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Kazuya Kuchiki
Name Kazuya Kuchiki
Kanji 朽木和也
General Information
Race Shinigami
Birthdate April 10th
Age 212
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (6'0")
Weight 87.5 kg (193 lbs)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Professional Information
Affiliation Soul Society, Gotei 13

9th Division

Occupation Captain of the Ninth Division
Partner Nisei Yagami
Base of Operations 9th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment True Neutral
Family Kuchiki Clan
Byakuya Kuchiki (Cousin)
Ginrei Kuchiki (Grandfather)
Aiken Kuchiki (Great-Grandfather)
Ayami Kuchiki (Mother)
Kōga Kuchiki (Father)
Education Privately tutored by several Shinigami noted to be among the best of Soul Society in their given skill.
Midori Jinkou (Kidō)
Kurama Shihōin (Hohō)
Gin'Iro Odoruchō (Greater Kidō)
Status Deceased
Shikai Gin'Iro Odoruchō
Bankai Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō

Kazuya Kuchiki (朽木 和也, Kuchiki Kazuya, lit. "Harmony to be, Decayed log" ) was the next in line to become Head of the Kuchiki Clan and the former Captain of the ninth division. As a Captain he was looked up to by many of his subordinates, whom he often schooled in the ways of Kidō in a bid to raise awareness of the noble art within the Gotei 13.

He was killed alongside many others protecting his subordinates from The Coven during their sudden assault on the Ninth Division barracks. Kazuya appointed Shūhei Hisagi as his temporary successor shortly before being finished off by Kazumi Takeda. It wasn't until many years later that his position was formally filled by the returning Sajin Komamura.


As a member of the noble Kuchiki Clan, Kazuya exudes and showcases a number of facets commonly attributed to his clan, lustrous raven hair, cut short for convenience and noteworthily smooth and soft to the touch along with piercing gray eyes, further glazed with a barely noticeable melancholy. As is customary for a man of his rank and prestige, Kazuya wears four kenseikan at the left side of his head, as a testamony to his noble status as the next in line to become the 29th Clan Head of the Kuchiki House.

Perhaps contrary to his reputation as being a very powerful spellcaster, Kazuya is actually quite well-built, possessing a toned and muscular body concealed beneath expensive clothing, but which is easily noticeable due to how snugly his outfit hugs his comely frame. His masculine appearance is further accentuated by muscular arms and large hands; and his gait seems to showcase both this sinewy strength and his proud legacy. Kazuya carries himself like a true nobleman, and therefore he seems to exude a regal sense of authority wherever he treads, something he himself remains thoroughly oblivious to, his steps guided by the aristocracy of his clan; gently flowing along the cobblestone of Seireitei and eliciting nay a sound from his surroundings; like a silent breeze on the wind.

Kazuya wears a highly customized version of the standard Captain uniform, including a sleeveless version of the standard Shihakushō, leaving his arms free of restricting fabric - an undisputable necessity for a Kidō Specialist. Kazuya's Haori is sleeveless as well, for the reasons previously mentioned and is lined with elaborate but faint enchantments. Intended to make it easier for him to exert his will over the forces he commands in battle; decreasing the energy cost noteworthily for any spells he may cast, furthermore, the Haori has powerful defensive spells woven directly onto its fabric, granting its wearer remarkable protection against hostile spells. This unique Haori, woven and sub sequentially enchanted by one of the Kuchiki's finest craftsmen is on its own worth an enormous fortune in the Seireitei and is thus likely to become a heirloom for future generations of Kuchiki. His extravagant clothing is snugly held in place by an immaculate obi sash, dyed a noticeable lighter shade of indigo, with three fringed tails extending from the back, trailing behind the 6th Division Captain as he walks.

Kazuya is noted to be a quite handsome, eliciting the attention of men and women alike, a fact he seems to be entirely oblivious to - his profile has even been compared to that of a sculpture at times, his eyes thoughtful but melancholic and his solid chiseled features appearing as though carved from stone. His good looks, gentle demeanor and unapproachable heritage has made him something of an idol to the younger female residents of Seireitei, frequently being featured in both the Seireitei Communication Magazines and photo books. Despite his good looks, his facial features are sometimes marred by dark rings beneath his eyes thanks to overworking himself, which seem to lessen his appeal somewhat - when he registers these rings he's known to use powder to conceal them properly, firmly believing that as a high-ranking member of the Kuchiki Clan, it is his duty to appear presentable and well-groomed at all times; which also relates to his fair complexion and his use of cologne to make himself exude a pleasant and soothing scent at all times.


On the very surface, Kazuya appears much like previous Sixth Division Captains; serious, aloof and regal. Though unusual in that his demeanour appears neither cold nor arrogant. Proper and polite, Kazuya responds with dignity to those around him, even occasionally making friendly gestures, although this is just a façade, and beneath it lies a very different man. Having been raised in the constricting environment of the Kuchiki Clan, has molded Kazuya into a man blissfully unaware of most things that takes place outside the walls of the Seireitei. Being constantly being fed propaganda and filtered truths, adjusted to the extent as to conceal the darker truths of their core. Due to this, Kazuya has no knowledge of the poverty of the Rukongai and he's never once been allowed to set foot outside of Seireitei.

Kazuya's entire life has indeed been restricted, limited and sheltered, his clan having gone to almost ridicolous lengths to keep him protected and separate from the hardships that lie beyond the walls of Seireitei. Even now that he is a Captain, Kazuya is not truly free. His clan continously looming behind him while pulling strings - making sure that Kazuya is never choosen for particularily dangerous missions, or being sent to deal with troubles in the Rukongai. Perhaps due to this, Kazuya has grown to become a very curious man, a person who regards the world outside of Seireitei's ornate walls as a world of mystery and intrigue, this belief has since intensified to the degree that he's begun to see the mansion he lives in as a gilded cage; and which has sparked a longing to see what lies beyond the gates, only held back by his great respect for his uncle.

Among the more friendly and outgoing Captains; Kazuya has an uptight and overly traditional view on nudity and decency, being known to react with mild horror whenever someone grabs his hand or speaks his first name aloud. Such outbursts are known to shatter his guard completely and leave him flustered and hysterical, something which has made him a prime target for ruthless teasing, as he's prone to exagerrate even the most minute of offenses to his integrity and his perceived virtue to nigh-ridicolous levels. this belief is based upon the Kuchiki's very strict beliefs and ideals in regards to such.

Kazuya's love of literature and books seems to be a large part of his personality and he's usually seen carrying around several books in an elaborate and beautifully engraved case strapped to his lower waist; designed and made by a master weaver and then enchanted with Kidō for additional durability. The man spends most of his free time reading and studying books and amassing his knowledge about his favorite subjects; this has also carried over to his office which is filled with several large bookshelves filled to the brim with books from different authors, even a few stories imported from the Human World. His favorite subjects seems to oddly enough be the romance genre, and much more fittingly various studies and spellbooks of Kidō; an art he's practiced his entire life, both for the sake of his personal amusement and inquistiveness as well as to increase his talents and become a greater asset to the Gotei 13.

As a Captain, Kazuya is very limited by his oaths and ties to a variety of organizations, such as the Kuchiki Clan and the Kidō Corps. This, combined with how his resourceful mother pulls the strings of the Gotei 13 has made him into the sort of Officer who spends most of his time working behind the backs of his soldiers. While this is not by choice, it has allowed him to perform other duties and actions which his fellow Captains don't have the means or time to tend to, most notebably being completely reorganizing his Divisions inner system and protocols. Due to this state however, he spends much time in his study, working on many a project, political, magical or otherwise.

Kazuya's stance to his divisions members is known to be very positive, frequently helping them with their missions in whatever way he can afford; this most generally means taking care of their finances and supporting their families while they're away, and in the case of them being sent to deal with a particularily dangerous foe. Weave powerful protective enchantments around them, greatly increasing their chance of survival. While he upholds the traditions of the Kuchiki clan, and adheres to the law, he's known to be much more lenient with the policies than his cousin is. His Division is thus treated with a mixture of strict guidance and kindness, needless to say - the 9th Division is considered to have become much improved by their new Captain.

Having been groomed to become the head of a clan that actively pursues perfection and elevated status through honor and pride. Kazuya is the born overachiever, never backing down, never satisfied and only resting once he has no other choice. The future clan head considering the prospect of rest to be downright wasteful, refusing to rest until he has done all that he's decided to do for the day. While Kazuya cannot easily venture outside of Seireitei, his situation grants him the means to actively refine and explore his already substantial abilities and talents, as well as amass great knowledge on various subjects due to his love of reading. Despite appearing much more mellow and kindhearted than his cousin, Kazuya has still wholeheartedly embraced the teachings of the Kuchiki clan and is thus known to respond with cold, passive fury whenever he feels disrespected or slighted. Should the situation warrant it, there is nothing Kazuya wouldn't do to protect his own pride, the honor of the Kuchiki House or that of another member, as these things are sacred to him. Due to his sheltered upbringing, Kazuya has never once taken a life, he has however been taught how to and its impossible to question that if its necessary for him to do so, he will commit the deed immediately without a twinge of hesitation, belying his soft persona.


Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Kazuya is a full-fledged member of the famed Kuchiki Clan, effectively making him a noble by birth; when combined with his relatively advanced age, it comes as no surprise that he's in possession of a tremendous amount of Spiritual Energy. Kazuya's Spiritual Power is noted to be incredibly vast, filling the space around him in all its glory and wealth when exerted and can be felt from the distance of several miles. Taking on a lavender color when fully exerted; which hints at Kazuya's true nature and speaks of a mixture of solitude, slight melancholy and carefully supressed pride. Despite its power. It usually appears calm and composed, much like Kazuya himself. It is however known to increase tremendously in weight and pressure when its exerted in it's full force, beomg described as crushing people beneath its tremendous weight and making the air thick and almost liquid-like. Which might impede adversaries from striking him. His level of control over his Spiritual Energy borders on perfection, being capable of using it in a plethora of different ways and then reinventing and creating new applications even in the midst of heated combat -- the most impressive of which usually involving blending Kidō together with his own, or even others spiritual pressure for a myriad of supernatural affects. Like most whom are knowledgeable in the use and application of spiritual energy he can momentarily harness, focus and release it in a powerful shockwave of energy so as to break free from spells and other supernatural effects; but unlike most, he can do it with far less energy expenditure than is normally required. Guiding his energy to minute lengths and then using it to dispel the effects with not even a modicrum of energy wasted. However, the great degree of mastery he has over his spiritual energy doesn't solely include his own, and he has demonstrated the ability to manipulate the ambient reiryoku and reishi naturally present in the air in order to use it to replenish his own resserves and gradually heal his wounds over the course of a battle. By first breaking it down into spiritrons, then recirculating their energy before finally applying it to his spiritual body trough energy manipulation. This enables him to fight for vastly prolonged periods of time without tiring in the least, when combined with the natural regenerative factor of Spiritual Energy. His mastery of his energy and by extension his entire existence makes him a formidable opponent and indeed worthy of the rank of Captain.

Expert Swordsmanship: Kazuya's skills with the blade are easily on expert level, being capable of several advanced strikes, feints and movements. His swordplay incorporates finesse, elegance and precision - and it is widely believed that not only did he receive private tutelage from Byakuya Kuchiki in the art, but that the discipline he uses is one passed down trough the Kuchiki clan, as many have noted how similiar his technique are to that of the current clan head. But even so, Kazuya's skills with the blade are a pale mimicry at best, as his own lack of talent with a blade, in addition to his disinterest prevents him from ever measuring up to Byakuya in this regard. This aside though, his skill is high enough for him to to hold his own even when sparring against masters in the art, by incorporating his mastery over the flow of spiritual energy Kazuya can perform grand feats. Manipulating and changing the flow of spiritual energy left in the wake of his blade in order to create optical illusions of impressive strength which can serve to misdirect, mislead and deceive his opponent to commit errors, allowing him to defeat even more skilled users of Zanjutsu with proper tactical planning and intelligence. Kazuya comments that the only thing stopping him from abandoning the use of Zanjutsu altogether is the fact that his mother will hear nothing of it, insisting that he refines his skills with the blade in order to not leave himself at too big a disadvantage when the scenario demands that he makes use of Zanjutsu to defend himself; a statement which is usually followed by a long and tedious rant about the integrity and traditions of the Kuchiki Clan.

