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Kai kuragari
Birthplace Seireitei
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Gender male
Height 5'11
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Shi no tenshi
Bankai oto sareta tenshi
First Appearance

Kakashi by hellobaby

kai's main attire

kai is the second main character in my story's as well as the main enemy of Sheo.


kai's personality is often cold and calculating however according to some he is said to be emotionless, as shown when he slaughtered a whole family because "he was bored" .


kai is often seen wearing a long white jacket with strange markings on it as well as his long black hair going down to just below his shoulders. he wears a white fingerless glove on his right hand, as well as blue jeans with basic white tennis shoes.


kai was born as a happy child with none of the psychotic tendencies that he has now. how he came along these tendencies is unknown.

Powers & Abilities[]

Expert swordsmenship: kais swordsmenship style revolves around counter strikes and defensive strikes.

High Reiatsu: kais reiatsu levels are equal if not greater then most captain's.

Hand to Hand expert. kais hand to hand skill's are to the point were he is able to out match captains.

Kido user. kais kido skills average as he dosent practice them often.


Shi no tenshi (angle of death) is a pitch black tanto sheathed on his left hip. it is a destruction type Zanpakuto

shikai:released with the command "show them death" an explosion of Reiatsu occers as kai being the center, as kai's appearance dosent change.

shikai Abilities:

Shockwave creation: by striking the air with his tanto the air seemingly shatters causeing a massvie shockwave capible of destroying large buildings.

Rapid fire shockwaves: by repeatedly striking the air kai can cause shockwaves capable of destruction on a globle scale.

shockwave blade: by harnessing the shockwaves around his tanto kai can strike the opponent with the blade which can compleatly destroy the opponent's body.