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Kahyō Kazubara (一原香俵, Kazubara Kahyō) is a Merovingian and veteran of the Rise War.
Aki group

The Sakuhara Group during the War

Kahyo argue with seichi

Kahyō's arguments within Psign

Kahyo merovingian

Kahyō's Merovingian powers manifest during the War

Kahyo vs seichi

Kahyō pummels Seichi

Kahyo vs seichi

Kahyō vs. Seichi

Kahyo vs seichi 3

Kahyō vs. Seichi

Kahyo's embarassment

Kahyō embarrassed by her feelings

Kahyo's intent and attention

Kahyō's analytical mind during the Rise War

Kahyo's red eyes

Kahyō's sass

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