  • Wadō Ichimonji (和道一文字, "Straight Road of the Harmony"): An original Zanjutsu technique developed by Kazuya for use as an initiation move, favoring it as a method to deal with weaker opponents and as a way of getting a feel of the capabilities of new adversaries. Much like how his uncle once made use of Senka for the same purposes, albeit the heir has commented that Wadō Ichimonji is likely the superiour technique of the two. Wadō Ichimonji is initated simply by Kazuya unsheathing his Zanpakutō and moving slowly towards the target, the blade held diagonally and away from his body with the tip pointing downwards. Kazuya then proceeds by kicking off of the ground exactly three times using Shunpō, instantly bursting past his target while simultaneously delivering three precise strikes typically aimed at their Hakusui and Saketsu, striking twice at one of the two. He continues past his target for approximately fifthteen feet before he forces the momentum of Shunpō to an abrupt halt. This last step being crucial in order to execute the second phase of Wadō Ichimonji's attack. When properly done, the opponent will find that the sorrounding air distorts visibily, before seemingly breaking apart like a shattered mirror. The 'shards' of which then take the shape of nine large ghost-like blades of compressed air, formed by the sheer vacuum of Kazuya's earlier attacks and momentum; the blades then clumsily mimic the Captain's previous attacks, slashing at the hapless target nine times in rapid succession with lethal accuracy. All of these advanced steps are known to take place in less than a milisecond, further attributing to the techniques great mortality rate. This technique, while very powerful in its own right, is particularily hard to employ efficienctly as the overall effectiveness of the vacuum blades rely entirely on when Kazuya breaks the cadence of his movement: if he breaks it too early the attack will be weakened substanially, if he's too late, the accuracy and speed of the air blades suffer instead, thus becoming much easier to avoid. Kazuya slips up regularily for these reasons, but he still regards this technique as his absolute favorite.

Hakuda Combatant: Kazuya's knowledge of Hakuda is noted to be extremely limited and mostly, any prowess he may seem to have in the art is easily attributed to the overall power of his spiritual energy and physical condition. Kazuya is capable of putting up a fight against opponents many times his own size with with relative ease, armed or otherwise; however, should he be forced to use it to defend himself against an equally powerful opponent; he would most certainly lose. Knowing this, Kazuya repetively hones his Shunpo and Kidō capabilities to greater lengths in order to make sure that such a situation will never arise.

Exceptional Spiritual Awareness: Much in part to his extremely refined spiritual control, and his intimate knowledge of the flow, course and concentration of spiritual energy; naturally accentuated by his exceptional faculties and inherrent fondness for the noble art of Kidō -- Kazuya is known to possess an inordinarily accurate sense of spiritual awareness, its administration and sensitivety being so potent so as to allow him to catch up on minor to moderate details about an opponents personality, battle style and general preference when it comes to choice of weaponry or skills, even before the battle has even begun; granting him a vast tactical advantage. Kazuya cites the well-known fact that spiritual energy is directly proportionate to the spirits disposition and general state of mind, and by detecting minor fluctuations in an opponents reiryoku, he can with certainty tell if they're lying or otherwise - a talent which he has frequently made use of in interrogations; and whom very rarely fails, though in special cases he's known to make use of other resources as well to contest the validity of his initial analyzis, for the sake of upholding a sense of proffessionality. His remarkable level of spiritual awareness is also known for its great use in combat; and especially how it seems to naturally blend in with his tactical approach - allowing him to accurately pinpoint weaknesses in an opponents techniques, abilities or even Zanpakutō, while keeping himself at a safe distance and biding his time and formulating his course of action. In addition to this, it also allows him to track opponents solely by their spiritual signature; which when combined with his own mastery of Shunpō allows him to track all enemies, no matter how fast they are, this particular application being so astute that he's known to be capable of reading even masked spiritual signatures, in particular those enwoven by the effects of Kyokko or similiar spells and effects.

Keen Intellect: Kazuya is noted to be a man of great intuition and sharp wits. Capable of astute assessments and deductions, most of whom prove to be highly accurate. Being from the Kuchiki Clan, he has access to alot of knowledge of which most of the Gotei 13 is entirely unaware -- save for his former mentor Shihouin Kurama. He's also known to be quite knowledgeable in a variety of different subjects, thanks to his love of reading. His aptitude for learning and grasping new techniques and abilities were praised and nurtured at an early age, and these natural gifts proved to be much of what shaped him into the man he is today.

  • Master Tactician: Much in contrast to his uncle, Kazuya was never so skilled so as to be capable of outclassing opponents trough the use of brute force and power alone. Luckily for him though, he's a masterful tactician, who favors using his keen intelligence, great intuition and naturally versatile set of abilities to turn a fight in his favor. This is primarily seen with his application of Kidō spells and to a lesser degree in regards to his unique useage of Shunpō; and while fighting, Kazuya is known to constantly keep himself several steps infront of the opponent at all times and consistently makes accurate decisions while fighting, thanks to his cunning use of what abilities he does have he's very rarely wounded in battle and spends most of his time concealed by magic and firmly protected by wards. Calmly assessing the capabilities of his opponents and analyzing them for possible weaknesseses which he might exploit so as to give himself the edge. Kazuya is known to excel at fighting fellow Kidō Masters and opponents with unique capabilities, thanks to his tremendous amount of versatility, great degree of caution; but first and foremost, his intellectual and highly analytic approach to battles. Which makes him particularily well-suited to handling enemies whose abilities may put the more conventional styles of fighting that his fellow Captain's tend to rely on.

Kidō Abilities

Kidō Prodigy: Of all his abilities, none have ever even come close to being compared with Kazuya's skill in the field of Kidō; in which he's proven himself to be incredibly intuitive and creative. His talent was discovered while he was still a child. When Kazuya, after having spied on fellow members of the Kuchiki Clan practising spells had somehow managed to get the exact incantation for the spell known as Sōkatsui. He mumbled the incantation, unaware of the great danger that laid nestled within the powers he summoned trough his small frame -- the members immedeatly sensed the danger and ran to Kazuya's side. Witnessing that the child struggled to maintain control over the spell - they called out to him and instructed him to do his utmost to keep the spell under control, reasoning that if he let go for even a moment, then it would destroy him in a heartbeat and bring a large part of the mansion with him to the grave. Through some miracle, Kazuya succeeded in this, and while he kept the spell under control the Kuchiki soldiers managed to extinquish the spell. They were shocked beyond belief, and it was decided that Kazuya were to continue honing his abilities in the field under the most skilled teachers Soul Society could offer. Kazuya's teachers in the art of Kidō including, his great-grandfather Ginrei Kuchiki. But most of all, the reigning Kidō Corps Captain Midori Jinkou: The latter commenting that his talent was comparable to that of Hiroya Ginkarei and this lead her to adopt him into the Kidō Corps at a young age, and allowing him to expand his talents while in that field.

  • Prodigal Characteristics: One of Kazuya's most defining traits is that his sheer intuition and pretigeous talents, when combined with the watchful eye of Gin'Iro Odoruchō and further refined by his impeccable knowledge and awareness of spiritual energy, have enabled him to instantly analyze foreign spells cast in his vicinity. With a mere glance, he can memorize each of the individual steps of the spell. Thus enabling him to absorb the knowledge for himself; and use it to further his own capabilities. As impressive as this ability is however - it is known that he cannot duplicate a spell which is normally beyond his ability to cast.

Kidō Master: Kazuya's mastery of Kidō is so all-encompassing that it renders his lack of traditional Shinigami Skills such as Zanjutsu completely inconsequential in the long run, few individuals are known to possess such an intimate connection and understanding of the flow and consistency of Kidō as that of Kazuya; who defines it as more than just an art, claiming it to be more like an absolute truth. He claims that Kidō is a power of will, an unstoppable force which requires a strong mind to use correctly; and it is evident that Kazuya regards most 'spells' with disdain, finding them to be extremely lacking and conceived to appeal to those less skilled. Truthfully, most spells spit in the face of all that is Kidō - an art so immensely vast an terrifying that its known to drive seekers of knowledge to the brink of insanity and beyond. The very concept of the greater forces of the art shattering and eliminating any fickle figment of rational thought!

Kazuya's unparallelled affinity for the art marks him as one of its finest connoisseurs to date; opponents are left in awe and astounded as he with the simplest gestures and movements reduce their entire existence to nothing but a faint memory. Indeed, his skills are believed to rival those of the Emerald Sorceress herself, the current Captain of the enigmatic Kidō Corps; Kazuya's deep facination, yes, perhaps even obsession with the magical arts has lead him to study most branches of Kidō with dedication; sacrificing almost everything else of Shinigami abilities in the process, save for Shunpō.

When using Kidō in battle, Kazuya rarely shows the full extent of his prowess, preferring not to waste his talents on those who wouldn't appreciate the gesture or his expertise. Nevertheless, Kazuya's talents are not to be denied, as he's known to turn even the elemental properties of his spells to another element entirely, such as making a spell of fiery origin, instead strike with the tremendous force of a massive tidal wave, or instantly convert a wave of water into a free-flowing river of liquid fire; an unique talent born from his great knowledge of the art and most arduous of studies. Kazuya's intense studies have led him to come to understand Kidō not as a tool to be mastered, but a natural part of who and what he is; a mindset he's developed under Gin'Iro Odoruchō's guidance.

Master of Hainawa: Kazuya's primary spell is Hainawa, having always found its simplicity and spiritual construction both pleasing and practical, while he was still training under Midori Jinkou, he took advantage of her superiour knowledge and skill to help him learn to use this particular spell like a weapon, not to use it as a mere spell or an ordinary technique but as an actual extension of himself, a part of him, in perhaps the same grade that Gin'Iro Odoruchō herself. Through dilligent practise and helpful advice from his partner, Kazuya has reached the point where he doesn't need to concentrate to maintain or direct Hainawa anymore - instead using it has become so internalized that he's capable of simultaneously using Hainawa even as he casts other spells, or focuses on other actions entirely; and in battle this shows, as it moves in the exact patterns he wants it to, accomplishes the exact things he subconciously wants for it to do and changes its own composition to deal with the situation at hand. While Hainawa is historically a binding spell, Kazuya can, with a mere thought shape Hainawa into a lightning-quick lance of light, fit to pierce through even the most adamant of defenses; and whose sheer power and great speed easily contests, and indeed even sometimes exceeds that of a similarily empowered Byakurai spell. Kazuya's also been observed manipulating it into slithering whips of compressed energy, whose immense speed, unpredictable movement and tremendous power make for incredibly dangerous foes, each of their individual attacks releasing potent discharges of focused energy, whose sheer concussive force is enough to inflict lethal damage even on highly-trained Shinigami, such as Captains. Having employed Hainawa for almost his entire life, Kazuya can easily defend and attack at the same time, and even use the offensively-oriented formations of Hainawa as makeshift shields and obstacles. Kazuya is known to make Hainawa originate from absolutely any point in range, even making it orignate from behind the opponents, or from an entirely empty space in the air; indeed, so great is his skill with Hainawa that he can produce them on reflex to instantly incapacitate or even kill an incoming attacker.

