"Back in those days, none of us were united. We were just a cluster of murderers wandering Soul Society. We fought to protect Soul Society, but out of a moral obligation more than a personal desire. In that way, I guess the Quincy attacking 1,000 years ago could be considered a blessing in disguise, as it gave us something to fight for. Each of us, beyond the superficial, moral level, received a reason to fight other than our basic instincts."

"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Joel Goldsmith
Joel Goldsmith10
Legendary Kido Grandmaster
Race Kami and Megami
Birthplace Rukongai(unknown section)
Birthday December 31
Age 3,000+
Gender Male
Height 6'6
Weight 250 lb
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Gotei 13
Royal Family
Goldsmith Clan
Royal Guard(loosely)
Central 46(loosely)
First Division
Previous Affiliation Sixth Division(Founder)
Kido Corps(Founder)
Shinigami Order
Division First Division
Previous Division Sixth Division(Founder)
Kido Corps(Founder)
Profession Captain Commander
Previous Profession Sixth Division Captain
Kido Corps Commander-in-Chief
Partner Haku Goldsmith(Son and Lieutenant)
Yuki Goldsmith(Son and 3rd Seat)
Shitoyakahan Sonodeddo Banbutsunoreichou
Tatsujin Chiyu'i
Previous Partner Shikyo Fushiawase
Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto
Zentaitoshitenkushimi Sonodeddo Banbutsunoreichou
Kirio Hikifune
Nemaiya Oetsu
Tenjiro Kirinji
Shutara Senjumaru
Ichiberi Hyosubei
Yachiru Unohana
Shoyo Tabinin(Grandfather, Father-Figure, and Mentor)
Base of Operations Soul Society
First Division Barracks
Sixth Division Barracks(Former)
Kido Corps Barracks(Former)
Personal Status
Relatives Haku Goldsmith(Son)
Yuki Goldsmith(Son)
Lulu Goldsmith(Daughter)
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Daughter
Saya Goldsmith(Wife)
Unnamed Wife(Deceased)
Unnamed Wife(Deceased)
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Bastard Brother
Unnamed Bastard Brother
Unnamed Bastard Brother
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Unnamed Bastard Sister
Higashisanjou Goldsmith(Father)(Deceased)
Yagyu Goldsmith(Mother)(Deceased)
Takamatsu Goldsmith(Grandmother and Mother-Figure)
Fusasada Goldsmith(Grandfather, Father-Figure, and Mentor)(Deceased)
Mizoguchi Munesue(Grandfather)(Deceased)
Nasu Munesue(Grandmother)(Deceased)
Kuchiki Clan (JCP)(Distant Relatives)
Byakuya Kuchiki (JCP)(Distant Relative)
Rukia Kuchiki (JCP)(Distant Relative)
Ginrei Kuchiki (JCP)(Brother-in-Law)
Koga Kuchiki (Distant Relative)
Hisana Kuchiki (Distant Relative)
Sojun Kuchiki (Distant Relatives)
Byakuya's Mother & Sojun's Wife (Distant Relative)
Ginrei's Wife & Byakuya's Grandmother (Sister-in-Law)
Jared Kuchiki (Son-in-Law)
Shihoin Clan (JCP)(Distant Relatives)
Yoruichi Shihoin (JCP)(Distant Relative)
Yuichiro Shihoin (JCP)(Distant Relative)
Yashiro Shihoin(Sister-in-Law)
Education Shoyo Tabinin(Grandfather, Father-Figure, and Mentor)
Shikai Rittaiteki Yozai
Bankai Rittaiteki Michisuji
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut N/A
Series Debut Bleach: Evolution
English Matthew Mercer(Adult)
Marianne Miller(Child)
Japanese Rikiya Koyama(Adult)
Miyu Irino(Child)

"The dark inside the light."-Jak

Joel Goldsmith is a wizard of considerable power hailing from the Goldsmith Clan, once one of the greatest Noble Clans in Soul Society, now one of the five clans that makes up the Royal Family, with him at its helm.  In his younger years he was a five star general in the Shinigami Order, before going on to be the founding Captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13.  During his life he has had many children which he married off to other notable clans, such as Kuchiki, Yoruichi, and Yamamoto, with the intention of creating blood connections with them and the Goldsmith Clan.  After leaving the Gotei 13, he went on to create the Kido Corps, serving as its first Commander-in-Chief, Ichibei Hyosube being his Lieutenant.  After an undetermined amount of time in the Kido Corps, where he spent most of his time studying and creating Kido spells in secret, as well as training the next generation of Magi in Soul Society, he left that to pursue another goal; concieving the Royal Guard, along with Nemaiya Oetsu, Tenjiro Kirinji, Ichibei Hyosube, and an unnamed female Shinigami.  Eventually the Goldsmith Clan became part of the Royalty of Soul Society, after which he moved into the Royal Palace.  Sometime after the conclusion of the Thousand Year Blood War, he was selected as the new Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 so that Shunsui Kyoraku could return to the 8th Divison, his Lieutenant being his son, Haku Goldsmith, and his 3rd Seat being his other son, Yuki Goldsmith.  

Joel isn't a Shinigami, but is instead a Kami, and is a direct descendant of the Founding Kami themselves.  His father was Higashisanjou Goldsmith and his grandfather, as well as his mentor and father-figure, was Fusasada Goldsmith.  He was trained in the art of Kido from a very young age, and over time became known as many  names, the most notable of which being the Legendary Kido Grandmaster; others included the Great Wizard, Sorcerer Supreme, and even Merlin the Magician during his time in Great Britian.  He was responsible for shaping what Kido is today and turning it into an art form, and even creating Alchemy and Magecraft, which are deluted forms of Kido that humans can learn.  


Joel Goldsmith is a tall man with a lean, even frail build, with pale skin, and silver, shinny, silky smooth, long, unkempt hair that stretches down to his middle back, with strands dangling between his eyes, just above his eyes, and around both of his ears; the hair hanging behind him is tied in a gigantic ponytail.  He has purple eyes which turn fire red when he's engaged in a heated Kido battle, and usually has a stern expression on his face when on a mission, in battle, or giving orders, but does crack a smile when taking a break, (especially when getting drunk with Shunsui), or when truly enjoying a fight.  He's usually seen adorned in the standard attire of the Goldsmith Clan, a thick, white cloak that covers all of his top section except for his hands, with a hood that he typically drapes over his head.  This is accompanied by a black Hakama that falls just below his ankles, barely keeping his feet visible, which are always barefoot.  Each leg of the Hakama has a stylish golden X imprinted on it, while the chest part of the cloak has a bunch of odd, colorful ribbons, sporting colors such as blue, pink, and purple.  Joel appears very young for how old he really is, looking as if he's in his twenties or thirties, (300 to 500 in Shinigami years), in spite of being of an age comparable with Yamamoto.  



Early Years/Childhood/Third Shinigami-Hollow War

Shinigami Order/Fourth Shinigami Hollow War

Great Britian/Fifth Shinigami-Hollow War

Gotei 13/Quincy Blood War

Kido Corps/Sixth Shinigami-Hollow War

Royal Guard/Royal Family

Present Day


Powers and Abilities

Current Powers and Abilities

Innate Abilities


Legendary Kido Grandmaster
Hoho Master



Former Powers and Abilities

Obselete Kido Arts



Zanjutsu Master












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