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"... He's all my inner demons pooled into one form. Kage, as he calls himself, is all the hatred and negativity I've accumulated over my life. In a way... he's my purest instincts."
—Kentaro on Kage.
Name Kage
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Professional Status
Base of Operations Kentaro's Inner World
Personal Status
Shikai Tenchikaimei
Bankai Kage

Kage (影, Kage) is the manifestation of Kentaro Hiroshi's Hollow powers and an avatar of The Outsider and Averian, who is said to represent all of Kentaro's negativity and inner demons. Kentaro has described him as his own purest instincts. He manifested himself during Kentaro's childhood in a failed attempt on Kenji's life, only to be sealed deep within Kentaro's sub-conscious. He would continue to reappear throughout the intervening years, specifically when Kentaro's will faltered, where he swiftly attempted to turn Kentaro into a pawn of Averian. During the rescue of Akiye, which saw Kentaro embrace his darkest traits, Kage attempted a more subtle form of manipulation that almost resulted in him taking complete control; it was only through the unsuspected intervention of Shigeru Yūdai, who turned Kentaro from his dark path, that thwarted Kage's plans. Kage was eventually confronted and defeated by Kentaro sometime before Kentaro helped his father defeat Oda Kōhai.





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