Master of Hyōga Seiran: Kazuya is known to be a highly appreciative of the mystical wonders of Kidō, but particularily does he find intrigue in discovering often overlooked diamonds and making them his own. While one of the most powerful Kidō spells by far, Hyōga Seiran remains largely unused by most practioners as employing spells of such magnitude often can quickly burn through even the great reserves of a Captain. Kazuya however, is a special case, for between his mastery of the arts, the guidance of his Zanpakutō and his great endurance and control of his spiritual energy, exhaustion is rarely an issue. Over time, Kazuya has come to make this spells his own, being considered to be his primary mark of trade, and in battle he's frequently seen summoning forth its might to bear upon his opposition. When used by Kazuya, this spell rarely appears in its base form, as the powerful mage tends to prefer to employ it with more restraint and focus. These include projecting its great powers into the form of powerful blasts of sheer cold, whose intensity are known to be so great that they're known to freeze energy-based techniques entirely, as well as dooming those hit to a cold grave. During his time in the Gotei 13, Kazuya briefly served as a Captain alongside the illustrious Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Inspired by the majesty and glory of Hyōrinmaru, regarded by all to be the most powerful Ice-Type Zanpakutō in the Soul Society, Kazuya decided to tailor his spellcraft to pay tribute to its elegance; and learned how to shape the ice produced by Hyōga Seiran into a serpentine dragon much resembling that of the original. This is a talent which he often uses, however, these dragons are but a mimicry at best and while their power is certainly immense they cannot hope to contend with the now matured powers of Captain Hitsugaya. With Hitsugaya himself having stating that their ferocity and potency at most only barely equal how they were when his powers had yet to fully mature. Nevertheless, Kazuya's fascination for flamboyance and elegance have lead him to employ this particular variation very often in combat, typically conjuring and directing numerous dragons at once. However, while his offensive prowess with Hyōga Seiran is most certainly astounding, Kazuya remains perfectly capable of using it defensively. By employing the spell, Kazuya can erect huge barricades of extremely thick ice to protect  himself and others from harm, conjure swirling winds of freezing cold around his person to deter attackers to even reinforce his wards with with its power. Additionally, the mage is also capable of creating accurate optical illusions and reflections by turning the perfectly smooth and clear surfaces of his own spellwork into makeshift mirrors.

Master of Raikōhō: A favorite of many high-ranking Shinigami, Raikōhō typically condenses reishi into an extremely destructive blast of raw lightning. It's intended to neutralize high-priority threats, and is known to deal very high damage, even to individuals of greater power than the user themselves. As it's a fairly high-leveled spell however, it consumes a lot of energy and therefore it's fallen slightly out of use due to the ever-popular Shakkahō. This spell is a favorite of Kazuya, and as he's mastered it, he's come to wield it in ways which lesser Kidō Masters could never even dream of. Lightning is an unruly element, but in the hands of Kazuya it's very cooperative, slithering about him like tame snakes, moving through the air in an instant to incapacitate his enemies, or raining down as a storm upon his foes should he command it to. Among his crowning achievements with Raikōhō is the capacity to temporarily fuse with the bolt of lightning itself, by using Hohō beforehand. This vastly increases his speed for a single step, and turns him into a living bolt of lightning, that scours the battlefield at his own pace; enabling him to evade those few things that he cannot otherwise evade with his Hohō skill alone. Through Raikōhō, Kazuya's even capable of manifesting powerful thunderstorms of varying sizes and scope.

Master of Ōkasen:

Master of Enkōsen:

Healer: One of Kazuya's lesser traits is his capability to employ effective healing magic, his extremely refined control over the flow of spiritual energy, his own or others, have made him naturally adept at this art. However, he's known to find healing to be fundamentally boring, remarking that even a soul with hardly no spiritual power at all could heal effectively if given proper training and the right instructions. He's however known to personally treat the wounds of his subordinates on occassion, if their injuries are in need of immediate attention, or if they hamper their abilities enough so as to work as a liability in combat. His healing however, while quite good, is by no means a substitute for the more refined treatments the 4th Division Officers are capable of providing. His willingness to heal his wounded subordinates have however granted him a fair deal of loyalty in his division.

Henkōdō Adept: Kazuya has since his early years in the Kidō Corps been utterly facinated by the prospect of the elusive art known only to the greatest practioners of Kidō as Henkōdō. He thus spent much of his time among the Kidō Corps researching the art, and it was soon discovered that he possessed some potential, with the clearance of the current Corps Commander, he was given permission to study the few scrolls they possessed on the subject, all of which were extremely vague and skipped the basics completely; and so it would be that Kazuya had to amass, grasp and invent the basic techniques on his own, aimlessly spending time trying and failing on the project. It was not until he managed to achieve a bond of trust with his Zanpakutō, Gin'Iro Odoruchō that his work began to see slight progress. Under her guidance his abilities flourished and he finally grasped the basics of Henkōdō, allowing him to examine the contents of the scrolls lended to him by the Kidō Corps more thoroughly, to his chagrin however, this proved completely fruitless as he could not reproduce the spells, still finding himself lacking the insight to put the pieces of the scrolls together. It was not that their methods and opinions were wrong, but that Kazuya found that they were largely obsolescent at the current point of time. The Captain thus began his research on reestablishing this lost art, and it is indeed through his marvelous studies that he has advanced the most. The secrets of Henkōdō not solely being restricted to magical powers, but also the possibility of granting new knowledge and spiritual strength to the practioner; this fortunate turn of events having given rise to Kazuya's self-replenishing resserves, spiritual regeneration, acute spiritual senses and more. However, despite all of Kazuya's research, practise and efforts. He claims that he hasn't even come close to uncover any true secrets yet, merely scratching the surface of something incredibly much deeper, all of his 'accomplishment' being based on refining areas already discovered...

Henshisōdō Master: Due to Kazuya's ardous research into the lost branch of Kidō reffered to by scholars as Henkōdō, he became aware of the art of Alteration. Kazuya has since used this knowledge to become a master of altering the magical composition of spells. In order to have them perform in unique manners seemingly without any second thought, and he has repedeatly shown himself capable of instantly changing spells which enter his range in a plethora of ways. This was first demonstrated during his battle against Sun Wukong, when he turned a powerful Ōkasen spell into a massive golden web of innumerable Hainawa threads, which he demonstrated to hold absolute sovereignty over, being capable of manipulating them tirelessly and to great effect. He only moments later proceeded to turn and divert a summoned Tenran spell directed against Seiji into a raging current of fire; and from there on proceeded to convert it into a dozen large balls of fire which wrought great havoc unto the sorrounding area, like a small swarm of fiery comets. Kazuya comments that this skill, along with his great prowess at Kidō as an art grants him a great advantage against other spellcasters, to the degree that he need not rely on Haki or similiar techniques to defend himself from their onslaught, instead simply binding the opposing spells onto his will and turning them against an opponent with impunity and excellent precision. His talents are by no means limited to merely altering an opponents spells though, or even their appearance, nay, Kazuya's great talents within the field of spell alteration is so potent that he can alter his own spells on the fly, such as making a mere Byakurai spell, rather than behave like it normally would instead freeze targets it hits in a chunk of ice. In addition, Kazuya is known to be capable of freely regulating the shape and form of whatever spell he's about to cast; and as such he's known to be capable of casting very destructive spells, while simultaneously making sure that none of his allies or innocent bystanders come to harm. His great mastery of the art of spell-altering has allowed him to make use of the lingering energy of his previous spells in order to boost the effects of new ones -- this talent being so efficient that he's known to spare alot of energy in a battle despite seemingly casting powerful spells left and right all the time.

Eishōhaki Master: Kazuya is a truly masterful practioner over the remarkable feat of casting spells silently, with neither number or name spoken. This feat concidered to be one of great prestige, much in part to its great difficulty in obtaining. In battle, Kazuya can weave spells perfectly, without any words uttered whatsoever; making his spells much harder to counter due to the complete lack of indication as to the spell cast. Kazuya developed this technique under his tutelage with Midori Jinkou and has since refined it to the point that he only needs to verbally announce spells in the upper nineties. He's mastered this technique, to the extent that he can cast the silent spells with just as much power as they'd normally have.

Savant of Synergy: Kazuya is very knowledgeable about the interactions between a wide variety of different spells and effects; to the degree that he blend Kido spells in pretty much whatever way he wants to - such as combining Bakudo and Hado, or even Bakudo and Healing spells. He's particularily fond of manipulating the elemental properties of his spells by directly affecting their composition with the use of magic; creating spells with tremendous elemental synergy and unsurpassed destructive force. He demonstrated this while fighting against Sun Wukong, where a simple combiniation of an wind-accentuated modified Seki spell and a regular Sōkatsui blast in unison reached such a level of power as to conjure up an immense column of flame which reached half a kilometer across in diameter and raged high up in the air. The ferocity of which was so tremendous that Kazuya had to simultaneously shield Seiji from harm by altereing the trajectory of the spell slightly; the mere fact that he could freely adjust the shape and even add a hole in the otherwise inescapable maelstrom of fire that he conjured also serves as a testamony to his almost unparalelled skill in this field.

Shubidō Adept: Wards are a distinct sub-category of Kidō spells strongly connected to barriers and various defensive binding spells, although they're often noteably different in how they operate. Wards are among one of the least known forms of defensive magic, and their use are largely too complicated to be studied or employed among ordinary Shinigami, with only members of the Kidō Corps or similar Shinigami highly advanced age and power having demonstrated their usage. Many members of the corps find that since their arcane studies take so much time, their other skills suffer immensely and they often find that they cannot adequately defend themselves against Hollows without the use of Kidō or their Zanpakutō. To remedy this, the Kidō Corps began teaching its members how to forge powerful magical wards around their person, which are personalized spells designed to take affect once certain conditions are met. Generally they're set to activate whenever the caster would be subjected to an attack, at which point they act like an immediate defense against the offending force, this might be capable of severely weakening an attack, or, if the ward is exceptionally strong - negate it altogether. Kazuya's mastery at conjuring wards for his own protection is in great part due to the guidance given to him by Gin'Iro Odoruchō herself, whose millenia of wisdom has served to improve his craft tremendously. Kazuya's innate talent for all things magical have also lent much to this. In fact, wards have grown to become Kazuya's specialty as while he's extraordinarily skilled at using Kidō in combat he still believes that the best offense is an enduring defense and he prizes survivability above showy excessive displays. Kazuya's wards are usually much more powerful than the wards of other Kidō Masters of similar skill because of this specialty and the assistance he receives from his Zanpakutō. One common theme with Kazuya's wards is that they're self-replenishing, being specifically constructed so that they collect ambient unfocused reishi particles and the spiritual energy naturally present in the atmosphere to become immensely durable, capable of withstanding attacks which would breach lesser wards a dozen times over. This makes them extremely potent in defending against attacks from spiritual beings, as the wards use the energy of the attacks to gradually rebuild themselves to full potential. The wards are permeated with Kazuya's will, and thus they respond disfavorably to attempts made my other mages to attempt to wrest their energy away from them by force. However, beyond making for an extremely effective defense, the energy amassed in the wards can be harnessed and focused for other tasks at Kazuya's whim, albeit not without repercussions to their defensive power, which is lessened in accordance with how much of their energy Kazuya uses in any eventual spell, although due to their construction, they will eventually regain much of their lost power.


The Seidaibyōtō(盛大病棟, "Grand Wards") are a collection of extremely advanced spells that represent nothing less than the full collective magical potential of both Kazuya and Gin'Iro Odoruchō. Like their name implies, each spell is an extremely complicated ward which incorporates the peerless magical knowledge of Hisako Kagine, the uniquely styled magical abilities of Gin'Iro Odoruchō along with Kazuya's mastery of such spellcraft. Most wards are almost exclusively protective in nature, but the Seidaibyōtō are so much more than that, for they're known to imbue the Captain with a medley of additional benefits which rival even the abilities of his Zanpakutō in terms of sheer potency and variety. Kazuya has noted that each of the Seidaibyōtō has its own specific purpose and niche to fill, and he's known to compare them to the stances utilized by extremely advanced practitioners of Hakuda. Although its noted that the Seidaibyōtō are often much more direct in the benefits that they confer upon Kazuya in combat. Each of the Seidaibyōtō require a lot of assistance from Gin'Iro Odoruchō and due to their elaborate and encompassing nature, its impossible for him to have more than a single such ward active at any one time.

