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Joviah Uramustay
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 8'0
Weight 210
Gender Male
Species Vizard
Partners Unknown
Affiliation Vizard
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Team Unknown
Previous Team Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown



Joviah was once the 4th seat in Squad 11 and thus fought on the frontlines against Hollow constantly. Until one day, he got caught in friendly fire and, in a rage, killed three of his comrades. He was since looked down on by the rest of his squad. As a result, Joviah took it so hard he left Soul Society and became a Vizard for the sole purpose of achieving power to use in combat.


He has two scars, one on his cheek and one on his forehead. He gained both from battle. He usually wears a standard Soul Reaper attire with a red scarf around his neck. He has short black hair and grey eyes.


He lives for combat and believes strongly in self-discipline, making him a very serious person most of the time. It is also implied that he fears death to an extent, willing to use Shikai to defend himself from an onslaught of Hollows. Though, when asked about this he explains that "when pushed to an extent, a warrior must utilize his reserved powers to defeat an enemy." When his pride is hurt badly enough, he'll resort to punishment. As seen when he is disgraced throughout his entire squad and bannishes himself from Soul Society. He also has a sense of pride, only fighting people who's Spiritual Pressure are at a certain level.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is not well with Kido, failing each test he recieved. But when it comes to close-quarters combat, he is one of the best in Squad 11.

Close-quarters combatant:[]

He is an expert at close-quarters combat, being personally trained by the Captain.


He has almost Hierro-like Steel skin, mainly due to him conednsing his Spiritual Pressure around his body to form almost a protective cocoon or barrier.


His Zanpakuto name is Irenhiru, and it takes the form of a Red Katana with a three spiked star hilt. It has no Sheathes and he contains it on his belt. The blade looks dulled and scarred from battle.


It's release command is "Destroy, Irenhiru!" It takes the form of a giant battleaxe with red cloth at the end of the spiked hilt.


Known as Vestnuz Irenhiru, it's release command is "Wage war, Vestnuz Irenhiru!" It takes the form of two double-sided axes.

Hollow mask[]

In his Vizard form, he dawns a Hollow mask and red  tribal tattoos all over his right arm. When Joviah embeds his Spiritual Pressure into those tattoos, he can fire Ceros out of that arm. Unfortunately, he can only fire off three each day. Other then that, his speed, strength, and Endurance dramatically increase when his Hollow mask is dawned.