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The Kaenōra Clan (火炎オーラ藩, Kaenōra-han) are a select family in The Echelon who are praised for their mastery of Reiseī. They were the first Echelonians to fully utilize the limitless power. However, because of the potential destructive power that Shūshi Musokuno Kaenōra witnessed from using Reiseī, he limited it's distribution to those he knew he could trust.


It is said that long ago, the first of the Kaenōra clan was under the tutelage of the First generation of the Yonkō. The young man learned all sorts of knowledge from traveling with them, including a method to convert reiryoku into a usable power. Though the youth never perfected his techniques, he passed on what he had learned to his sons. And his sons passed it onto their sons, and so on. It wasn't until the 5th generation of the Yonkō, that Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra discovered the notes of his ancestors and found the method to make Reiseī usable. His son, Musokuno Kaenōra later perfected the method into the Reiseī used today.

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