Amaterasu no Shukutō (天照の祝祷, "Amaterasu's Benediction"): The Seidaibyōtō known as Amaterasu no Shukutō is a very elaborate magical construction discovered by Kazuya and Gin'Iro Odoruchō in unison. The ward is known to incorporate a medley of magical affects, enchantments and properties, while it confers significant advantages in direct combat, Kazuya has stated that its purpose is much more support-oriented. This Seidaibyōtō is apparently the result of a perfect synergy between Kazuya's significant abilities as a healer, his mastery of the Kidō spell Ōkasen, and the weaves of fire as provided by Kazuya's Zanpakutō. This was the first Seidaibyōtō developed by Kazuya and the unique construction of the ward itself, coupled with how many elements and properties it contains ensured that even with Hisako Kagine's millenniums worth of experience and knowledge, actually creating the ward itself, and learning how to employ it effectively took over thirty years of ceaseless study. Once Kazuya is under the effect of Amaterasu no Shukutō, his spiritual energy and reiatsu change from their usual color into flickering golden flames which dance across his being, his energy also assumes strong fire-elemental qualities, badly burning those upon which it is exerted. The most immediate change however, is how Kazuya's body emits an intense emanation of blinding light which makes it highly difficult for opponents to gaze straight at him, forcing them to divert their gaze to avoid being blended by his radiant visage. This is a simple, but yet very useful boon as it allows Kazuya to retain the element of surprise throughout most of the battle and makes it difficult for close-combat specialists such as those relying on hand-to-hand combat and swordplay to face him directly. In addition to this, Amaterasu no Shukutō bestows upon Kazuya several other empowering qualities which help differentiate it from the rest of its ilk.

  • Permanent Weave of Fire: As the Weave of Fire, normally produced by the Ginchō is one of the wards core components: Amaterasu no Shukutō, once activated functions as a permanent Weave of Fire, and the traits of this weave are not only as strong as the ones produced by Gin'Iro Odoruchō in her Shikai state, nay. They are actually superiour in terms of their potency.Thus, while Kazuya is under the effect of this ward, all spells cast by him behave like fire and assume its properties. Fire spells cast while under its effect are empowered tremendously and their intensity is heightened to the degree that they burn through almost any substance, regardless of its strength and composition - such as making them actually burn water, as opposed to merely causing it to evaporate, making it blacken and fade away into nothing after exposure. These flames will also burn through all fire techniques and spells that aren't similarly empowered, using them to fuel their own intensity. However, for such a weave to only affect fire-based spells would be terribly inambitious and a mockery of Gin'Iro Odoruchō immense potential, for the weave of fire is known to affect spells of all elements strongly. While under the effect of Amaterasu no Shukutō, earth-elemental Kidō begins to burn like fire and turn into gaseous forms, while still retaining their actual mass and weight; enemies who come into contact with these altered magics, find that they're crushed under their massive weight, and those whom inhale the fumes scream in agony as their insides rapidly undergo petrification, if enemies are burned by the smoldering earth, their bodies begin to experience petrification in the affected areas, making the limbs unusable and barring the subject from channeling energy through them. In contrast, water-related spells undergo comparatively minor changes, as while they still retain their flowing nature the water changes into free-flowing rivers of golden magma, whose fumes poison those who inhale it. Air and lightning-elemental spells assume scorching qualities, allowing Kazuya to summon twisters of incendiary winds that burn and scorch everything they touch, and emit powerful blasts of red lightning whose immense heat allow them to figuratively scorch through any defense or barrier that would stand between Kazuya and his target. Ice-elemental spells however, have their elemental properties unchanged but instead turn into white flames which inflict extremely potent frostburns on anything which come in contact with them, destroying and breaking down their bodies, causing subjects to crack open after contact, as if they were broken glass only to fall to the ground in bloody shards.
  • Aura of Flames: While Amaterasu no Shukutō is in effect, Kazuya radiates successive bursts of golden flames that cascade off of his beings in large waves, washing over allies and enemies alike and bathing them in these golden flames. The immense heat these flames radiate generally prevents enemies from approaching him or attacking him, and melee attackers usually receive severe burns by simply moving within Kazuya's perimeter. Opponents whom manage to resist the initial affects find that the intensity of these flames increase dramatically the closer they move to Kazuya himself. However, the biggest danger occurs when someone manages to actually strike Kazuya, at which point the entire sea of flames will converge into a single point to repel the attacker, striking with such immense force so as to render most traditional defenses void. The fires themselves burn with such intensity that enemies are vaporized once they venture too close, and due to their magical nature, they confound and disorient onlookers with their flickering lights. Influencing their mind in subtle ways, causing them to ignore their own potential, and often being influenced into making fatal miscalculations. The flames are not neutral however, in stark contrast to most other Kidō spells and they actively distinguish between friend and foe. Against enemies, they react as previously stated. Against friends however, a category that includes everyone Kazuya does not explicitly wish to harm, the flames do no harm whatsoever, and the subjects can't even feel its heat. Quite on the contrary, the flames have a positive affect on these individuals, as they find that the flames caress them and incite great power within them, strengthening their abilities significantly, allowing them to fight for prolonged periods of time by actively being replenished by Amaterasu no Shukutō's soothing flames; their powers are also generally enhanced allowing Kazuya to serve as a beacon in large-scale encounters, boosting the fighting prowess of his subordinates significantly past their natural limits. Furthermore, if those affected are harmed in any way, the flames will begin to burn their injuries away, in a manner which is similar to actively "reforge" their bodies to seal the wounds and return them to their previous condition. This process happens relatively slowly however, which makes it resemble high-speed regeneration to an extent, and this also makes the process safer and more secure than what it would otherwise be. In addition to this, the aura of flames will smite anyone with whom would injure any individual it has under its protection, albeit with less force depending on how many additional subjects it is protecting, although its still more than strong enough to injure most Arrancar.
  • Cleansing Fires: Whenever Kazuya, under the influence of Amaterasu no Shukutō employs a spell of the element of fire, the immense increase in power sets the surroundings alight with flames the color of the purest gold. These flames, having been conjured from the essence of light that Amaterasu no Shukutō embodies, have highly beneficial effects on any ally of Kazuya whom come in contact with them, although they're also harmless even to his enemies in stark contrast to the aura of fire which emanates from him while employing this ward. Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun, which is one of the essential elements to all life, and without the sun, all life would perish. In the same manner that the sun preserves and ensures life, the flames produced by Kazuya's spell work towards the same end, however, the amount of healing afforded by the cleansing fires is known to too slow to be of particular use in combat, although it is indeed useful at preserving life and preventing wounds from worsening. Instead, its the secondary characteristic of the cleansing fires which makes them favorable in combat situations, as they're known to cleanse the spirit of those whom make contact with them. When a Soul is cleansed, this means that they're returned to their original state and that any negative ailments, such as enchantments, phantasms and various forms of curses will be erased from their beings. What makes the cleansing fires more adept at this than other similar spells however, is that the cleansing fires actually purges these effects altogether and that they can potentially purge even the negative influence of hostile Zanpakutō. However, this process is far from pleasant, as the method this is accomplished by involves literally burning away the imposed imperfections of the users very soul, which is known to bring the subject great agony, that only escalates depending on the power of the influences themselves and over time. The process, although usually accomplished in the matter of a few seconds, can be quite time-intensive depending on the influence to be cleansed and its not entirely uncommon for victims to be forced to endure the escalating pain for as much as a minute, which usually renders them weakened in spite of its curative influence. However, certain powers, especially those of highly advanced Zanpakutō, are simply too powerful to be cleansed at all, and these abilities will never be outright removed by the fires. However, the fires can indeed defend against these powers, because if a subject steps into the flames their protective influence of will stave off even the most powerful of hostile influences, but only for as long as the subject willingly submits themselves to the agony and remains within their embrace. This can also be used to allow the user to temporarily free themselves of such ongoing effects, although the moment they leave the flames, these effects will return in full force with immediate effect.
  • Optical Illusions:

Tsukuyomi no Shōkan (月読の償還, "Tsukuyomi's Redemption"):

Susanoo no Kyōran (須佐之男の狂乱, "Susanoo's Fury"):

Izanami no Urami (伊弉冉尊の恨み, "Izanami's Grudge"):

Hohō Abilities

Shunpo Master: Kazuya's mastery of Shunpo is easily his second greatest ability, behind his knowledge and mastery of Kidō - being tutored in his youth by none other than Shihōin Kurama himself. Just like how Yoruichi Shihōin once taught the art to his uncle. Kazuya displayed a great deal of affinity for the art and quickly grasped the basics of what Kurama taught him, allowing him to pursue mastery in the art, and whats more, achieve it within but a few decades; ultimately surpassing his uncle completely. As a true testamony to his exceptional skills in the use of Shunpo; he's honed himself up to be at the level of speed so as to allow even his mentor the pleasure of "indulging himself". While using Shunpo, Kazuya automatically leaves behind flickering afterimages in his wake, which he's known to employ for misdirection, additional attacks and even to provide synergy with his Kidō abilities- these afterimages are a result of complete and utter mastery of the technique known as Utsusemi, taught to him by Kurama and refined over decades for maximum synergy with his chosen way of doing combat, to the degree that it has become entirely internalized in his use of Shunpo; which explains the effect of constantly leaving speed clones in the wake of his elegant and precise movements.

Thanks to decades of practise and tutoring under a master of Kurama's caliber, Kazuya no longer needs to conciously activate Shunpo in order to make use of the technique, and he's known to traverse enormous distances in but a single bound; as well as make himself appear at numerous locations at once even without the use of Utsusemi, confusing an enemy and force them to take a wild guess as to his exact position; and thanks to his excellent control over his own flow of energy he can maintain these speeds for an as of yet undetermined amount of time without tiring in the slightest. His movements have been described as impercetible to the naked eye, there is no blurr, not even an indication of movement, it almost appears as though he vanishes entirely off the face of the earth only to step out of thin air at his intended destination, almost as if he was travelling through a portal or using magic to displace himself.

Indeed his mastery is such that he's known to activate Shunpo on reflex, proving that he's internalized it so well that his body naturally responds to the skill as a part of his available defensive measures! In addition to his other remarkable abilities with Shunpo, Kazuya was also taught, and later mastered the infamous technique known as Senka from his uncle. While initially displeased by how it conflicted with his style of combat, Kazuya later employed his great knowledge of the flow of spiritual energy, along with his great skills at Kidō to remedy this slight conflict of interest, turning it into a very effective weapon by first using his energy to ascertain sovereignty over his speed clones and then have them use Senka instead; allowing for deadly multi-pronged attacks capable of ending a battle in a heartbeat if he deems it nessecary. His skills in Shunpo has allowed him to create several variations of his own, whom seem to primarily blend Kidō in with Hohō.

