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This arc is highly important to the plot of Bleach Otrosendero. Seireitou is the Admin of this arc and the final decisions are made by him. If you have any concerns please contact him using his talk page.


File:Shōjo S By SCANDAL - Bleach AMV
File:Inuyasha - Brand New World

Kouhei Tandokuno has been taken to the Soul Society by Ryan and Matt. Seireitou has caught wind of this and told Kouhei's two friends, Nadeshiko Inari and Keisaku Satou. The three take a forbidden path within the Dangai known as Garuganta, hollow transport. They infiltrate the Seireitei to rescue Kouhei...


1. Warning of Trouble

Seireitou, Nadeshiko, and Keisaku infiltrate the Soul Society via Garuganta. At the same time, a mysterious stranger appears among the 10th division. Who is he?!

2. The Story of Ice and Dark

Keisaku has run into a group of shinigami, and has fled from them, but once cornered by a seated officer, will Keisaku reveal his new found powers?!

3. Blossom on the Precipice

Nadeshiko and Seireitou reunite, despite splitting up. As a group of Shinigami corner them, Nadeshiko learns more about the mysterious Seireitou Kuchiki. What is his secret?!

4. Secret of the Moon (Under Construction)

Captain of the 13th Division, Amaririsu Itami has shown both Seireitou and Nadeshiko the way to Kouhei's cell. As they meet with Kouhei, he seems disinterested to leave the Seireitei. Why the sudden change of heart?! And what is going on with Keisaku at this time?!

5. Creeping Limit

...Coming Soon...

6. Grasping of the Moon

...Coming Soon...

7. Repayable Deed

...Coming Soon...

8. The Quickening of a New Power

...Coming Soon...

9. They are named Arrancar

...Coming Soon...