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Kashoku was a mysterious Shinigami involved in the deflection of the Great Rebellion and the only sole threat to the Rogues. He was also captain of the 7th division. He lived in a time when the Aizen incident had faded into ancient history, and Vizards had become commonplace in Soul Society.



Kashoku didn't have much history, as he was originally a Menos Grande. He was found by one of the first Rogue soul reapers and transformed into a Shinigami by a unique Zanpakutō ability. After being found by the pursuers of the Rogue, Kashoku was taken back to Soul Society, thought to be a normal wounded Shinigami. It was there that he accidentally destroyed much of Rukongai because of his enormous amount of Reiatsu. However, he was quickly given two white gloves on his hands that severely decreased his power, although not to the point of other Shinigami. He was soon assigned to Squad 7, and became the most influential member of the Soul Society in that era.

Rising In the Ranks[]

During the first years of the war Kashoku developed his skills and became adept at using his Zanpakutō, and became a valuable asset to his squad. He also developed Bankai extremely fast through seemingly normal means. However, due to the immense hopelessness of the Soul Society's situation, many lives were lost, and he quickly ascended to the rank of Lieutenant. After a siege on a group of Rogues hiding underground in the human world, his captain was killed by the Rogue 9th, who was a Vizard. This marked the first time Kushoku ever took his gloves off, and he obliterated all of the Rogues and completely caved in the entire underground network, and because of this and many other achievements he was named captain of Squad 7. He was reluctant to accept the position, but accepted it finally. Later on in the war he had the opportunity to become captain of Squad 1, but he remained in his original position.

Winning the War[]

After becoming a captain, Kashoku led his squad to kill many Rogue soul reapers, and it seemed like the tide of the war was turning. They killed many of the 10, and the only Rogue captains left alive were 5, 2 and 1. Kashoku almost died fighting the 3rd, but prevailed without taking his gloves off.