  • Kenja Utsusemi (賢者空蝉, Lit. "Wise Man's Cicada"): An original variation of Utsusemi manufactured by Kazuya, it functions on the same principles as its parent technique, but it is a hybrid technique in the sense that it combines both Hohō and Kidō. These improved and specialized variations of Utsusemi are very easy to leave behind when utilized by him and have a vast number of different applications. Kenja Utsusemi works by infusing his speed clone with a small portion of his spiritual energy, drastically increasing its lifespan and combative abilities as well as allowing him to control it like a marionette along with talking trough it and making it perform much more complicated actions than its fellow speed clones. While these effects already make it an excellent off-shot from the normal Utsusemi it is another facet about its use which has served to make it even more attractive for its correspondence to Kazuya's preffered fighting style is that it is capable of storing Kidō spells which immedeatly take effect upon the clones death; the favored spell for Kazuya to "transcribe" to a clones body seem to be the ever-popular Shakkahō due to its high single-target damage potential as well the impressive reach of the blast wave. Add this to the fact that Kazuya's Shakkahō possesses enough power to inflict severe harm on even his fellow Captains and he's got one nasty booby trap. Though, in no way does this limit the Kenja Utsusemi technique to just one spell, and Kazuya can easily transcribe the clones with different spells altogether depending on the situation at hand and what would be the most beneficial: However, dwarfing all the other achievements is the fact that Kazuya is capable of maintaining as many as five such clones at any time, all of whom are supplemented with a portion of his energy and outfitted with a different spell -- his control over this technique is such that he's known to go as far as to combine the spells the clones release together for maximum effect, creating a long array of systematic and sly traps in which all of the clones have a function - and with just the magical power exerted by the clones he's capable of summoning forth incredible feats of magical skill and might!

Way of the Kuchiki: Kazuya's prestigeous abilities in the expansive fields of both Kidō and Hohō have granted him the resources nessecary to develop several hybrid techniques combining the two forms together. According to Kazuya, Kidō and Hohō draw upon the same base values - namely acute spiritual control; and Shinigami whom are concidered gifted in the former are usually quite talented in the latter as well. Marvelous Kidō and Hohō skills has for a very long time been associated with the illustrious Kuchiki Clan; and historically, only the Shihōin Clan have consistently proven themselves better than them in the art of Hohō. The art which they are rumored to once have founded themselves. Kazuya named these techniques after his Clan, proving by its name alone that he intends to pass it down to subsequent generations of Kuchiki - and by that contribute directly to the Kuchiki honor and pride, by adding upon the inheritance that all Kuchiki receive from their ancestors. The reward for over two milleniums worth of unbreakable unity!

  • Daichigakushō: Shiranui (第一楽章:不知火, "First Movement: Unknown Fire"): A movement technique which combines spiritual control, refined Kidō and the underlying aspects of Hohō together at once. This ability has several applications, the first and the most widely used one being to shroud Kazuya in an orb of violet flames which dance across his body like a flickering candle; inflicting spiritual burns and temporarily weakening the energy of whatever it comes into contract with, by 'scorching' their resserves away over time. Allowing Kazuya to fight on even grounds on opponents much more skilled than himself, along with adding a potentially lethal edge to all of his close-range spells and techniques, this enables the of useage of a second skill, one that incorporates the basic principles of elemental knowledge and Kidō. Making use of the element of fire to enable Kazuya to figuratively scorch his way through space itself - effectively allowing him to move large distances without ever occupying the space between, allowing him to bypass most barriers and obstructions with practised ease.
  • Dainigakushō: Shio no Kawarime (第二楽章: 潮の変わり目, "Second Movement: Turning Tide"): Shio no Kawarime is an extremely difficult technique which requires advanced understanding of the way Kidō is formed, the consistency and flow of spiritual energy and immense proficiency within the art of Hohō. Fundamentally, Shio no Kawarime is a technique that is described as allowing the user to determine their own path, however this cryptic verse is but a metaphor for the true meaning of the technique. Shio no Kawarime differs from Shiranui in that while the latter can be activated at any time, the former can only be employed mid-movement. However, the speed it must be performed at is noted to be beyond that of most seasoned experts and the window of oppurtunity for employing it is very short, its the amount of skills required, coupled with the almost perfect control of ones movement and pace that makes Shio no Kawarime such an incredibly difficult technique to learn, much less master. To actually initiate the technique, the user shortens their steps, stepping in one direction and then immediately crossing over with the other foot. This short ceremony causes the users body to literally phase into two identical simulacrums of the original who proceed to move down each assigned path simultaneously. Unlike the somewhat similar technique Utsusemi, the magical component of Shio no Kawarime makes it so that each of these simulacrums are in fact the original, and they retain every ounce of power that the user possess. However, since they're still the same person, they still share the same mind and thoughts and thus can coordinate their attacks perfectly and with no movement wasted. However, that is not the intended purpose of Shio no Kawarime, for its instead meant to be used to disorient, disrupt and confuse the opposition - the simulacrums are short-lived and its necessary for Kazuya to decide upon a path. This can be either of the directions the simulacrums are travelling or other places he's recently been to that remain close by, once decided, the simulacrums shatter into glass-like shards and Kazuya immediately materializes at the chosen location, as if by teleportation. While they're active, Kazuya may have the simulacrums repeat Shio no Kawarime in his place, spawning numerous additional simulacrums which may be freely shuffled, moved and replaced at Kazuya's command. The constant shifting motions, the chaotic movements and how its precise movements are considered to be impossible to gauge, are all distinctive features of Shio no Kawarime that all have contributed to it receiving its name, as the constant tumultous turns and featureless imagery strongly remind onlookers of waves at the command of wind.
  • Daisangakushō: Sakurenge (第三楽章: 咲く蓮花, "Third Movement: Blooming Lotus Flower")


Gin'Iro Odoruchō (銀色踊る蝶, lit. "Silver Butterfly Dance"): Is the name of Kazuya's Zanpakutō, in its sealed form it takes the shape of a slightly above-average length Katana with an elaborate habaki picturing a pretty oriental design of some sort, neatly embossed within the steel. The Zanpakutō's Tsuba is neatly shaped into the resemblence of an exotic flower, noted to be very elaborately detailed: Gin'Iro Odoruchō has five silver-colored ribbons extending from the pommel, which when drawn seem create the illusion of silver butterflies riding on the wind. These ribbons play an important part in the Zanpakutō's Shikai Release. Gin'Iro Odoruchō's saya is tied with a distinctive black sageo which is neatly wrapped around the scabbard and attached to a cord of similiar material which can easily be tied to Kazuya's Shinigami sash for both comfort and easy access; the saya is colored a metallic grey in appearance and overall matches the color scheme of the Zanpakutō very well. It is noted to be among the most beautiful Zanpakutō in Soul Society and it is regarded to be a Kidō Type Zanpakutō of great power.

  • Shikai Release : When releasing Gin'Iro Odoruchō's Shikai form, Kazuya first grabs hold of the hilt with his left hand and positions it towards the ground, before spinning it counter-clockwise in a half-circle so that the blade is pointing directly to his right palm; before finally muttering the command phrase itself "Ride upon the breeze, Gin'Iro Odoruchō" (風に乗る, "Kaze ni noru") -- the somatic ceremony is appearantly essential to releasing the Zanpakutō; and if it is done wrong or if the steps are muddled in any way; it will be offended and refuse to manifest itself. This also applies to not speaking the release command with enough emphasis or emotion, which it also finds to be a grave offense: due to the complexity of this ritual of release. Kazuya, just shortly after he had achieved Shikai, would frequently have to try several times before the Zanpakutō would willingly manifest, causing him no small amount of chagrin. When the command is spoken correctly though, and the nessecary steps are performed, a distinctive rustle rushes trough the ribbons attached to its pommel; as they visibly deattach themselves and turn into five rather large silver-colored butterflies whom quickly fly off in different directions, a trail of silver light following in their wake.

Shikai Special Ability: Gin'Iro Odoruchō's special abilities are directly tied to the butterflies it summons from its ribbons, aptly reffered to simply as Ginchō (銀蝶, lit. "Silver Butterflies") by Kazuya: as was previously established, Gin'Iro Odoruchō is a Kidō-type of remarkable power, but few realize just how true this is - as the very Zanpakutō itself is known to actually make use of Kidō with impunity, and its primary source of power lie indeed in the art of magic; however, Gin'Iro Odoruchō's magical abilities are quite different from those of Kazuya and are specifically-tailored to aid the Shinigami in his endeavours, by naturally enhancing his primary way of combat to the peak of efficiency. The Zanpakutō is notorious for having a plethora of different spells in its Shikai state; the number flowing well past two dozen. While all the Ginchō are absent from Gin'Iro Odoruchō; the Zanpakutō is in effect concidered to be an Asauchi (浅打ち; literally, "shallow hit"); and effects which would impair its release in any way are henceforth ignored when targeted against the Katana; albeit this instantly changes if but a single Ginchō is defeated.

Ginchō (銀蝶, lit. "Silver Butterflies"): "The Ginchō manifest as large butterflies of a silver coloration, these spirits leave trails of an almost ethereal silvery substance in their wake. While these trails are capitivating in of themselves they serve a much larger purpose, the pictures and drawings woven by the Ginchō invoke various effects based directly upon the patterns themselves. Despite being manifestations brought about by Kazuya's Zanpakutō, the Ginchō are in fact actual creatures capable of being both wounded and "killed". Should a Ginchō meet its end at the hands of an opponent they immediately reform as one of Gin'Iro Odoruchō's silver ribbons, returning to their original form; if each of the Ginchō are returned to their previous state the Shikai is immediately put to end, and is inaccessible for a major amount of time. Despite their gentle and indeed, almost harmless appearance, the Ginchō are by no means defenseless; and in truth are extremely capable of defending themselves; it should, however, be noted that they will never launch an attack unless provoked or prompted by Kazuya.

  • Kidō: The Ginchō are, despite their harmless exterior capable of casting Kidō spells with exactly the same amount of power and finesse as that of Kazuya himself; and indeed, while they're unleashed they work as direct extensions of his own being in regards to this sacred art - and in unison, they can instantly chain together multiple spells of very high power to completely overwhelm any enemy, should the need arise: though such occurences are very rare, as while they're as powerful in the demon arts as Kazuya himself, they lack his resserves and are best employed otherwise.
  • Contingent Kyokkō: Gin'Iro Odoruchō and Kazuya have constructed a contingency spell which is set to take affect only mere moments after the release of the Zanpakutō's Shikai state; this is naturally in order to make it much more difficult for an opponent to focus on the butterflies and allowing them to work undisturbed -- the Kyokkō spell is noted to be much harder to break than the regular variant, as it is enforced by both Shinigami and Zanpakutō; both of whom are effectively concidered masters in the craft. Like the standard Kyokkō spell it completely masks the spiritual presence of the Ginchō and induces immediate invisibility by bending the light.
  • Magical Wards: In addition to the contingent Kyokkō spell; Kazuya has also taken into account the possibility that they may be destroyed before the spell takes effect if an opponent expects it beforehand -- these wards are known to be very potent and to actually kill a Ginchō is a tedious task for most; but definetely worth the effort.

The Seven Veils: The Seven Veils are a collection of magical affects which can be used by the Ginchō; they take the shape of colored, stationary walls, circles or symbols of radiant light which are left in the wake of the butterflies movement, produced by the flapping of their wings. The hazards of coming into contact with the veils vary according to the color of the veil in question, though all of them are negative, some of them are more dangerous than others. The veils immediately take effect once something phases trough them, with the exact effect varying upon the color and strength of the veil. Due to the way they work, it is not possible to block the effects of a veil trough normal means and powerful defensive magic would be nessecary to do so. While they're indeed a part of Kazuya's Shikai, he himself is not immune to their effects in any way; and they can be just as harmful to him as to his enemy. While they're usually stationary the veils are known to respond favorably to wind spells, which can be used to move them in a desired direction - preferably so that they phaze trough an opponent, for the maximum amount of efficiency. Kazuya comments how the veils are the effects most quickly and easily produced by the Ginchō; though also the ones whom are the most haphazardous to his own health; as when they're used against a skilled opponent can serve merely to give them more weapons to use against him. The Veils can be of any length, but consume more energy from Kazuya depending on the distance it stretches accross.

