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Kasumi Zenubi is captain of the 12th Squad.

Kasumi Zenubi
Age c.300
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 12th Division
Occupation Captain



Kasumi is an elderly woman with long blue hair. She is of below average height.


Kasumi is usually calm, although she can be angered. She enjoys reading and acquiring knowledge, and tends to know almost everything. She takes great pride in her work as a shinigami, to protect souls and purify hollows. Her greatest dream is to cleanse the world of evil, although not through violence as with the hollows.

Due to her history as a hollow, Kasumi detests all Quincies for murdering hollows and depriving them of redemption.

Relgiously Kasumi is moderate.


Kasumi was once on a ship in the pacific ocean. During a storm lightning struck the ship, catching on fire. Everyone managed to get off, except Kasumi who got trapped. She perished in the flames along with the ship.

Her soul alone in the middle of the ocean, she quickly became a hollow, taking on the form of a giant sea serpent-like creature. For centuries she terrorised the pacific, devouring the souls of sailors and passengers passing by. One day, a shinigami was on board one of the vessels, and purified Kasumi before she could devour anyone else. Once reborn in soul society, she became wrecked with guilt over what she had done as a hollow. She settled in North Rukongai, District 40.

She soon enrolled in the shinigami academy, rising through the ranks in the 12th squad. She became captain after passing the exam.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kasumi's swordship skills are superb. She fights with an elegant style.

Her Zanpakuto's name is Mizuhebi. After the release command, "flow, Mizuhebi", water gushes out of the hilt and forms a great stream of water that coils around her. She is able to use this as an extendable, powerful whip.

In Bankai form, Mizuhebi takes on the form of a giant, blue snake, which not only can produce water but can control all neghbouring water as well.