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Kabuki District
Kanji 歌舞伎町
Romaji Kabukichō
Location Statistics
Region East Rukongai
District 73

The Kabuki District (歌舞伎町, Kabukichō; literally "Avant-Garde Town") is one of Soul Society's Rukon Districts. It is District 73, located in East Rukongai.


Like many districts in the outer rims of Soul Society, the Kabuki District is a town that receives very little attention from the Gotei 13. Due to this, it is a place of lawlessness. However, it is not known to be a particularly violent district, most likely due to the brand of order placed upon the town by its three gang leaders. Instead, it is held in regard as a very popular red-light district; consisting of various host and hostess clubs, love hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. Because of these attractions, it has been often nicknamed "the town that never sleeps" (眠らない街). However, there are still some respective places that are outside of the norm for this district; the key example being Kawahiru Dojang, a martial arts school. It is one of the few Rukongai districts beyond 50 that seems to possess decent living standards, most likely due to its red-light hotspots.

Despite the lack of attention it receives, however, the Shinsengumi of the Fifth Division are known to patrol this district. This is perhaps due to the fact that many black market dealings occur in this town.


Location Name Location Description Location Image
Senjukuha (千塾派, "Thousand Lessons School")A martial arts school run by Seireitou Kawahiru and Saori Sumeragi.Kawahiru Dojang Entrace
Kinai Fortune Shop (皮靄運命店, Kinai Unmeiten)A fortune-telling shop owned by Yozora Asari. Mizore also resides here.---

Notable Residents

Behind the Scenes

While Kabukichō is an actual location in Japan, this is a version based more on the version portrayed in the manga and anime series Gintama.

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