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"How long do you plan to waste my time with your rhetoric? All I hear from you is empty ideals without the conviction to follow through to the end. I can only assume that you thought that brashly declaring your aspirations would sway the outcome of this conflict in your favor. Your final mistake is the fact that you're nothing more than a fool who believes that a dream alone possesses substance."
— Kōyasha criticizing an opponent

"The path between compulsion and obsession is narrow, but significant beyond words."
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Kōyasha Teiketsu (帝闕功夜叉, Teiketsu Kōyasha; lit. "honourable Yaksha of the imperial palace") is a Shinigami and the current captain of the Gotei 13's Second Division and the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō. Under his command the second division has assumed the role and authority of investigating and policing the Soul Society, seeking to protect the realm from internal threats and uphold the rule of law.

Personality and traits



Powers and Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Befitting of a captain of the Gotei 13, Kōyasha possesses and incredible amount of spiritual power. As a testament to the potency and notability of his spiritual power, Kōyasha was selected as the heir of the Teiketsu by his presence alone. While he does not possess the same overwhelmingly monstrous spiritual pressure as fellow captains Kamui Yamakawa and Tiǎo-Shī, which could be described as an insurmountable cliff when released, Kōyasha's spiritual power is more akin to an unending abyss. While not as immediately impressive to an onlooker, the longer an individual focuses upon him the greater the feeling of drowning in the depth of his presence. Following his training with the Royal Guard Kōyasha's spiritual power was amplified considerably, and also gained a unique trait upon proper exertion. Similar to his Zanpakutō's Ruby Stance his spiritual pressure acquired the ability to disrupt the bonds between spiritual particles and interfere with the concentration of foreign spiritual energy. When visible, Kōyasha's spiritual pressure takes on a silver coloration.

  • Peerless Spiritual Awareness:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

  • Iaidō:
  • Matō no Seifuku (魔刀の征服, Demon Blade Subjugation):

Shunpo Master:

  • Utsusemi (空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell):

Kidō Master:

  • Kōbaku (光縛, Bound Light):

Enhanced Endurance:

Immense Tactical Intellect:

Assassination Expert:

Hakuda Combatant:


Mitama (三玉, "Three Jewels"): In its sealed form, Mitama is a standard katana. It has circular cross-guard, which lacks and additional adornment. The sword has a silver coloration, with dark-blue hilt-wrapping, and a black lacquered sheath.

  • Shikai: Triggered by the command "Peer into the Darkness, Seize the Heavens" (闇を透かす天を掴む, yamiwosukasu, tenwotsukamu) the zanpakutō releases an intense pulse of reiatsu into the surrounding area, but otherwise doesn't take on a secondary appearance. Due to the arguably unimpressive activation, observers have overlooked and underestimated Mitama in its released state. Some opponents have even doubted that he truly released his zanpakutō altogether.
Shikai Special Ability: Mitama grants Kōyasha a variety of techniques, categorized under different "stances." These abilities, which are activated with several verbal commands, manipulate and interfere with surrounding spiritual constructs and pressure. It's abilities are mirrored by the fact that the blade's shape doesn't change upon release, as Mitama is conceptually unable to add anything to the world and instead only alters what has already be brought into creation.
  • Seigyoku Kamae (青玉構え, Sapphire Stance):
  • Kōgyoku Kamae (紅玉構え, Ruby Stance):
  • Yare (破れ, Tear):
  • Kire (切れ, Cut):
  • Suigyoku Kamae (翠玉構え, Emerald Stance):
  • Bankai: Shiki-no-Mitama (屍姫の三玉, Three Jewels of the Corpse Princess): Not yet revealed.


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