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Kari Esperanza
Name Kari Esperanza
Kanji カリ·エスペランサ
Romaji Kari Esuperanza
Race Arrancar
Birthday September 16th
Age Refuses to tell
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 145 lbs.
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Yonkō
Bella Pelear
Previous Affiliation Eximo Espada
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Dios Tercera
Team None
Partner Bella Pelear
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Currently Kurosaki Winery
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Bella Pelear
Education Taught by Bella and Kirika
Status Active
Resurrección Mangosta de Amatista

Kari Esperanza (カリ·エスペランサ, Love and Hope) is an Arrancar who is considered Bella Pelear's unofficial sister.


Kari is a large-breasted, full figured woman with silky brown hair and deep amethyst eyes. She usually keeps her hair in a ponytail, only letting it loose when she sleeps or is relaxing. She rarely glares at anyone, but she does react to comical moments by narrowing her eyes.

Kari's wardrobe always accents her figure and tries to dress similarly to her sister. However, when she works at the Kurosaki Winery, she wears a white blouse and tight, dark-blue pants to look more professional. However, this still does not stop people from leering at her.

Her hollow mask remains take the form of two white bracelets on both of her wrists. When she is in her Gigai, these bracelets also appear regardless of what her Gigai is wearing.


Kari is a sweet, gentle girl with a kind heart and a cheerful personality. She dislikes combat because she does not want to inflict pain to others. Too often, this has been her downfall.

Kari shares a very strong bond with her sister, Bella, and will often display such a love by being closer to her sister when she can. She takes upon herself that Bella will protect her, and she will protect Bella. This overrides her wish not to hurt others when her sister faces danger. And, in less life-threatening situations, she will defend Bella from men looking to violate her even though Bella is more than capable of handling herself.


Powers & Abilities[]


Mangosta de Amatista (アメジストマングース Amejisutomangūsu; Spanish for Mongoose of Amethyst; Japanese for Amethyst Mongoose) is the name of Kari's Zanpakutō. In it's sealed form, it takes the appearance of a double-helix knife.

  • Resurrección: Its release command is "Strike First" (先制攻撃, sensei kōgeki). When Kari releases her Zanpakutō, a violet aura is disperses in the surrounding area, creating a similar effect to Bella's release. In this form, her Zanpakutō is manifested in her transformed bracelets which become claws and in her teeth, which closely resemble razor sharp mongoose teeth. She can grow or retract the edges of the claws at will. Her eyes also begin to resemble a mongoose's. Her clothing consists of a mongoose pelt that she wears as a bikini and skin-tight pants. She wears high heels in this form, but they don't affect her Sonido abilities.
    • Odio Cero: (Spanish for "Zero Hatred")
    • Destruir la Serpiente: (Spanish for "Destroy the Snake")
    • Recordar Veneno: (Spanish for "Remember Poison")
    • El Rostro Del Amor: (Spanish for "The Face of Love") Bella and Kari use this as a cooperative ability. Its true nature is unknown.



  • Kari's favorite foods are strawberries, steak, and pickled herring, which Bella refers to as "snake".
  • Kari wishes to have a pet mongoose, but considering the United States does not allow certain species of mongooses in the country, she has yet to find a suitable pet.