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Kazumi Takeda
Race Soul
Birthday September 13
Age 26 (Physical)
200+ (Actual)
Gender Female
Height 171 cm (5'7")
Weight 65 kg (143 lb.)
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Kidō CorpsKidoCorps
Profession Enforcer
Position Aristoi
Previous Position Vice Kidō Chief
Personal Status
Mentors Fumio Enomoto
Education Shin'ō Academy
Magical Focus
Magical Specialty Meiandō
Signature Spell Kyokkō
First Appearance

Kazumi Takeda (武田和美, "Warrior Rice Paddy Harmonious Beauty") is a female Soul and the former Vice Kidō Chief of the Kidō Corps, now an Aristoi of the Coven.

Owing to her exploits as a member of the Yorutai (夜隊, "Night Corps") she has earned the moniker of "Onryō" (怨霊, "Vengeful Spirit").


Kazumi is a tall young woman with a toned physique. With a square-shaped face she has a fairly prominent jaw and an upturned nose. Her complexion is fair and freckles dot most of her countenance. She keeps her curly auburn hair short in a pixie cut. The colour of her eyes is green.

Typically, she wears a personalised variant of the standard Kidō Corps uniform. Her bluebell garments are noticeably more tight-fitting than normal but she wears ordinary sandals and white tabi. Additionally, she is usually seen with a bandana so that the lower part of her face is concealed most of the time she spends in public. The Kidō Corps symbol is embroidered in the middle of the bandana.


Cunning and secretive. These are the core aspects of Kazumi's personality that have a significant influence on her behaviour. She is rather introverted and not one to approach others in a friendly manner. Behind that timid façade, however, hides a truly sly person. Ever vigilant, she tends to observe events unfold and prefers to analyse and consider them before she decides to participate in a more active way. This allows her to act with dangerous deliberateness.

Furthermore, even though she normally spares her allies from that aspect of her demeanour, she is quite deceptive during combat. Her approach toward enemies is markedly roundabout and misleading as she employs a variety of tricks in order to confuse them and gain an advantage. Notably, she values quality over quantity and makes great use of her refined skill to keep up with more powerful foes. In addition, she is not particularly fond of the widespread devastation that many a strong warrior, including practitioners of Kidō, cause during their battles. Not exactly a good-hearted person, perhaps, she does nonetheless appreciate harmony and peace. More than that, she displays a great deal of devotion toward the duty of a Shinigami, especially because of her indepth understanding of the issue and importance of balance. As such, she favours far more precise methods to avoid collateral damage and unnecessary chaos.

Last, but not least, she is a somewhat independent person. She can be rather distrustful even toward alleged allies and may appear to ignore orders issued by some people who technically outrank her. She does, however, exhibit loyalty and obedience toward those who have earned her respect through their prowess and actions. Provided a common enemy she can cooperate effectively with any potential allies, unlikely or not, as long as they are willing to listen to her.


Kazumi was born over 200 years ago to a low-ranking noble family that resides in the Seireitei. The youngest of her siblings, she was free from any important duties pertaining to the family politics. As such, she was allowed to enter the Shin'ō Academy at a relatively young age to develop her budding potential. She had completed the six-year period of study and joined the ranks of Kidō Corps some time before then-Vice Kidō Chief Hachigen Ushōda and Grand Kidō Chief Tessai Tsukabishi disappeared mysteriously from the Soul Society, 103 years before the Quincy Blood War.

Owing to the peculiar combination of natural skills and personality traits Kazumi became a member of the Yorutai, the primarily combat-oriented division of the Kidō Corps. Many an overambitious mage and a misguided rebel fell prey to her methods, unusual for the division that favours raw magical power first and foremost. Nevertheless, her deadly precision, cunning, and competence as an elusive assassin were not overlooked by the senior members despite, or perhaps because of, their atypicality. With time, she honed her spellcasting prowess to a level high enough that by the time of the Quincy Blood War she had been elevated to the rank of Vice Kidō Chief.


Powers and Abilities


  • Kazumi was designed as a way for her creator to explore and depict advanced spellcasting methods in an RP. Her fighting style is also quite unusual, especially for a Kidō specialist.
  • According to User:Njalm2, her revised Price Level is 36,800.


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