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Kajin Hebereke
Name Kajin Hebereke
Race Shinigami, Vizard
Birthday October 26th
Age about 1400 years old

looks like 45 years old

Gender Female
Height 5ft 2in
Weight 132lb
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation none
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation exlied Shinigami, artist
Previous Occupation Shinigami
Team none
Previous Team 9th Division
Partner Ryota Kashiwagi
Base of Operations human world
Personal Status
Marital Status married
Relatives unnamed family

husband 2 kids Ryota Kashiwagi(husband)

Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai "Paint over our dull and colorless world"
Bankai "Paint the sky red with blood"

Kajin Hebereke(佳人 へべれけ Beautiful Drunk). she becomes captain of the first squad when the 46 and the previous captain of squad 1 is killed by The God of souls and dimensions


She has green eyes and brown hair. She is beautiful as her name suggests. She has a tattoo of 画 on her back that very few people have seen. The 画 means a painting, picture, drawing, or to draw that

Personality and stuff[]



She is a lazy drunk that avoids work by using her beauty and Intoxicating aura to get other people to do work for her while she relaxes. She can be focused when she needs too. T he fact is this was mostly an act.

Her real Personality is more serious. She still always drinks sake but she is immune to the negative affects of alcohol. She is a focused and hard worker most of the time. If she has a really important job that and is over worked she find a way to get it done. She is generally always happy and kind even. she never complains about annything. Kajin Hebereke never shows how mad she is even if someone hurts her friends, family, or innocent people. She will just calmly plots revenge and then kills them.


Drinking alcohol(especially sake), painting, Spending time with family, kill hollows, and training.


Ryota Kashiwagi: She is interested in him and know him well. She was unaware he has a Split personality. after her exile she missed him.

Many years later they met again and worked together to stop hollows from destroying the Rukongai. When the got back to the human world they got even closer and eventually had kids. they never got officially married by any law in any of the country's they lived in but they are just as close and in love as a married couple.

family: When she was younger she found disobeying and lying to her parents and family fun. she drank sake when they were not looking just because they told her not to. When Kajin got older listend to adult much better but still stole sake when see had the chance. she often got coaght and grounded

She care about them but once she got old enough she did not need them. She does miss them and wish to at least see them one more time.

central 46: she has grown to dislike the government system of the soul Society but does not care enough to try and change it. She just hopes it will change it self one day. She does not want everyone in the Seireitei die she for this goal; she want it to happen in a peaceful way but sees no possible way for it to happen peacefully.

Inner Hollow: The inner hollow deeply hates Kajin Hebereke. Kajin also dislikes her inner hollow. In her opinion the inner hollow is crazy and depressing to look at. She also dislikes her inner hollow art because it lacks happiness. Over time she started to get annoyed by it's constant complaining and want it dead. Once the inner hollow got devoured by Kajin it way not a problem any more.

Niiro Geisha: Kajin Hebereke and her Zanpakutō Niiro Geisha get along very well. They also have the same opinion about the inner hollow. They were extremely close in the soul Society and thats one of the reasons Kajin Hebereke was able to master her bankai very easily. They are still very close. Kajin Hebereke often talks to Niiro Geisha out of boredom, for fun, or just for wisdom. They both admire each others paintings. Kajin Hebereke sees Niiro Geisha as a motherly figure. Kajin does not get along with Niiro Geisha in her bankai form and try's to avoid using her in this form unless it necessary.



She was born in family a moderately wealthy known for making some of the best sake in the soul Society. When she was young she got hungry when one of her brother who was Shinigami came back to visit. Soon after that she was brought to shinō Academy. There she showed enough potential in to be accepted in kidō corps or Onmitsukidō. After 6 years she graduated. She didn't try very hard in the Academy so it is unknown how early she could have graduated if she actually felt like trying tried. She was not originally named Kajin Hebereke. Very few people know her original name beyond family and a few of her friend from the academy she changed her name shortly graduating shinō Academy. She was in kidō corps for about 300 years. After kidō corps she transfered to squad 2 and was part of the Onmitsukidōfor about 150 years. Then she left both groups and transferred to squad 9.