  • Red: The Red Veil is the one most commonly employed by Kazuya; this being due to the fact that the red veil works as a barrier to all nonmagical melee attacks, whom are effectively prevented from crossing the border of the technique; being instantly negated once they make contact. Due to this, Kazuya may attack trough the veil with Kido spells, without danger of wasting any energy or being hit by enhanced melee-type techniques. Anyone passing through the red veil, including Kazuya himself, are immediately engulfed in ravenous flames, which can quickly inflict severe burns on the poor victim; the sensation having been described as "walking trough a wall of liquid fire". The wall itself doesn't however hide its fiery properties and it constantly flickers and sheens with a nimbus of crimson light, much like that of a flame. The Red Veil can be dispelled by hitting it with a spell which invokes cold; though it has to be of sufficient power to have any effect, and the "counterspell" is negated as well - the two forces essentially cancelling themselves out.
  • Orange: The Orange Veil is a personal favorite of Kazuya, particularily when employed along with the Red Veil; just like the red veil, the orange veil defends against nonmagical attacks, but in its case this is solely applied to ranged ones; furthermore, the Orange Veil is odd in that it is completely inacessible, and creatures are simply incapable of passing trough it in any form or shape; making it very potent as a means of keeping enemies entrapped and immobilized. The orange wall takes the form of a semi-solid length of pulsating light. The Orange Veil can easily be countered by hitting it with a wind spell of sufficient power; which immediately dispels the veil; albeit the spell used is negated in the process as well.
  • Yellow: A more specialized type of veil which is primarily used when facing both opponents whose abilities are uncategorized and whom possess great strength along with opponents overrelying on poisons, fumes or gases for their main offense. The Yellow Veil, true to its function negates any form of gas, fumes, clouds and other similiar effects whom come into contact with its surface, in addition this it also negates any unique non-magical effect which takes place between itself and the user. Anyone whom passes through its veil is immediately inflicted with enfeeblement; greatly weakening their physical strength and sharply reducing their durability to the point where they can be harmed by most attacks, despite any amount of spiritual power they might have had before. The effect is temporary and lasts for roughly ten minutes, accumulating if they touch the veil again or for every additional second they spend within the confines of the veil itself. Despite its power, this particular veil is easily countered by hitting it with a spell of the element of electricity. When erected, the veils surface takes on a smooth and becalmed golden sheen.
  • Green: The Green Veil is concidered by Kazuya to be among the most dangerous of the veils, both for himself and his opponent, he thus rarely makes use of it concidering how troublesome it could be if an opponent found out how to exploit it. The Green Veil, while it is present obscures anything behind and directly in front, by distorting the light away from itself with its flashing color - due to this, it appears only psuedo-visible to Kazuya and his adversary, the former only knowing its exact location thanks to his spiritual awareness. Anyone who passes through a green veil, or even as little as touch it are immediately affected by a particular poison, which quickly weakens the body of the victim while inducing nausea, spasms and disrupting the flow of spiritual energy, forcing them to expend more energy than normal in order to use their techniques, which tires them at accelerated rates. Due to the fact that the Green Veil reflects light, its exact appearance is something unknown to all save Kazuya, instead appearing like heat induced ripples in the air. A successful Noren Mekuri spell neutralizes the Green Veil.
  • Blue: The Blue Veil is best used together with the Green One for concealment, this is much in part to the fact that its effects might be used against him by an intelligent opponent; the Blue Veil prevents any mental contact, willing or otherwise between anyone at an opposite side from the veils borders, making it a very viable tool for short-to-wide scale protection against the effects of illusions. While aslo preventing divination spells such as Kakushitsuijaku and similiar spells such as Tenteikūra in the latters case it disturbs the vocal casting and prevents connection by jamming the spells signals. Those whom are foolish or unfortunate enough to pass through a blue veil, with any part of their body will find that it temporarily cuts the flow of spiritual energy to that limb, making it entirely unuseable for a few precious minutes and serving to drastically cripple the target. Making them much easier to fight against, this Veil is particularily effective against opponents whom rely alot on movement, as it can, under the right conditions serve to completely immobilize an enemy, allowing for much greater ease in picking them off. The Blue Veil takes the form of a rather noticeable vertical light-screen which shimmers strongly in the whole spectrum of blue. The Blue Veil can be destroyed by any binding spell cast at sufficient power, though it generally requires a ranked spell in the 50's and beyond in order for it to be destroyed, unless the practioner is very skilled in the art - the spell used in this manner is negated as well.
  • Indigo: Among all of the seven veil, the Indigo Veil is reputedly the mightiest, however, for all its power, it is also one of the most dangerous; as its properties deal with the forces of magic in their entirety; and like the other veils it is completely neutral in its function. It could very easily be turned against Kazuya by an opponent with the sufficient knowledge and resources to counter it. The Indigo Veil prevents the passage of and neutralizes any magical spells, including attacks from Kidō-type Zanpakutō, whether of the elemental or ordinary variety; given that Kazuya's main method of combat lies in his exquisite Kidō skills, this veil is usually only employed for very short periods of time, in the form of a shield of some sort; and it is indeed for this reason that Kazuya has learned to summon forth a short-lived indigo veil from the tip of his Zanpakutō without resorting to the Ginchō, using it primarily as short-lived shield. Anyone whom pass trough an Indigo Veil will temporarily lose contact with their Zanpakutō, forcing it to seal itself by having the veil magically enter their subconcious and serve as a spatial barrier between the Zanpakutō Spirit, and the Zanpakutō's actual blade. In theory, the stronger the bond between oneself and ones Zanpakutō, the shorter time is nessecary for the Indigo Veils effect to disipate. The time it takes can be anywhere from a whole week to ten minutes depending on the ties to the Zanpakutō in question - Kazuya can also dispel this effect if he likes by hitting them with the blunt edge of Gin'Iro Odoruchō; if he, ironically isn't currently affected by the indigo veil himself.
  • Violet: One of Kazuya's personal favorites in that it is rather easily the most versatile, as well as the most support-oriented of the Seven Veils, when used it summons a short wall of pink energy which acts as gateway to another veil that is close by. Any creature which crosses it is immediately shunted to a nearby veil, while suffering all the bieffects associated with its color simultaneously; making this veil potentially lethal despite its rather harmless effects. The Veil chosen by the Violet Veil is completely random; and as such it is indeed possible for an opponent to be extremely lucky and get shunted out of another Violet Veil, something which is entirely harmless. Kazuya however has a distinct advantage in these situations, as he can choose which of the veils he is to exit from, which is generally, (but not always) another violet veil; and especially crafty opponents know to force him into situations where he has to go trough one of the more perilous veils, the situations behind these circumstances differing greatly. Its not only creatures whom can be displaced by the Violet Veils though; but spells as well; and these very spells are not negatively affected by the colors of each veil, no, quite on the contrary they are drastically augmented by the changing colors. Should the caster be proficient enough to actually control their spells at a distance like Kazuya can, they're at a major advantage - as they can manipulate the spell to visit all the different "colors" in the spectrum, each veil acting as a Violet one in this case, and further warping the spell onto different locations. The exact effects from being hit by all the seven veils at once varies tremendously; but usually the victim ends up immediately afflicted with several of the magical effects there included, or he or she faces instant death - but the latter effect is appearantly very rare. Still, being afflicted with several of the veils effects at once can quickly prove to end a battle nonetheless. The Violet Veils are unique in that they cannot be produced by the Ginchō, but instead requires that Kazuya "cuts them open" in the very air itself; also, unlike regular veils they cannot be made invisible or hidden in any way, as they "swallow up" any spells or abilities meant to hide them.

The Nine Weaves: Nine Weaves is a sub-set of Gin'Iro Odoruchō's magical abilities, just like how the Seven Veils remain focused around controling the flow of battle and offering protection. The Nine Weaves are focused around utility and battle support; it is also noted to be the only part of the Zanpakutō's power which remains active even after Gin'Iro Odoruchō is resealed; making it incredibly useful even in informal sparring matches and light combat. The Nine Weaves are, as the name suggests a plethora of different illustrations, woven spells and figures whom hold sway over the forces of the Zanpakutō's powerful spells, being linked in some way to their integrity by Gin'Iro Odoruchō herself. Individually, the weaves have but a limited number of possible uses - their true power however lies when they're woven together in larger patterns by the Ginchō. The most powerful of which are known to bend reality to some degree. The exact potency of the weaves are known to depend on several factors, most importantly their thickness - with the slimmest weaves being the least potent; and the thickest the most. Thickness can be achieved by having the Ginchō work on a single weave for an extended amount of time, or by Kazuya infusing the weave with a significant portion of his spiritual energy. The Weaves are noted to be much more stable than the Seven Veils in regards to their neutrality, being much harder to turn against their original caster than the latter ability. To make up for this however, they generally take much longer to use, requiring for Kazuya to keep the enemy occupied through other means while they're being set up. The Nine Weaves are also noted to not take effect on their own, unlike the Seven Veils; and until they're activated by Kazuya they're both invisible and intangible and doesn't affect anything at all.

