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Katashi Takahashi
Birthdate March 15
Gender Male
Species Kenrei
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13

Kotone Takahashi (twin sister)

Katashi Takahashi (高橋堅; Takahashi Katashi) was a shinigami that was forced to participate in an experiment that transformed him into a Kenrei, leading to his exile.


Early Life[]

As the younger of the twins, Katashi felt no negativity to his sister, despite their near-equal age. Both Katashi and Kotone looked out for one another, especially while in the academy. They were rarely apart in that time, even when serving detentions or other forms of punishment: the twins dealt with them together. After graduation, they were assigned to different divisions, thus forced to part. Katashi and Kotone met whenever they could, but it was the Kenrei Project that really brought them together.

The Kenrei Project[]

Katashi was the average shinigami within the Gotei 13, serving in the Third Division as an ordinary member. It was when he received a letter stating that he has been personally selected by the Captain of the Twelfth Division to take part in an experiment designed to enhance one's strengths to better combat the hollow. He could hardly give "no" for an answer, and entered the experiment. It turned out that Katashi was tricked into believing that he was merely helping, when, in fact, he was a test subject.

Unable to back out of the experiment, Koatashi was subject to multiple tests, and eventually the three-part forbidden kidō spell, cast by the Kidō Corps, which fused him with the spirit of his zanpakutō. He barely survived the procedure, and was soon scheduled for extermination, due to the apparent failure of the project. Hope seemed lost until Kenji Fujibayashi, the one whose zanpakutō brought about inspiration for the Kenrei project, freed Katashi and his comrades, and they fled to the human world.

Personality and traits[]

Calm and lax best describes Katashi on a typical day. He can put his mind to a task at hand, but often procrastinates in his duties. Katashi often appears to be edgy around his twin sister, but they hold a very close bond.

Powers and abilities[]


Kaede (楓; lit. maple[1]) was the defense-type zanpakutō that Katashi used.

  • Wakai: Since the Kenrei Experiments, Katashi could manipulate the direction of projectiles around him, including energy blasts. He was also capable of producing a defensive barrier by altering the shape of his forearm.
  • Shikai: It remains unknown what Katashi was capable of doing prior to the Kenrei Experiments, though the shikai release of Kaede resembled a zanbatō in physical form. Katashi maintained the usage of the zanbatō after his transformation. Because of the Kenrei Experiments, Katashi lost the ability to use his shikai.
  • Bankai: Never achieved

Behind the scenes[]

  • Katashi and Kotone were chosen to partake in the experiment to see if there were side effects of the forbidden kidō associated with gender.

Notes and references[]