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General Information

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Keiko Takumi (匠ケイコ) is a member of the misterious organization Xcution


Keiko is a tall and thin man. He has brown curly hair and dark-purple eyes. He uses a white shirt, black coat, pants and scarf and brown shoes. His scarf is teared up because of the fire he uses.


He is very lonely, quiet and serious. He usually goes for a walk alone and never talks. He almost never takes his hands out of his pockets. He is very smart and can almost read the enemy's mind by a single look in their face. He almost never shows emotions.

Powers and Abilities[]

Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: He is very good at fighting with no weapons. He resorts specially to his legs, kicking and aplying knee blows.


Scarf (スカーフ, Sukāfu): His Fullbring focus is his scarf. Using Fullbring, Keiko can light his scarf on fire and use it as a whip. When he snaps his fingers he starts using his full power, the scarf turns into fire and surrounds Keiko. He then moves his hands and gives signals, which makes the fire change its power, speed, height, shape (Ex: Tiger-shaped) and formation (Ex: Surrounding the enemy in a circle, chasing the enemy in a straight line).

Fullbring's Special Ability:

  • Fire Control: In this state, he controls fire very effectively, being able to even control existing flames. He stated that his power is yet to be perfected and when so happens, it will be as powerful as Ryūjin Jakka's flames. The fire of his scarf is black and whenever he uses other fire, it too also turns black.