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Kaizō Kidō — Goryūtenmetsu
Rainbow Dragon Kido
Kanji 改造鬼 — 五龍転滅
English Kaizō Kidō — Goryūtenmetsu
Technique Statistics
Type Hadō
Number 99
Used By Raian Getsueikirite

Kaizō Kidō — Goryūtenmetsu (改造鬼 — 五龍転滅, Modified Kidō — Five Swirling Dragons of Destruction) is a Kidō spell.


Upon activation, seven (instead of the usual five) multi-colored energy dragons burst from the ground and then can be manipulated by the spell-caster. The destructive power of the dragons eclipse the original spell and are highly lethal. Only Shinigami with tremendous skill in Kidō, and remarkable levels of Reiryoku, can conjure this spell.



Known Practitioners

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