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"We hypothesize that the members who went along with the spiritual detection squad died before they were able to send data..."

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"If you were to ask me, fear is a person. And that person, is this guy."
Kiba talking about Kakashi.

Scarecrow (案山子 Kakashi)
English Scarecrow
Kanji 案山子
Race Zanpakutō
Gender Male
Bankai Yokegarasu no Kakashi
Professional Status
Master Kiba Senshi
First Appearance

Kakashi (案山子 Scarecrow) is the manifested spirit of Kiba Senshi's zanpakutō. A unique being who exists in the spiritual realms, Kakashi acts not as an imprint of Kiba's essence, but rather, the imprint of his fears. Every single fear up until date has been assimilated by Kiba's former Asauchi, eventually forming into what is now known as Kakashi. A being of frightening levels of power, whose skill and level of power is far beyond that of his master; Kakashi is surprisingly benevolent despite being born through fear. His every living breath is unquestionable devoted to the growth of Kiba. However, what lies behind the bandages, holding a sinister grin, is known to nobody but the spirit itself. Kiba fears him wholeheartedly, and it is this fear that feeds their bond, and allows their survival.

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