Squad 9 and creation of an inner hollow

She is currently in 16th Seat of squad 9. She never tried in fight or did work during her time in squad nine After a 10 years in squad 9 she decided it was a good time stop acting weak and lazy. The negative reputation she had started to disappear. During that time she met Ryota Kashiwagi and near the squad 13 barracks. She was promoted to lieutenant with in less then a week. She was getting closer to becoming lieutenant. She was sent on more missions. During breaks she was visiting Ryota Kashiwagi and was getting closer to him. During one of her last mission’s ones before become lieutenant she ran in to The God of souls and dimensions who noticed she was a good candidate to give vizard powers to. Before she even knew what was happening to her; she was given powers she didn't want. He temporarily sped up the growth of her inner hollow and inserted knowledge on control it in her brain. After that he just smiled at her and said "When you fear your inner hollow it controls you." Kajin Hebereke passed out and woke up a week later in the medical facility of squad 4.

The inner conflict and self exile

When Kajin Hebereke was release from the medical facility she ran away and went into hiding. She spent most of the time traveling though the slums of the Rukongai. While traveling she was trying to control her inner hollow. She also got attack by thugs during her travels and the thugs always lost. During the final fight agents the inner hollow she lost control of her self and killed a few innocent people. She was later caught by the some Shinigami after gain complete control over her hollow. she was brought to central 46 were she should have been sentenced to death or got her powers sealed but that did not happen. She was instead exiled from the soul society despite the fact shes a vizard and has an Immense Spiritual Energy which would effect humans.

The Final exile and second encounter

she was sad she had to leave the soul society and never be able to see Ryota Kashiwag again. she met someone in the world of humans who gave here a Gigai. she spent most of her time in bars and making art. she actually became a famous artist in just two years after being exiled but still was not happy. After many more years she decided to enter Hueco mundo. She spent her time killing hollows, training her vizard abilities, and testing paint techniques. She comes back to the human world to rest and recover energy. During one of her visits to hueco mundo she encountered The God of souls and dimensions who fused a white orb and a grey marble. the white orb allows to her body that allows her to walk though the Kōtotsu with out being harmed. He never really explained the use of the grey marble. He also informed Kajin Hebereke that her gigai was modified by him. After that there was a bright flash and then he was gone. She ran back to check not her gigai to find out it does not drain her powers any more.

Reunited with Ryota Kashiwagi and hollows invade the Rukongai

She sees Ryota Kashiwagi for the first time in many years in front of her house. Around the same time The God of Life and Death came told them the Rukongai will be destroyed by a group of organized hollows in less then a week. She also told them they are the only one that know this and could save everyone. she knew she had to try and help for her family so her entered the Dangai. She hoped to worn the gotei 13 about the attack before its too late.


she decided to move to France after all that. she lot spent time with Ryota. they had kids at some point. There names are Masaru Asamoya and Ayano Kaikon. Masaru was born first and Ayano was born after that.

New leader of the soul society

Powers and Abilities[]

Masterfully skilled in art: It does not count a skill that is used in combat for most for people because most people do not have abilities like Kajin Hebereke does. She has studied all Painting styles from past and present of the human world and can use any one of them masterfully in a fight or just painting for fun. She happens to be the best artist in the soul society and probably the best on earth. she mostly uses

Above Average Growth Rate: She was able to easily learn zanjutsu, kidō, hakuda, shunpo, and zanpakutō abilities at a much faster rate compared to the average Shinigami. She is the most skilled in using Kidō and was able to master it the fastest. She was able to master shikai and bankai the second fastest. After her exile he mastered Zanjutsu, Shunpo, and Hakuda in that exact order.

Tremendous Spiritual Energy: she went out of her way to look weaker so people think she only has the average amount of Spiritual Energy during most of her time in the soul. This shows that she has excellent control over her Spiritual energy. When she showed her true strengths she was about to become lieutenant before the incident with the god souls and dimensions giving her vizard powers.

  • after she got vizard power and devoured her inner hollow the Spiritual Energy of the hollow was no longer separated and it combined with her naturally immense spiritual energy making it much higher. Tremendous spiritual energy is basically a controlled version of vast spiritual energy.Tremendous spiritual energy.

Highly intelligent and Wise: She is an avid studier of the soul society's history. She also can write very detailed articles for the Seireitei news magazine if she wanted to. She have may look stupid in everyone’s opinion while acting weak but the fact is it take a lot intelligence to fool every one in the soul society.

after her exile it gave her lots of time to think and as she got older she became wiser.

  • Extremely Charismatic: she was always very Charismatic this helped her acting. When exiled hes did take many classes in the human world for Sociology and Psychology. This improved her natural Charisma greatly. Combine this with her Intoxicating aura and she could easily manipulate anyone. She is not be a manipulator because it does not fit her kind personality and it goes against her good morals.

