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Tournament Info

&nbsp Note: This tournament starts on 31st October. Please post your teams before 30th October.

Kanmuri Taikai (冠大会, Best Tournament) is a tournament consisting of most of Gravity Force's characters. After training in the wild after leaving Soul Society, Luka and his team decided to host a tournament to test the strength of people around. Hitsuke, Shirokyu and the others have cooled down since the Hell Tournament, Hitsuke decided to join the tournament consisting of their friends. Seijaku and his squad have joined to repay some debts and to gain new strength. Ginei Ookami and his team were hoping to have a good time and make new friends.

Rules & Instructions[]

Matchup Instructions: Raze took care of the matchups. He randomly drawed numbers in a hat.


  • Teams Of 3 (Substitutes are allowed)
  • Must have a team leader.
  • Editing your character is fine but do not enhance or add new abilities to them in mid battle.
  • The Winning Side is those with 2 wins.
  • Most Important One Of All: HAVE FUN!

Participating Teams[]

Please follow the following template (Bold for the team leader):

Team Name:

  1. First Character's name
  2. Second Character's name
  3. Third Character's name

Hitsuke's Teams[]


  1. Hitsuke Uchiga
  2. Shirokyu
  3. Izumo Riiko

Team Killing

  1. Persia
  2. Malocchio
  3. Zeliel

Team Unfaithful

  1. Oshitari Yuuhei
  2. Oshitari G.
  3. Takeshi Kirigan

Team Vampire

  1. Kite Nechiren
  2. Myst
  3. Seishi Matayoshi

Kenji's Teams[]

The Bounty Hunters

Yoshiro's Patrol Team

Team Yuudai

Ichikue's Team.[]

Team Hope

The Failed.

Grizzaka's Team.[]

Team Nexus

Raze's Teams[]

Team Aquamarine

Team Rosenkrantz

Team Nature

Lone's Team[]

Team Heart

Crim's Team[]

Team Akiraka

Firegod's Team[]

Team Dark