  • Weave of Reinforcement: The First Weave is named the Weave of Reinforcement, this weave in particular is deemed to be very useful by Kazuya, as it reinforces whatever defensive spell it comes in contact with - making it much more potent. Kazuya prefers to employ this weave to empower the wards that protect his person from harm, and indeed. The inclusion of the Weave of Reinforcement in his protective spells increase their durability exponentially. Kazuya only rarely uses this to reinforce direct defensive spells, as their duration is too short for him to be willing to expend the rather large amount of energy required to bolster them. Only doing so when he's certain that he'll suffer grave injuries if he doesn't, but in general, the Weave of Reinforcement is best prepared and affixed outside of combat. As one of the outer Weaves - the Weave of Reinforcement must be applied and affixed to an already existing weave, ability or spell for it to be effective.
  • Weave of Empowerment: The Second Weave is the Weave of Empowerment, this is known to be one of the most commonly employed weaves; as its unique capabilities serve to strengthen, bolster and vastly increase the potency of any spells, weaves or magical techniques which its elegant pattern touch. An outer weave, Kazuya must affix it directly onto the magical effect or weave he wants it to affect, otherwise it won't activate, alternatively, he might instead choose to cast a spell directly onto the inactive weave for the same results. Once activated however, it elicits a violent infusion of energy which draws in all energy within a small radius of itself and channels it into the affixed spell for devastating results. In battle, Kazuya most commonly weaves webs and tapestries of Empowerment Weaves; and then activates them by means of spellcasting. Turning them into devastating works of art whose sheer power and ferocity easily dwarfs that of even the most powerful spells.
  • Weave of Transmutation: The Third Weave is one of Transmutation, among all of Gin'Iro Odorouchō's weaves, this one is perhaps the most peculiar in that it changes the nature of any weave it touches; and is indeed capable of changing into any other weave simply by Kazuya's command. While rarely used, the weave of Transmutation allows for the greatest of magical attacks in the entirety of Gin'Iro Odoruchō arsenal, being capable of changing the flow and nature of all spells and weaves even while they're activated, resulting in long spell-chains of catastrophic power and scope. To make up for its tremendous versatility and potential lethal applications, its also one of the hardest weaves for the Ginchō to weave, requiring more time than any other weave to become complete. For this reason, Kazuya usually prefers to have the Ginchō weave the usual varieties of weaves instead, only employing the weave of Transmutation against extremely powerful opponents, or large armies.
  • Weave of Destruction: The Fourth Weave represents Destruction; its purpose is quite simple in comparison to most other weaves. The Weave of Destruction harnesses and focuses the energy of any spell woven into its fabric, greatly increasing its power in direct proportion to the length, width and quantity of the Weaves of Destruction. This particular weave has a secondary function as well, in that it can be used to destroy any unnessecary or misfabricated weaves, enabling the Ginchō to start the weave anew, and with greater precision - the weave of destruction is most commonly woven into Kazuya's protection or binding spells, to add another component to their flow with the least amount of effort manageable. The Weave of Destruction is an inner weave, which means it must be affixed before the spell has been woven into its fabric - due to this, the Weave and Destruction can be applied simultaneously with the Weave of Empowerment to reach an even greater pinnacle of magical power.
  • Weave of Binding: The Fifth Weave is one of Binding, like the fourth weave, the Weave of Binding is an inner weave; meant to be used before the relevant spell or technique is cast - when used on a spell, it adds a contingent binding spell to it; regardless of whether or not the spell would normally support such a function. Kazuya prefers to use this weave to apprehend individuals without causing them unnessecary harm; as by using it he can instantly turn a normally purely destructive spell into a hybrid. Allowing him to simultaneously incapacitate and restrain any enemy he encounters, the weave of binding also grants tremendous tactical advantages in battle, and it remains one of his most well-known and frequently used weaves to this day; and its most frequently used together with wide-ranged impersonal spells such as Ōkasen; which he normally combines with a well-executed Hainawa spell; causing the energy expended in Ōkasen to instantly reform into a myriad of golden chains, meant to instantly incapacitate anyone hit by the original blast.
  • Weave of Fire: The Sixth Weave, called the Weave of Fire; is one of the four superiour weaves of Gin'Iro Odorucho; its weaved not on spells, or in the air - but as a magical pattern affixed to Kazuya himself. Where it acts like a magical seal of sorts - changing the properties of all spells cast by Kazuya to match the weave, for as long as its active. Despite its name, it doesn't change the elemental nature of the spells cast; instead, it adjusts the spells behaviour, pattern and construction to imitate the element which the weave represents. In this particular case, this is the element of fire; and just like fire - any spell affected by this particular weave is rageful, passionate and under certain specified conditions becomes greatly empowered. Spells cast using the Weave of Fire also behave very differently, moving in erratic, unpredictable patterns and being endowed with heightened destructive potential along with explosive affects - as would be expected, the Weave of Fire also greatly augment any fire-aligned spell or technique used while its in effect. Like all of the superiour weaves, the Weave of Fire must be continously woven around Kazuya to work, which means a single Gincho must wholly commit itself to the task, thus lessening the overall effectiveness of Gin'Iro Odorucho's other abilities by a significant margin; while active, the Gincho is completely absorbed in the task, and cannot maintain any other protective wards than its invisibility - leaving it vulnerable.
  • Weave of Air: The Seventh Weave, called the Weave of Air; is one of the four superiour weaves of Gin'Iro Odorucho; its weaved not on spells, or in the air - but as a magical pattern affixed to Kazuya himself. Where it acts like a magical seal of sorts - changing the properties of all spells cast by Kazuya to match the weave, for as long as its active. Despite its name, it doesn't change the elemental nature of the spells cast; instead, it adjusts the spells behaviour, pattern and construction to imitate the element which the weave represents. This being the element of Air, and as such - most spells it affects possess traits of wind; such as increased speed, augmented control and possess the ability to synergize with more or less any other technique or spell. A major attribute of the Weave of Air; is that the spells cast through it have their range, scope and general effectivety increased. Its prime augmentation however, is that it allows for Kazuya to effectively "disperse" his spells across a wider area, or in multiple consecutive shots, allowing him to unleash continous barrages of powerful destructive spells such as Haien, Byakurai or Shakkaho. The Weave of Air even grants Kazuya the ability to freely modify the width and scope of the spells themselves, such as increasing the size, power and scope of a Byakurai spell to equal that of its much more powerful counterpart. Like the Weave of Fire before it, The Weave of Air increases the overall potency of any air-aligned spells or techniques employed while its active. Like all of the superiour weaves, the Weave of Air must be continously woven around Kazuya to work, which means a single Gincho must wholly commit itself to the task, thus lessening the overall effectiveness of Gin'Iro Odorucho's other abilities by a significant margin; while active, the Gincho is completely absorbed in the task, and cannot maintain any other protective wards than its invisibility - leaving it vulnerable.
  • Weave of Earth: The Eigth Weave, called the Weave of Earth; is one of the four superiour weaves of Gin'Iro Odorucho; its weaved not on spells, or in the air - but as a magical pattern affixed to Kazuya himself. Where it acts like a magical seal of sorts - changing the properties of all spells cast by Kazuya to match the weave, for as long as its active. Despite its name, it doesn't change the elemental nature of the spells cast; instead, it adjusts the spells behaviour, pattern and construction to imitate the element which the weave represents. The Element of Earth is stubborn, unrelenting and solid and this shows through with all spells affected by the Weave of Earth; as protective spells are increased tremendously in effect, to the degree that a simple Enkosen spell cast through it would have the same density and durability as that of a Danku. Furthermore, the Weave of Earth serves the function of strengthening the bonds of all affected spells to the degree that its almost impossible to dispel or change them, although this limit also restricts Kazuya to only being capable of altering their design before he actually casts them. Beyond this, any protective wards placed on anyone while Kazuya is under the effect of the Weave of Earth - will have their duration, efficiency and durability extended greatly; a fact proven by how Kazuya's own protective wards are known to persist even after the span of several months. However, one of the Weave of Earth's most unusual, and indeed most useful qualities is that its spells can be tailored to nurture. Meaning that it can change destructive spells into spells of healing; allowing Kazuya to heal an entire army at once, with a spell that would normally deal damage - the exact potency of its healing properties being roughly equivalent to the damage the spell would cause, had it been used offensively. Like all of the superiour weaves, The Weave of Earth drastically increases the power of elemental magic, wrought while its active; though in this cast, it strengthens both earth-aligned spells and general healing. Like all of the superiour weaves, the Weave of Earth must be continously woven around Kazuya to work, which means a single Gincho must wholly commit itself to the task, thus lessening the overall effectiveness of Gin'Iro Odorucho's other abilities by a significant margin; while active, the Gincho is completely absorbed in the task, and cannot maintain any other protective wards than its invisibility - leaving it vulnerable.
  • Weave of Water: The Ninth Weave, called the Weave of Water; is one of the four superiour weaves of Gin'Iro Odorucho; its weaved not on spells, or in the air - but as a magical pattern affixed to Kazuya himself. Where it acts like a magical seal of sorts - changing the properties of all spells cast by Kazuya to match the weave, for as long as its active. Despite its name, it doesn't change the elemental nature of the spells cast; instead, it adjusts the spells behaviour, pattern and construction to imitate the element which the weave represents. Out of all the superiour weaves, Water is by far the most cooperative towards Kazuya; allowing him to use its properties with the greatest amount of ease; thus of all the superiour weaves its the one he uses the most frequently. The Weave of Water possesses allows Kazuya to change the nature of his magic even as its in the air; instantly allowing him to alternate between offensive, defensive and utility-oriented spells and quickly dominate a fight. Like water, any spells cast under the effect of this Weave move with astounding grace and flow, an elegance so profound that its movements appear dazzling. However, despite its beauty, no other superiour weave possesses the same offensive versatility as that of water - as Kazuya with just a mere thought can manipulate the currents of magic in a plethora of ways, from enveloping enemies with raging currents of energy to crushing all opposition with waves of magic, striking with the force of a massive tidal wave. The movements he uses to manipulate his magic however though, is the biggest particularity - as it seems to bemirror how his uncle once made use of his Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi; movements so elegant and precise that they could very well be the steps of a dance. The Weave of Water, like its three counterparts greatly increases the effectiveness of water or ice-related spells cast while its in effect. Like all of the superiour weaves, the Weave of Water must be continously woven around Kazuya to work, which means a single Gincho must wholly commit itself to the task, thus lessening the overall effectiveness of Gin'Iro Odorucho's other abilities by a significant margin; while active, the Gincho is completely absorbed in the task, and cannot maintain any other protective wards than its invisibility - leaving it vulnerable.

Bankai : Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō (銀色踊る蝶: 春の首脳, "Silver Butterfly Dance: Summit of Spring"): Akin to what Senbonzakura Kageyoshi was to Byakuya; Kazuya's Bankai is essentially a much more powerful version of Gin'Iro Odoruchō's Shikai. In order to activate it, Kazuya must first cleanse his mind through intense meditation - something that is an absolute neccessity, given how Kazuya yet lacks the training and experience nessecary to instantly dispel all thoughts from his mind; a weakness his Zanpakutō constantly berates him for. When his mind is becalmed, Kazuya proceeds to gently speak to his blade, in a soothing tone "Release" (離す, Hanasu): at the last syllable; the entire katana disperses in into twenty-five Ginchō; with this empowered variant being reffered to as Ōginchōfor differentiation, whom are considerably larger than their Shikai counterparts. Once summoned, the Ginchō flies around Kazuya's frame in a constant orbit; their wards, much strengthened by Gin'Iro Odoruchō's Bankai, working as a powerful makeshift barrier for any incoming attacks - their default behaviour being to protect Kazuya with a wide array of defensive spells should the need arise, as well as brutally assault incoming enemies with powerful offensive spells. The Ginchō are also sophisticated enough to swiftly chain individual spells together for extraordinary results, working in pairs to conserve energy even as they perform incredible feats of spellcraft second only to Kazuya himself.

  • Bankai Special Ability: Like its Shikai counterpart, Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō focuses almost entirely on the Ōginchō it summons, but in stark contrast to the Shikai counterpart - the empowered butterflies are now powerful enough on their own to effectively handle most threats, with minimum effort on Kazuya's part - this however is not the actual purpose of its Bankai. No, far from it - due to the vastly increased amount of butterflies; the scope of Gin'Iro Odoruchō has been augmented to tremendous lengths, in fact - Kazuya himself is as of yet unaware of the exact limitations of his Bankai, if there is any. However, despite the endless possibilities of Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō, its power is tied directly to Kazuya's concentration and willpower, which is the deciding factor in just how many of the Ōginchō he can manipulate at once.

Ōginchō (王銀蝶, lit. "Sovereign Silver Butterflies"): The Ōginchō are visually different from their Shikai counterparts. Being significantly larger in size and having their wings adorned with long delicate tails, that trail after them as they flutter through the air; leaving multiple trails of silvery substance in the wake of their movement, this serves to empower the natural patterns the Ōginchō weave; thereby empowering all of Gin'Iro Odoruchō's normal abilities greatly. However, unlike their Shikai butterflies, the Ōginchō doesn't simply dissipate upon being destroyed, instead they instantly burst into an explosion of prismatic colors, striking anyone in range and subjecting them to the effects of a random veil. Despite the fact that their primary role is to weave magical patterns and pictures for support and battle control, the Ōginchō in their empowered state have had their battle prowess increased exponentially; with almost all their attributes having been doubled in their respective values. Through this knowledge, Kazuya has reasoned that the most efficient use of his Bankai is to have roughly twenty Ōginchō work tirelessly to weave Gin'Iro Odoruchō's magical patterns; while leaving five butterflies to aid him in battle; a solution which has become so pronounced and convenient that Kazuya's taken to assign different roles to his personal entourage of Ōginchō. Unlike their Shikai counterparts, the Ginchō; their empowered selves are directed to Kazuya by a potent form of telepathy; due to this connection - the Ōginchō has the ability to negate illusions by allowing Kazuya to rely on the senses of Gin'Iro Odoruchō herself.