Master Strategist & Tactician: She can look see one step ahead of an enemy with about a 90% chance of predicting correctly. The chance is lowered if the enemy is some what unpredictable. Even if she can't predict there next move she reacts very fast and can easily dodge most attacks. she uses this skill to figure out what paint based attack would be the most effective with out wasting to much Spiritual Energy. She could also lead a group well but she hasn't lead any groups yet.

  • After her exile she trained in Hueco mundo a lot. All that training has given her the experience needed to be considered a master strategist & tactician but she has yet to prove how mush she improved since her exile

Master Swordsmanship (Zanjutsu) Specialists: she is very experienced with Zanjutsu since during the time she acted weak since that was all she used. she is very proficient at Zanjutsu and is close to mastering it.she was exiled before she could master it but with since she had nothing better to do after that she just mastered it.

  • Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"):

Flash steps(Shunpo) expert: she could keep up with a captain and can go faster the average lieutenant. she is not close to mastering it wet. After her exile she had lots of time to practice and became a Shunpo master. During the free time away from her family she learned how to use u Utsusemi.

  • Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): She can leave afterimages to confuse the enemy she.

Kidō master: she knows how to use most Kidō with out an Incantation and while still being fairly close to full power. The ones that require a Incantation need no more then to just call out the name of the Kidō. Kajin Hebereke can use many deadly combination of Kidō as well. She knows how to use every single Kidō except for the forbidden ones and healing. See likes to use Kidō and when she does use it is generally a combination kidō. With her vizard abilities she has made very powerful and unique kidō. She has even made a few combination vizard kidō.

Master Hand-to-Hand(Hakuda) Combatant: she was in squad 2 for enough time to become an expert at it. But she dislikes using her hands in combat. She prefers to using her Zanpakutō ability, kidō, or Zanjutsu.

for many years she avoid mastering Hakuda. At some point she decided she needs to stop caring weather she likes to do it and just master it to her fullest extent. Once he put her mind to it she found it relatively easy to master.

Expert Assassin: Her time in squad 2 has got her a good amount of experience with killing silently and and sneaking around without being seen. She is now where near being a master and never got much practice after leaving squad.

after the hollows failed attempt of invaded the Rukongai she noticed the hollow in Hueco Mundo became a lot more organized. She Hid from hollows while in Hueco Mundo and would kill any stragglers. all this gave her lot of practice. she eventually became an expert.

Above Average Strength: she maybe an expert of hand to hand combat but she lack the strength to damage stronger opponents. She could still easily beat up a group of thugs in the slums of the Rukongai.

once he got the motivation to master Hakuda she stared to train her strength and it became above average while. Once he devoured her inner hollow he gain all of her strength with out needing to use her mask. it got higher but not high enough to be considered immense.

Immunity to alcohol: she is immune to all negative affects of alcohol. This means she can drink gallons of pure alcohol and not get alcohol poisoning while still be 100% aware of her surroundings. In fact her body can process alcohol in to energy. If the alcohol filled blood ever became a liability she could just convert all the alcohol to energy to get rid of it.

Garganta: She was thought this when the god souls and dimensions gave her knowledge on hollow abilities. this is safer version of the the hollow garganta. Kajin Hebereke has been to Hueco mundo over countless times by using this.

Intoxicating aura: Any on she fight does not concentrate very well around her for some mysterious reason. This applies to people that are friends, strangers, and people that hate her. This also happens when she is not fighting as well. This ability even effects hollows for some strange reason. It is unknown how this ability even works or why she has it.


Mysterious White orb:(Removed) It is an object the god souls and dimensions gave to her during the second encountered. He described it as an object that allows the holder to walk though the Kōtotsu thats cleans the Dangai with out any harm. It was fused inside her body and can't be taken out by anyone but him. He never explained how it was made. It can be assumed the he or one of the of the other two gods made it.

Mysterious grey marble: It is an object the god souls and dimensions gave to her during the second encountered. he just said it will be useful in the future. It is still unknown what its use will be. It was fused inside her body and can't be taken out by anyone but him. He never explained how it was made. It can be assumed the he or one of the of the other two gods made it.

Reiatsu hiding gigai: It was originally a gigai that absorbed Reiatsu and could cause power loss. before the second time she encountered with the god of souls and dimensions he modified it to a Reiatsu hiding gigai which does not cause power loss and just makes it untraceable


Name: Niiro Geisha (Red Geisha)


She looks like a Geisha her clothes has many shade of red in it. She has the Appearance of a 40 year old women.

