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This article, John (a.k.a Brother), is property of CaptianGoldenEye

Name John
Kanji ジョン
Romaji Jon
Race Vizard
Birthday May 30
Age 18
Gender M
Height 6'5"
Weight 150
Eyes Blue
Hair Goldish white
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Hair sticks up when Zanpakuto is in shikai
Professional Status
Affiliation his friends
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Sky diving instruktor
Previous Occupation N/A
Team Goldeneye, Rikku, Kelly
Previous Team N/A
Partner Kelly
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations where his sister is at.
Personal Status
Marital Status In a relationship
Relatives Rikku
Education High school grad, Militry school grad, 12th degree black belt in multipule marshle arts, acadimy grad
Status active
Shikai Kaze no megami
Bankai Kaze no eien no megami
Resurrección {{{resurrección}}}

Work in progress


John likes to wears a black shirt with a skull and cross bones(Jolly Rouger) on the back of it, dark camo cargo pants, and combat boots. On very hot days John wears a white shirt, jean shorts, sandals and a baseball cap. When John is fighting hollow and/or demons he wears an army and/or marine outfit.


John is a kind hearted person to his friends and family, but to people he does not know he teds to act like a complete jerk. When John is in a good mood he teds to cook, but catch him in a bad mood and you can find yourself being his punching bag. When John's friends catch him in a bad mood they try to cheer him up and get him in a good mood. (Goldeneye is a master at cheering John up and getting him in a good mood.)


working on


Vast Spiritual Pressure: John's spiritual pressure may be 5 points lower than his sisters, but he will never stop trying to be at her level of power. John can level one row of menos that his sister is facing with one kick from long range.

Kido: Due to his vast spiritual pressure, John can cast up to level 90 kido; he tries to cast his kido as fast as Goldeneye and Rikku can but needs more training.

Hoho: John is a flash step master just like his sister.

Expert Swordsmanship: John's swordsmenship is equal to Byakuya's.

Hand to Hand: John likes to use hand to hand when trianing with other people. When John is in live combat he tends to use one of his many marshle arts fighting styles.


Kaze no megami (風の女神 lit. Goddess of Wind) is John's zanpakto. It's sealed state looks like a 15 inch hunting knife.