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"When you're afraid, just train! When something doesn't feel right, just train! When you don't believe in yourself anymore, just train! In this world of ours, anybody has the potential to betray you, no matter how trusting they seem at first. Remember well, the only thing that won't betray you is your training."
Hideki Kotarō

Kōmyōzankū (野心収集所, Place where Ambition Gathers; literally "ambition-gathering place") is a dōjō which was founded by the five former students of Seireitou Kawahiru, back when the latter was Captain of the Eighth Division, devoting their lives to the traditional aspects of their techniques. The dōjō is famous among the entire Reikai for its powerful members, and is often challenged by other Shinigami from around the spiritual lands, albeit never once losing a challenge. Despite this, a reoccurring issue at the dōjō is the ongoing rivalry out of all the masters at the dōjō, to see who is the strongest of them. Along with this seemingly unending rivalry, another recurring gag among the masters at the dōjō is that whenever they become spirited or motivated, their eyes seem to glow and emit light; a similarity found in Seireitou, their former teacher, displayed during the training of Minato Kuramoto and Miharu Kurosaki.

Despite being the former students of Seireitou, the latter has acknowledged them as Masters, and because of this, sees them more as friends than mere disciples. However, it is clear that each of the five respect their former master deeply. It is revealed that Seireitou also had a sixth student, but the whereabouts of this sixth one is unknown.





Ironically, the dōjō's masters are extremely reluctant to take on students.

Behind the Scenes[]

Kōmyōzankū has an NF counterpart, a primary difference being that in the latter, Seireitou is the head instructor of the dōjō.