In Red Geisha's bankai form she looks like a teenager around the age of 15-17 years old. Her clothes seems to be stained in blood. Some parts of her skin is also died with blood as well.


Words that can be used to describe her is wise, patient, and caring.

in the bankai she is a just as mentally disbalance as her inner hollow. the main difference is Red Geisha's bankai is has an unhealthy obsetion with blood and is willing to steal blood from Kajin Hebereke even if it meant killing her in the process. she does not drink the blood she just like to soak in it for some freaky reason.

Abilities are based off paint. the paint can temporarily cover up the environment, change her Appearance, make objects. Her Zanpakutō has no real ability's that can be learned. But she does use her imagination and art skills make such a simple ability very powerful.

Types of paint that can be used Acrylic, Pastel, Oil paint, Gouache, Watercolor, Fresco, Tempera, Ink

Sealed form

Her Zanpakutō almost looks like a normal Katana with a dark red guard with a blood red sheath. The handle is hollow and has a small red Sumi Brush inside of it.. the back end of the brush sticks out of the handle.

Paint brush abilities

The brush has infinite paint. It uses are changing her appearance (lasts 24 hour), making minor changes in the environment around her (last 5 seconds), and make paintings (obviously). The brush has no real combat use since it is too small and has no combat abilities.


(Fully mastered) Release Incantation-"Paint over our dull and colorless world": It can paint any thing she wants it to paint in a single brush stroke. But it is limited by the amount Spiritual Energy. The complex and big things would waste too much Spiritual Energy and wasting Spiritual Energy is not good in tough or long fights. Some of the big and complex ones woulds drain all her energy in her body to make and kill her in the process. With her hollow mask she can use more complex and powerful techniques in shikai

make objects: creates objects in the sky that fall on the the enemy or just make them on the ground

corrosive paint: it rusts metal objects for a short amount of time.

blank area: it covers up of all substances in a small area for short amount of time. It could cover up a trap but thats is the most use it really has.

paint minions: it make small and medium sized creatures that only go by instinct. they only know not to attack Kajin Hebereke and will attack everyone else include her friends. Its is smart enough to attack the people threatening Kajin Hebereke first.

Bankai: (fully mastered) Release Incantation-"Paint the sky red with blood": The bankai technically gives no new abilities. What it does is take away the limits the shikai had at the price that every brush stroke drains blood. Alternatively she could connect the blood absorbers to a close friend, lover, or family member for one extra brush stroke. The problem is it would kill that person and the blood absorbers is not able to connect to enemies unfortunately

  • She can only do 7 brush strokes before passing out. At around 2 or 3 brush strokes she starts to feel light headed. The number of bush strokes she can do change depending on how much blood she may have already lost before even using her bankai. With the high speed regeneration from her vizard powers she can quickly recover lost blood in seconds while fighting.
  • The blood loss it would put her at a weakened state wear she would need to recover for a while before fighting or using her bankai again. this problem is basicly fixed by her high speed regeneration
  • The other disadvantage is that it makes the area around her turn the color of blood reviling her general position to an enemy. When deactivated it will revel her exact location. If she was leave the red area before deactivating the bankai she would instantly die. Any one far enough from the one kilometer area can not be harmed by her
  • The positive thing is the bankai uses no Spiritual Energy. She can change the appearance of the area around her and change her appearance to blend in with it. Changing her own appearance and making tiny objects will not use one of her limited amount of brush strokes. Her Spiritual Energy is completely cloaked. As long as she has enough blood she can paint anything she wants no matter how complex, powerful, or big it is. People who enter the red area from the outside or people who are already in can not escape until the bankai is deactivated. she can use her bankai as long as she wants assuming she still has at least one brush stroke left

It look the the same as the shikai except for the the red orbs on the____. When activated two orbs appear on the edges of the hilt. Then it connects to the arm that is on the handle. After it connects it makes the one kilometer area around her turn in the color blood red. At that point she is ready to fight.

Blend into surroundings: This allows her to change her appearance so she can blend into what ever style of art she paints the area as.

Paint techniques

Painting bloody fire: the high amount of alcohol in her blood makes it very flammable and just as dangerous as a fire based Zanpakutō. If flammable paint become a liability in the fight she can just get rid of the alcohol from her blood. But after she does that she can't paint any more flames until she consumes more alcohol.

surrealistic world: It makes the whole red area look surrealistic. It would take a good eye for art to not get completely confused it this place. with her ability to blend into the surroundings makes this a good technique to use when trying to surprise attack confused people.

