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"Dweller of the night seeks for light."
Race Kami
Birthplace Yoru no Kuni
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Tsuki no Miyako
Previous Affiliation Yoru no Kuni
Profession "Beast King" of Tsuki no Miyako
Previous Profession Princess of Yoru no Kuni
Base of Operations Tsuki no Miyako
Personal Status
Relatives Tsukuyomi (Father)
First Appearance

Kaguyahime (佳具夜姫, Kaguyahime) is a Kami and the daughter of Tsukuyomi. As the former princess of the Yoru no Kuni, Kaguyahime had a burden to uphold, prepared meticulously by her father to inherit his duty as the realm's leader. However, the young Kami sought what was beyond her reach — the light. Her scarlet eyes sought the light, and she would achieve it by any means.

There were hundreds of suitors that sought to take Kaguyahime's hand in marriage from all the Divine Realms. Among them, five in particular stood out as warriors that traversed all the realms and fought back countless threats to the spiritual worlds. Kaguyahime had asked for five artifacts worthy to be held by a Goddess such as herself, with the ulterior motive of using these artifacts to transcend her limits as offspring of Tsukuyomi.

Kaguyahime's manipulation of these suitors was successful and the Princess was set free of the chains binding her to the Shinkai. Seeking to the interact with the world of light she aspired towards, the woman traveled to Yuanren, a place where the radiance of defiance called out to her. The former Princess survived the entrance into the realm through one of the artifacts granted to her and found herself beginning to climb the mountain of power that all of its residents were forced to.

Eventually, Kaguyahime's power stood out among all those within the territory she occupied and she was proclaimed as the "Beast King" of the newly founded Tsuki no Miyako, a country where all are free to pursue their ambition, unchained by the standards society imposes upon people. In particular, it is said to be an attractive place for many female yōkai that sought to surpass the sins that confined them to "traditional" values even within the Yuanren.

Despite gaining acceptance as the ruler of Tsuki no Miyako, the former Princess finds herself incapable of truly forming bonds with people of the light. Her perception as a resident of the night is simply too estranged from those of the light, for being truly acknowledged among the light would be the same as the moon shining together with the sun — a possibility that only exists in fantasy.



Kaguyahime's general appearance.



Powers and Abilities


  • Kaguyahime is inspired by the same figure in the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter in Japanese folklore. However, rather than being a Lunarian, Kaguyahime was instead slated to become divinity. Her story was designed with the approval of Seireitou, who created the Shinkai, Tsukuyomi, God and Yuanren concepts respectively on the wiki.


Behind the Scenes

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