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Kengen Hitokage (lit. Manifestation of Soul) is the 3rd Seat of the Soul Guild.

Kengen Hitokage
Age 265
Height 5'5"
Weight 136 pounds
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Partners Akaseisui, Nenjufujin, and Unknown Third Member of 1st Team
Affiliation Gotei 13
Team Soul Guild; First Team
Occupation Seated Officer
Previous Occupation(s) Unseated Officer

Unknown Mother, Deceased Father


Kengen wears a standard black hakama and hyori with a large white belt. Like all members of the Soul Guild, he wears a grey shall that reaches his waist and bears the Black Rose symbol. He carries his bag on his back and his Zanpakuto on his waist. He has dark purple hair and black eyes.


Kengen is quite calm and quiet. He does however have a good heart and is one of the best the Soul Guild has to offer. He is also known to be an athiest. He along with Akaseisui have been working with Keigai Honrui with any information needed. Kengen is normally the one who relays messages back and forth and has grown friends with Keigai.


Kido Practioner- He is skilled in the art of Kido, being able to use high leveled Kido without much effort.

Shunpo Master- Another one of his best skills, he can move at speeds that rival his Captain, Akaseisui.

Zanjutsu- He is somewhat skilled in fighting with his Zanpakuto in battle, even though he is never seen using it.


Kengen's Zanpakuto is called Fushoku (lit. Corrosion). It is sealed as a standard katana with a green handle and circular guard. The handle is wrapped in black leather. The release command is Kirema Umou (lit. Break Down).

Shikai- In Shikai, Fushoku becomes a larger katana with no guard. It has the ability to burn all non-living substances it touches and burn the skin to a certain degree. The blade has a florecent green glow and it is strongest against metal.

Bankai- Unknown/Not yet achieved


  • Akaseisui- More of a father figure to Kengen, he shows great respect and loyalty to Akaseisui. He goes as far as to illegally remaly messages back and forth from Vizard Keigai Honrui and Akaseisui respecitvely.
  • Nenjufujin- Kegen is very fond of his Lieutanant and respects her even though she is younger. She often makes Kengen play with her, much to his dismay.
  • Keigai Honrui- After years of relaying messages back and forth betwee his Captain and the Vizard, Kengen has become friends with Keigai.