement.

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