  • Kidō: Due to Kazuya's Bankai, the Ōginchō's spiritual resserves has been increased to the point that they can cast spells in the eighties with relative ease; however, this is rarely done and mostly - they make use of lower-ranked spells and instead work together to achieve pristine results. Due to their increased power in comparison to their Shikai counterparts, each and every Ōginchō may prove to be a dire threat to anyone who would foolhardily provoke them; and while most Ōginchō are primarily occupied with weaving patterns and magical seals, Kazuya can at a moments notice make previously docile Ōginchō lash out in powerful attacks if need be.
  • Contingent Kyokkō: Gin'Iro Odoruchō and Kazuya have constructed a contingency spell which is set to take affect only mere moments after the release of the Zanpakutō's Shikai state; this is naturally in order to make it much more difficult for an opponent to focus on the butterflies and allowing them to work undisturbed -- the Kyokkō spell is noted to be much harder to break than the regular variant, as it is enforced by both Shinigami and Zanpakutō; both of whom are effectively concidered masters in the craft. Like the standard Kyokkō spell it completely masks the spiritual presence of the Ōginchō and induces immediate invisibility by bending the light. This spell contingency is not in place for Kazuya's main entourage, as their role is to draw attention to themselves to better allow their brethren to weave their magic.
  • Enhanced Speed: The power of the butterflies aren't the only thing that Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō increases; no, their raw speed is also much amplified, while they in Shikai moved quite slowly and was primarily quite docile in their mannerisms, their empowered counterparts are known to move much quicker, being but a blurr to the naked eye; and they can even vanish from sight altogether in short burst of speed. Their movement being considered to being on the same level as that of most experts. For the most part though, they move much slower to conserve energy.
  • Prismatic Orb: For as long as Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō is active, the Ōginchō are blessed with an unique ability of their own which absorbs a relatively small amount of mana; being based on Gin'Iro Odoruchō's Seven Veils -- this personal spell allows the butterflies to almost instantly conjure a medium-sized ball of pulsating colors which they unleash at Kazuya's adversaries; these orbs being known to move unusually fast for spiritual projectiles. Upon contact with an enemy, or a surface - the orb explodes in a burst of concussive force and flashing colors; afflicting everyone nearby with a random effect based on the Seven Veils.
  • Last Resort: Just like their added ability to use Prismatic Orb, the Ōginchō have likewise aquired yet another boon; in the form of a trait which severely punishes anyone whom destroy, neuztralize or even absorb them - the exact effect of this last resort, is practically identical to the effect of the Prismatic Orbs; exploding with significant concussive force and afflicting everyone nearby with a random condition chosen from among Kazuya's Seven Veils.

Kazuya's Entourage: A term used to describe those five select Ōginchō whom Kazuya devotes to battle-support. They're noted to be larger than their fellow butterflies, the result of having significantly more spiritual energy in their manifested bodies than their counterparts. Through careful communication and planning, Kazuya and Gin'Iro Odoruchō have managed to grant these modified creations a certain autonomy to their actions, relying upon a previously determined pattern in order to fight effectively; including giving each of the five butterflies a specialization within an area of magic, granting them better coordination and balance. Kazuya has also taken to nickname them, based upon several syllables present in Gin'Iro Odoruchō's name. While these fight, Kazuya either gives commands to the other twenty butterflies - or manipulates the flow of their spells, for far greater effect; every single one of Kazuya's entourage also release a specific veil effect upon their demise, as opposed to the usual randomized occurence; furthermore - unlike the regular versions the Prismatic Orbs and Last Resorts of Kazuya's Entourage are customized to not work on Kazuya himself, presenting an added advantage.

  1. Gin: Gin is the most powerful of Kazuya's entourage, its prime specialization being within the realm of destructive magic; for this reason its spiritual power is also by far the greatest; as it relies on its spiritual pressure to add additional power to its already devastating magical attacks. Gin however, has a secondary specialization, namely the ability of spell alteration - and it commonly employs this ability to augment its brethren's assault own magic, or even that of Kazuya; however, since the art is specialized - it only manipulates the magic of destructive or otherwise hostile magic. The Prismatic Orbs unleashed by Gin carry with them the effect of the Blue Veil, upon its demise - and it likewise releases an explosion of blue magic upon being destroyed.
  2. Iro: The least spiritually powerful of Kazuya's Entourage, Iro's function is pretty simple, namely to provide support, no matter the form - Iro's prefered spells are noted to be healing spells like Keikatsu and powerful defensive spells, its primary role being to offer protection to the rest of the Entourage, or Kazuya himself. Preferably by pre-emptively negating them by the use of powerful wards on the bodies of itself and its fellow butterflies. Its not limited to merely passive-support though, and its known to employ binding spells on occassion. The Prismatic Orbs unleashed by Iro carry with them the effect of the Indigo Veil, upon its demise - and it likewise releases an explosion of Indigo magic upon being destroyed.
  3. Odo: The Ōginchō nicknamed Odo is one of the most central butterflies of Kazuya's Entourage, in that its specialization is within the entire field of Bakudo; affording it the greatest flexibility in the entire entourage - being fit to change from supplementary to powerful binding spells in the blink of an eye, even as its brethren manipulates its magical abilities. According to Kazuya, Odo is well-suited to cast all variants of spells, but due to the overall versatility of Bakudo, it has been thoroughly instructed to make use of every single twist and technique in its rather impressive magical arsenal - however, with the more support-based spells covered by Iro, Odo's focus is more offensively-related, frequently casting powerful incapacitation spells such as Hakufuku in battle. For contrast any Prismatic Orbs unleashed by Odo carry with them the effect of the Yellow Veil, upon its demise - and it likewise releases an explosion of Yellow magic upon being destroyed.
  4. Ru: The Fourth Butterfly, nicknamed Ru is perhaps one of the most dangerous Ōginchō in Kazuya's personal entourage; its specialization is within the art of spell combinations - and for the most part this is all it does - weaving together multiple combination spells of tremendous power together with its twin, Cho - the duo being the cause for tremendous amount of trouble on the battlefield. When not using combination magic with Cho, Ru fights very well on its own using powerful destructive spells, primarily of the lethal variety. With the most prominent examples being Haien and, if its given enough time to properly prepare - even spells like Kurohitsugi: Ru differentiates itself from Gin, whom also primarily employ destructive spells in that Gin mainly employs wide-range area of effect spells, which it cleverly utilizes in battle; as opposed to the spot on, overwhelming assault that Ru prefers. Prismatic Orbs unleashed by Ru carry with them the effect of the Green Veil, upon its demise - and it likewise releases an explosion of Green magic upon being destroyed.
  5. Cho: The last Ōginchō; and the final member of Kazuya's entourage is Cho; a butterfly dedicated solely to the idea of balance, its capable of employing all the magical abilities of its brethren, but does so with less efficiency than its counterparts. Its versatility however has served to make it an excellent partner for Cho, as the duo together is known to be capable of feats of tremendous power, not unlike the magical feats accomplished by Kazuya himself. Cho's skill in spell alteration is the only thing that stands out to a degree, due to its wide variety of spells - Cho usually bypasses its lack of specialization by casting spells in unusual ways to attract or divert attention from itself, basically. Kazuya's role for Cho is to take over for any of the other butterflies should they need to briefly change roles. Cho is the only Ōginchō who doesn't possess the ability to unleash Prismatic Orbs; in exchange it has the ability to manifest Violet Veils at will, in an adjacent region close to its current location, allowing the entire entourage, and Kazuya himself to move much more freely around the battlefield. Its last resort however, is different - as upon its demise it instantly changes into a fairly large blob of orange, which seems to be entirely impervious to most forms of damage and which is completely inaccessible.

The Seven Veils: Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō, vastly enhances the effects of Gin'Iro Odoruchō's Shikai abilities; allowing them to be used more frequently, as well as adding certain additional elements to them. Unlike their Shikai version, the seven veils can now be procured by Kazuya himself, something he can achieve by simply weaving his hands through the air; causing expanding veils of color to originate in the trail of his movement. The ease of which the Ōginchō manipulates their unique properties is also highly enhanced, and is much smoother than their original manifestations. In addition to its passive enhancements, the empowerment of his Bankai grants him access to several forms which he can use to lend direction to the previously aimless veils, allowing him to rearrange them into more useful shapes and forms.

  • Wave: One of the most powerful improvements to the Seven Veils is that they're no longer nessecarily stationary; infact - Kazuya and the Ōginchō are capable of projecting ever-expanding ripples of energy, which carry with them the effects of one veil. Kazuya's useage of this ability is enhanced even more, being capable of bolstering the wave with the effects of up to five veils, creating prismatic waves of energy which afflict all opponents touched with a plethora of different conditions and ailments, equal to every single negative effect the waves procure.
  • Sphere: By far the most useful of the added forms, is the ability to shape the breuk a large sphere of energy around himself; working as a magical shield whose functions vary depending on the type of veil the spell uses to enhance itself. Working as a circular barrier centered on Kazuya, whom defends against a variety of effects and types of attacks based on the veils employed in its creation; Kazuya primarily uses this sphere in conjunction with the Orange Veil, as it completely prevents any form of martial combat; with enemies being incapable of crossing the borders of the sphere physically, and thus aren't capable of engaging him in close-combat; and along with the orange veils effect of preventing ranged attacks, Kazuya effectively narrows down the types of attacks he'd have ot deal with quite considerably. Just like the actual veils, anyone attempting to pass through the sphere, will be subjugated to its negative effects - this even including allies of Kazuya. While the Sphere is usually centered around Kazuya as a shield, he's been known to conjure it at targetted location or centering it around allies; he's even known to use it offensively on occassion, entrapping enemies within its confines, most typically with an orange or indigo veil attached. Kazuya has even noted that by combining his tremendous skills at Hohō; he's capable of forcibly subjugating enemies to the effects of the veils simply by moving close to them. To be capable of using this spell, its imperative that Kazuya already has one or more veils active, which he can drape across its surface to provide the effect. A single sphere is capable of having the properties of up to three veils at any given time.

Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Gozen no Mitama (午前の御霊, Lit. "Silver Butterfly Dance: Spirit of the Morning"): The greatest technique in all of Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Haru no Shunō's arsenal is this -- its an ability which Kazuya never uses, because he fears the consequences if he ever were to lose control while under its effect. Gin'Iro Odoruchō's true identify is that of the sorceress once known all over the spiritual world as Hisako Kagine; one of the many Kido Grandmasters persecuted in ancient times for her tremendous power. It is through her guidance that Kazuya's abilities have flourished to the degree they have; but despite how much she's taught him, he always knows that she's got milleniums worth of knowledge yet to teach him.

Through the technique Gin'Iro Odoruchō: Gozen no Mitama - the Ōginchō merges with Kazuya's spiritual body, essentially granting the Kuchiki Heir all the former knowledge, power and memories of Hisako Kagine. With one key change - due to how his Zanpakutō literally merges with his spiritual body, he's transformed into the form of Hisako's Spirit. Namely that of a gargantuan rainbow-colored butterfly with seven tails, each tail resonating with one of the seven veils. In this form, Kazuya's power is increased to unimaginable degrees, temporarily gaining powers far exceeding his wildest expectations. However, the technique has one fatal flaw, in that due to the tremendous differences between Kazuya Kuchiki and the late Hisako Kagine, his mind is overwhelmed in moments turning him from a reasonable and calculated mage, to an unstoppable monster with powers rivaling that of a demigod. Kazuya only barely retains his ability to control his transformation in this form, but the only thing he can do is seal it away: the Butterfly however, reffered to as the Spirit of the Morning by him and Hisako Kagine, remains completely uncontrolable and will use its tremendous powers in whatever way it sees fit and on anyone it deems a threat - The Spirit doesn't differentiate between friend and enemy, and it is for this reason that if Kazuya ever lost control of it, it would be very likely to cause untold destruction and havoc all across Soul Society. Hisako Kagine has informed her Shinigami partner that once he's improved enough, he could potentially gain the power to briefly dominate the chaotic nature of the Spirit of the Morning -- likening the monster to the essence of magic, chaotic, untamed and utterly whimsical and indescriminate, and only when he reaches this point has Kazuya Kuchiki managed to master his Bankai.




  • Like his cousins, Byakuya ad Rukia, Kazuya is an exceptionally poor artist. In his case however, he draws his personal mascot, the great and fearsome Captain Macaroni!
    Captain Macaroni

    Proof that poor artistic skills run in the Kuchiki Clan.

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