Red iron rain: It is much bigger and more powful version of of the shikai's corrosive paint. This makes the area to rain red water paint full of minerals that causes all metal in the area rust and corrode temporarily. all damage is reversed when the bankai is deactivated. it take about 5 minutes for the average sealed Zanpakutō to corrode. Her Zanpakutō is immune to the rust and corrosion of the rain.

Trippy acrylic world: it turns the red area into a trippy colored world that has lots of fumes. The fumes drug opponent making it like they took LSD. Kajin Hebereke is not immune to it so it is not a good idea for her this unless she make some sort of bubble around her that will block a fumes. The bubble could break if attacked so it is very risky technique.

Bigger paint minions: they are not any smater the the smaller shikai versons but they are bigger and stronger. she can only paint paint a max of 3 minions with one brush stoke. she could also make them in certain moods like hungry, mad, clam, etc. For small minions she can make more then 3 in a brush stroke.

White-out world: It is a bigger and more powerful version of blank area. It turns the area around them in to a blank area with no elements or any substances. This mainly would be bad if you had a Zanpakutōthe manipulated curtain things like water, or rock, and other stuff like that. Kajin Hebereke could not blend in or hide anywhere when using this technique.

Hypnosis world: it makes people get hypnotized. It has a low chance of actually working. If the person has a strong will or even just a will in general it will most likely not work. But in the rare case it does work she can kill them very fast fast.

Shotting stars: It makes the sky look like it's night time. Then a infinitely supply of comets fall in the red area. she has to dodge them too since it does not specifically target target anyone. It justs falls randomly anywhere at a speed of 100 comets in random sizes for every 3 seconds

Paint flood: It Causes it to rain paint that can drown the opponent in paint depending on how long the fight is. the paint will not stop until she make it stop. It could drown her too so this has a small risk of killing her.

Eclipse: she can make a solar or lunar eclipse in the sky. It's main use is to

joke techniques: Techniques that are so absurd that they don't make any sense and/or have any real use in a fight.

3 hungry giants and a big bowl of noodles: she paints 3 hungry giants with the Bigger paint minions:technique and then paint a big bowl of noodles in big enough for the whole red area . the noodle will fall form the sky and they weigh tons and crush the enemy. while giants eat them alive. The paint giants will be made of toxic paint. so when eaten the enemy is exposed to toxins and dies.

1000 cannibal monkeys: The paint monkeys just eat each other and ignore everyone else. At best it is a distraction in a fight but would have any other use.

1000 Jack-o'-lanterns: it makes the area a pumpkin field full of explosive living pumpkins. The pumpkins explosive power is very weak. Every pumpkin has a unique look. It works on people with Cucurbitophobia (basically fear of pumpkins)

Credit for other peoples ideas or influence

(giant noddle one and paint flood was kind of influenced by Koukishi's comment on the character's talk page)


inner hollow(devoured)

meaning of devoured: Kajin Hebereke gain complete so control over her inner hollow. With that control she destroyed her inner hollow and absorbed all of its power. In essence devoured means the inner hollow was killed


she is female inner hollow. The inner hollow looks very similar to Kajin Hebereke except her skin is very pale. The eyes of the inner hollows has a blood red Iris and sclera is black. She wares a white Shinigami uniform. She has cuts all over her body that were not made during a fight. After she got devoured the inner hollow is gone forever.


unlike Kajin Hebereke the inner hollow is violent and unstable. The hollow does not enjoy killing but when she kills people it does not bother her. She hates all alcoholic beverages. It deeply pisses of the hollow when Kajin drinks sake. The inner hollow is never happy and hates everyone including her self. She wants to live but at the same time see wants to know what dying feels like. She likes to paint just likes Kajin Hebereketo does. The big difference is the inner hollow paints very depressing paintings generally involving death. After Kajin Hebereke beat her inner hollow it become more submissive and while secretly plotting revenge but just never got to it. Though out the years the inner hollow has been becoming more submissive and its Personality was beginning fading away. As it was fading away part of the hollow got slowly devoured and evenully got completely devoured.

