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Kawahiru Clan
Kawahiru Clan Crest
Kanji 河昼一族
Romaji Kawahiru Ichizoku
Founder(s) Unknown
Purpose N/A (Nigh-Extinct)

The Kawahiru Clan (河昼一族, Kawahiru Ichizoku; literally "Kawahiru Family") was one of two Sōzōshin families that lived in the era before the Soul King. While in the beginning, there were noted to be as many as ten families that inherited the Sōzōshin blood, these families soon coalesced into the two major branches of Kawahiru and Asakura. In the aftermath of the split, they fell to near-extinction, with only a handful of their tribesmen living on in the new world. It has been suggested that, at one time, those few Kawahiru survivors were tasked with the administration of an early Soul Society, serving as loyal retainers to the fledgling King of Souls. In the modern era, no official record of the clan exists, with even its name being lost to time.


Before the Soul King

Known Members

Kawahiru Clan Members
Name Status
Kurama Kawahiru † Deceased
Shōyō Kawahiru † Deceased
Datara Kawahiru † Deceased
Tsuyuri Kawahiru † Deceased
Kamui Kawahiru Active
Seireitou Kawahiru Active
Yukina Kawahiru Active
Suzaku Kawahiru Active
Kaguya Kawahiru Active
Itoku Kawahiru Active
Kushina Kawahiru Active
Shingi Kawahiru Active
Shōichi Kawahiru Active

Behind the Scenes

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