She summons her powers by materializing the mask on her hand and placing it on her face. When it’s placed on her face it make face paint appear. The mask is needed to summon the power but after the face paint appears it just become a false mask. The false mask basically is a blank canvas that she can put any design that she want to put on. The face paint looks like two half stars for eyes, a tailless comet for a nose, and the tail of the comet as the mouth. The mask looks like that too before becoming a false mask. Her Iris turn blood red and the sclera turns black when using the mask.

Kajin Hebereke naturaly knows many hollow abilities because the god souls and dimensions gave her the knowledge during the same time she was given her vizard powers. Once the inner hollow got devoured the mask was not need to use hollow powers

Mask Duration: With the inner hollows personality is completely devoured by Kajin Hebereke the mask can stay on as long as she wants it to.

Face paint mask: She did not get hollow powers from the false mask. She got the powers from the face paint under the mask. It is possible to break the mask above the face paint but it is not possible to get rid of the face paint. The face paint would only go away when she wanted it to.

she can't summon the face paint any more since she devoured her own inner hollow and all powers were absorbed.

False Mask Regeneration: When ever the false mask is destroyed or damaged she can recreate it or repair it with a thought.

she could still summon her power less false mask after she devoured her inner hollow

Telekinesis: she can get her Zanpakutō even if it is to far to pick up with her hand.

Enhanced Strength: she could actually somewhat rely on Hakuda when facing strong opponents.

Enhanced Speed: She got a lot faster. she was at least fast enough to beat the average captain in a race with out trying.

High speed Regeneration: She can regenerated much faster with the mask but this still won't save here life if she gets a fatal wound or any thing big enough to be considered a wound. The minor stuff still heals fast.

Her inner allow is almost gone and Kajin now can use high speed regeneration.she can regrow a arm or leg. she can reverse damage from a wound or cut. She can even regenerate blood she lost from using her bankai in seconds. High speed regeneration does not work major organs or bones..

Enhanced Spiritual Energy: She already has a Immense Spiritual Energy with the mask gets bigger. To what extent is unknown since she has not tried using her full power yet in front of anyone who survived.

Cero and Bala: She understands how to do both of them and is very experienced with using both she likes both techniques evenly. she can charge her cero very fast. She can only fire it from her hand or mouth. she can use bala only on her. Her cero and bala is the color dark green. It has been getting lighter ever since her inner hollow's personality began to disappear. Both of the abilities have been getting stronger as her inner hollow has been getting weaker and slowly dissipating.

with her hollow gone the cero and bala became a light green


Resurrección Her spiritual energy remains the same in this from but her Strength and Speed increases in this form. she also can use some hollow Abilities that can't be used in normal form.

she turns in to a wolf like form with a white coat covered in non symmetrical paint stains. the end of the tail works like a paint brush.

Enhanced speed: she goes much faster it this form compared to her human form. Enhanced strength: She has immense strength and can kill many people by simply attack the enemy by biting or using her claws

Sonído Master: She uses this while in this form instead of shunpo. She quickly mastered it with out really trying.

  • Gemelos Sonído: It took her a while to figure how to do this. She learned about ten years before becoming the first squad captains.

'Enhanced' High speed Regeneration: she can recover organs when in this form. it costs about 1/8 of her total spiritual energy to recover 1 major or a 2 minor organs. beyond recovering organs the healing ability remains the same.

Enhanced Cero: It's fired faster and more powerful. She fires it from a paw of her mouth

Paint brush tail. She can simply do a brush stoke with her tail to make objects and affect the environmental around her. This work just like her shikai does.

Segunda Etapa: she has not achieved it yet. she might never achieved.

If it's achieved it will work like her bankai does. The big difference is there will be a much higher risk of dieing when compared to the bankai.


  • Her favorite thing to drink is sake and favorite food is anything cooked with sake
  • She is often Broke because she wastes all of her money on sake or just alcohol in general.
  • she was right handed at first. During her exile she taught her self to be ambidextrous. Most of the time she still uses her right hand to paint for fun or fight with her Zanpakutō.

Concepts and Creation[]

This is the first character i ever made but not the first Zanpakutō i made. I personally think i did a nice job considering it is my first Character. I think i may need to redo a few stuff but what i have now is a good base.

lack knowledge on exactly explain how a Geisha is suppose look like and do not have any time to study this article (Geisha). so if you really care then read it.

this character seems influenced from the game Ōkami . The paint idea seems like it was based off of Celestial Brush in the game. When first coming up with this character Zanpakutō power i did not think about the game okami but looking back it was probably indirectly influenced by Ōkami. Once i realized this i figured i might as well make her Resurrección turn her in to a wolf.